2019 BPS Exhibitor Prospectus

Theory and Experiment to the Cell and Back

Exhibitor Prospectus

Over 6,000 Attendees • More than 4,000 Abstract Submissions • 800 Poster Presentations Daily 100 Scientific Sessions • 240 Total Booths Baltimore Convention Center

Baltimore, MD Exhibit Dates March 3–5, 2019 biophysics.org/ 2019meeting/exhibits

An Invitation to Exhibit and Sponsor

Join us for the Biophysical Society 63 rd Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, March 2-6, 2019, at the Baltimore Convention Center. The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting is the largest educational and networking event for those involved in the interdisciplinary field of biophysics. Our global audience attends to pursue the latest in scientific knowledge and learn about cutting-edge technologies. The exhibit draws senior research professionals from around the world who walk the floor seeking technical solutions to their challenges. The participation of these researchers assures you of reaching credible prospects from all of your market segments, providing positive returns from your investment. TheWorld’s LargestMeetingof ScientistsWorking in theFieldof Biophysics

BuyingPower Concentration

Asia 10%

Europe 20%

North America 67%

Middle East/ Africa 1 %

Scientific leaders representing more than 52 unique international markets attended the 2018 Annual Meeting

Central/South America 1%

Australia/ New Zealand 1%

AttendeeMajor Fieldsof Research Professionals conducting research in these fields of biophysics attended the 2018 Annual Meeting.

New Developments in Biophysical Techniques Proteins Channels

17% 15% 14% 11% 11% 10%

Cell Physiology & Biophysics Lipid Bilayers & Membranes Cytoskeleton, Motility & Motors Bioengineering & Biomaterials Nucleic Acids Systems Biophysics Bioenergetics Biophysics of Neuroscience

7% 6% 4% 3% 2%


Baltimore, Maryland | March 2–6, 2019

Exhibit with BPS WhyYouShouldExhibit

Benefitsof Exhibiting: • Access to over 6,000 scientists from around the world • 800+ scientific poster sessions featured in the Exhibit Hall, surrounding exhibits on all sides for maximum traffic flow • Refreshment and snack breaks during exhibit hours

If you have a product or service that you want to show to a highly engaged and dedicated audience to help continue their important research, you can’t afford to miss this year’s meeting! If your customers are working in these research areas, this is the place to be. Your competitors will be there – so should you!

• Exhibitor Coupon Book for attendees • Exhibitor Lounge with daily coffee and snacks in a relaxed area dedicated to you • Passport Program for prize in Exhibit Hall • Graduate and Postdoc Institution Fair • The Art of Science Image Contest

• Biochemistry • Bioengineering • Biological Fluorescence • Biomaterials • Biomedical Engineering

• Membrane Physical Chemistry • Membrane Protein Structure & Function • Membrane Structure & Dynamics • Molecular Biology • Molecular Dynamics • Muscle Function • Nanotechnology • Neuroscience • Pharmacology & Drug Discovery • Physiology • Protein & Nucleic Acid Interactions • Protein Dynamics • Protein Folding & Unfolding • Protein Structure • Signaling • Single Molecule Techniques • Spectroscopy

• Cancer & Disease Research • Cardiac Muscle Research & Electrophysiology • Cardiovascular Medicine • Cell Biology • Cell Mechanics &Motility • Cell Physiology • Channels • Computational Biology & Chemistry • CryoEM • DNA & RNA Structure • Drug Discovery • Electrophysiology • Fiber &Molecular Mechanics of Muscles • Fluorescence & Spectroscopy • Imaging & Optical Microscopy • Materials Science • Mechanobiology of Protein & Cells

• Opportunity to hold an Exhibitor Presentation promoted in the Program Book, Annual Meeting website, Mobile App, Itinerary Builder, Twitter, and onsite signage • (6) Complimentary exhibitor booth badge registrations per 100 square feet, (4) complimentary guest badges to be used for visitors in the Exhibit Hall per 100 square feet, and complimentary meeting scientific registration(s) as designated: 100-300 square feet (1) scientific badge 400-600 square feet (2) scientific badges 700+ square feet (3) scientific badges • Company name, address, website, company description, and product categories printed in

• Structural Biology • Systems Biology • Virology

Annual Meeting Program Book provided the contract is received by December 3, 2018

Asanexhibitor atBPS19, youcanexpect to: • Contact Key Buyers: BPS will attract over 6,000 life science researchers this year • Make Connections that Matter: Showcase your products, meet decision makers, generate high-quality leads and substantial ROI, and support the field of biophysics • Generate Brand Awareness: Reach a year’s worth of interdisciplinary customers in only three days all in one place and be noticed, be seen, and draw attention to your company and products

Scientific poster sessions end on Wednesday, the day after the Exhibits close, so attendees are still present the last day of Exhibits!


63 rd Annual Meeting | Exhibitor Prospectus

Location, Dates, and Fees

Exhibit SpaceFees 10’x10’ Inline Booth $2,600 per booth 10’x10’ Corner Booth $2,950 per booth Fees Include

MeetingVenue Baltimore Convention Center 1 W Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21201 ExhibitHall &Poster Location Halls A-E MeetingDates Saturday, March 2 – Wednesday, March 6 Exhibit ShowDates&Hours Sunday, March 3 10:00 AM – 5:00PM Monday, March 4 10:00 AM – 5:00PM Tuesday, March 5 10:00 AM – 4:30PM ExhibitorRegistrationHours Friday, March 1 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, March 2 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM Sunday, March 3 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday, March 4 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Move In (subject tochange) Friday, March 1 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, March 2 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Dismantaling (subject tochange) Tuesday, March 5 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

• 8’ high back drape and 3’ high side dividers • 7” x 44” single-line text identification sign with company name and booth number • Six exhibitor badges per 10’ x 10’ space purchased • Four complimentary guest badges to be used for visitors in the Exhibit Hall per 10’ x 10’ space purchased • (6) Complimentary exhibitor booth badge registrations per 100 square feet, (4) complimentary guest badges to be used for visitors in the Exhibit Hall per 100 square feet, and complimentary meeting scientific registration(s) as designated: 100-300 square feet (1) scientific badge 400-600 square feet (2) scientific badges 700+ square feet (3) scientific badges “The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting is a premier event for Avanti Polar Lipid Inc. We have been exhibiting at this event for over 20 years and have found it to be THE place to connect with customers, friends, and colleagues that truly know the deep meaning of making a differ- ence through science. I would highly recommend attending or exhibiting to anyone serious about the life science industry and beyond!“ — Trevor Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer, Avanti Polar Lipids Inc

Note: Table, chairs, wastebasket, and carpet are not included in booth fees. Organizations are required to carpet their booth(s).


Baltimore, Maryland | March 2–6, 2019

Technologies and Products Lifescience researchers require the latest technologiesandproducts.

We asked the 2018 Annual Meeting attendees what products they need and use. The following is a list of what they are looking to purchase at the 2019 Annual Meeting. • Magnetic Resonance Imaging • Magnetic Stirrers • Mass Spectrometry • 3-D Visualization • Amperometry/Voltammetry Instrumentation • Electrophysiology Software • Environmental Chambers

• Protein Purification Systems • Protein Structure Data • Pumps • Quartz Crystal Microbalance • Rapid Kinetics Instruments • Reagents • Recording Chambers • Rheometers/Viscometers • Scanning ElectronMicroscopes • Scanning ProbeMicroscopes • Scientific CMOS Cameras • Screening, High-Throughput • Sensors • Shutters • Signal Transduction Reagents • Single-MoleculeMethods • Software • Solid State Lasers • Spectrofluorometers • Spectrometers • Spectrophotometers • Spectroscopy Accessories • Spingolipids • Stand Alone Stopped-FlowUnit • Stepper Technology • Sterols • Stimulators • Stimulus Isolators • Stopped-FlowSpectroscopy • Substrates • SuperresolutionMicroscopy • Supercomputing Node Manufacturers • Tensiometers • Tomography • UV Spectroscopy • Vibration Isolation Systems • Vibrational Spectroscopy (Infrared &Raman) • VideoMicroscopy Systems • Voltage Clamp Instrumentation • X-Ray &Neutron Scattering & Diffraction • X-Ray Crystallography • X-Ray Diffraction Equipment • X-Ray Imaging Equipment • Zeta Potential • andmore… • Surgical Instruments • TCSPC Components • Temperature Controllers

• Filter Wheels • Flash Lamps • Fluid FlowChambers • Fluorescence

• Amphipols • Amplifiers

• Micro Environmental Control • Microcalorimetry Systems • Microdissecting Instruments • Microelectrode Holders • Microelectrodes • Microfluidic Chambers • Microfluidics &Microfabrication • Microforges • Microinjectors • Micromanipulators • Micropipette Pullers • Micropipettes • Micropositioners • Microscope Accessories • Microscope Drift Correction • Microscope Stages • Microscopes • Microscopy Chambers • Microtomes • Modelling Software • Molecular Biology Products • Molecular Dynamics Simulations • Molecular Modeling • Monochromators • Nanodrops • Nanopositiong Systems • Nanotechnology • Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopes • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance/EPR Spectroscopy • Optical Spectroscopy (CD&UV-VIS) • Oxygraph Repriometer • Particle Sizing • Patch Clamp Instrumentation • Peptides • Perfusion Stepper System • Perfusion Systems • Pharmaceutical Development Equipment

• Analytical Ultracentrifugation • Analytical/Testing Services • Antibodies • AntibodyMicroarray Products • Assay Kits • Atomic ForceMicroscopes • Atomic Force Spectroscopy • Automated Temperature/Titration Filter Fluorometer • Automated Titrating Flurometer • Biochemical Reagents

• Fluorescence Anisotropy • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy • Fluorescence Image Analysis Equipment • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging • Fluorescent Antibodies • Fluorescence Scanners • Glass Capillary Tubing • Glassware • High-Throughput Instrumentation • Image Acquisition Systems • Image Analysis • Image Analysis Software • Image Analysis, High Resolution • Image Analyzers, FISH Applications • Image Analyzers, High Resolution • Image Analyzers, High Speed • Image Analyzers, Radiometric Dyes • Image Intensifiers • Image Stabilization • Imaging Chambers • Imaging Systems • Imaging, Spectral • Immunochemicals • Incubators • Infrared Spectroscopy • Interferometers • IonOptics • Isotope Labeled Compounds • Label Free Sensing • Labeling Dyes • Laboratory Apparatus & Equipment • Langmuir Troughs • Lasers • LED Light Sources • Light Microscopy & Super Resolution Imaging • Light Sheet Microscopy • Light Sources • Lipids • Liposome Preparation Equipment • Liquid Chromatography Instruments • Fluorescent Filters • Fluorescent Probes • Fluorometers

• Biochemicals • Bioinformatics • Biotechnology • Calorimetry • Cameras • Cardioexcyte

• Cell Biology Products • Cell Culture Products • Cell Motion Imaging System • Cell/Tissue Imaging &Mechanics • Centrifuge System • Chemidoc • Chromatography • Circular DicroismSpectroscopy • CLEMEquipment • Computational Biology Products

• Computational Chemistry • Computational Software • Computers • Confocal Microscopes • CRISPR/Cas9 systems • CryoEM • Crystallization Utilities • Curvettes • Data Acquisition • Data Analysis • Data Analysis Software • Detergents • Digitizers • Dissecting Equipment

• Phospholipids • Photometers • Piezo Lens Positioners • Piezo Stages • Pipettes • Plate Dispensers • Probes • Protein Binding Studies • Protein Expression

• Electromechanical Instrumentation • ElectronMicroscopy & Tomography • Electrophoresis Equipment • Electrophysiological Data Acquisition • Electrophysiological Instruments • Electrophysiology • Electrophysiology Equipment


63 rd Annual Meeting | Exhibitor Prospectus

Join BPS Past and Present Exhibitors

If your competitors are listed here, you should be too!

• NanoTemper Technologies • Nanonics Imaging Ltd • Nanosurf Inc • Narishige International USA Inc • Navitar • National ResearchMentoring Network • National Science Foundation • Neaspec GmbH • NeoBiosystems Inc • NeuCyte • Neuroscience Tools

• RPMC Lasers Inc • Sapidyne Instruments • SB Drug Discovery • Science Advances (AAAS) • Scientifica Ltd • SciMeasure • SDx TetheredMembranes • Seahorse Bioscience • Semrock, a business unit • Sensaspex OY • SensiQ Technologies Inc • Sierra Sensors GmbH • Siskiyou Corporation • Smartox Biotechnology • Society for Neuroscience • Sophion Bioscience A/S

• Hecus X-Ray Systems • HEKA Elektronik • Hellma USA Inc • Hinds Instruments Inc • Hitachi High Technologies America • HORIBA Scientific • Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) • HUYGENS Scientific Volume Imaging • iBiology • ICx Technologies • IDQuantique SA • IDEX Optics &Photonics • IEEE Access • Illinois Rocstar • INTEGRA Biosciences • IonOptix • Ionovation GmbH • IOP Publishing • Irsweep • ISS • Jackson ImmunoResearch Labs • JASCO • Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering • Journal of Biological Chemistry (ASBMB) • Journal of General Physiology • JoVE • JPK Instruments • KEYENCE Corporation • Keysight Technologies • KinTek Corporation • KSV NIMALa Vision Bio Tec GmbH • Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics • Lasos Lasertecknik Gmbh • Lafayette-Campden Neuroscience • Larodan AB • LeicaMicrosystems • LightEdge Technologies LLC • Lumin Dynamics • Mad City Labs Inc • Malvern Panalytical • Market Tech Inc • Matreya LLC • MedChem101 • Media Cybernetics • Micro Photonics • Micro-Manager • MicroSurfaces Inc • Mightex Systems • Minus K Technology Inc • Molecular Devices • MontanaMolecular • MTI Corporation • Multi Channel Systems • Myotronic UG • Nanion Technologies • NanoandMore USA Inc • NANOLANE • Nanomagnetics Instruments • NanoSurface Biomedical Inc • LOT- QuantumDesign • Ludesco/Accu-Scope • Ludl Electronic Products Ltd • Luigs &Neumann Gmbh • LUMICKS

• 3T Analytik • 89 North • A-MSystems • AAT Bioquest Inc • ABBELIGHT • Abberior Instruments America • ACS Publications • Advansta Inc • Affymetrix Inc • Agilent • AIP Publishing • ALA Scientific Instruments Inc • Alembic Instruments Inc • Allen Institute for Cell Science • Alliance for Regenerative Rehabilitation Research and Training • Alvéole • Alomone Labs Ltd • AlphaMED Scientific Inc • American Society for Cell Biology • Analytik Jena (formally UVP LLC) • Anasys Instruments • Anatrace | Molecular Dimensions • Andor Technology • Anton Paar • App Nano • Apogee Image Systems Inc • Aurora Scientific Inc • AutoMate Scientific • Avalance Biotech • Avanti Polar Lipids Inc • Aviv Biomedical Inc • Aviva Biosciences Corporation • Axiogenesis AG • Axion BioSystems • AxiomOptics • Azure Biosystems • B&WTek Inc • BaySpec Inc • B-Bridge International • Beckman Coulter Life Sciences • Bio Techniques • BioCAT, Illinois Institute of Technology • Biochemical Journal/Biochemical Society • Biolin Scientific • Biolog • Bio-Logic USA • BioNavis Ltd • BiOptix • Biosearch Technologies Inc • Biosensing Instrument • BioMed Central • BioMex Solutions • BioVision Technologies Inc • Bitplane • BMG LABTECH • Boston Electronics Corporation • BrainBits LLC • Brandel • Applied Photophysics • Applied Precision Inc • Arago Biosciences • ASI/Applied Scientific Instrumentation • AsylumResearch • Aurora Biomed

• Brookhaven Instruments Corporation • Bruker Corporation • Caisson Laboratories

• CaliberImaging&DiagnosticsInc • Cambridge Electronic Design Ltd • Cambridge University Press • Carl ZeissMicroscopy LLC • Cedarlane • Cell MicroControls • Cell Press • Cellectricon Inc • ChanTest Corporation • Charles River • Chroma Technology • Cobolt AB • Cooke Corporation • Creoptix • Cubist Pharmaceuticals • Cytocentrics GmbH • Cytocybernetics • Cytoo • CVI Melles Griot • DE NOVO SOFTWARE • DNASTAR Inc • Dynamic Biosensors GmbH • Ecocyte Bioscience US LLC • eDAQ Inc • Elliot Scientific Ltd • Edinburgh Instruments • ElectronMicroscopy Sciences • ELEMENTS SRL • eLife Sciences Publications Ltd • DRV Technologies • DSMPentapharm

of IDEX Health & Science

• Newport Corporation • Nicoya Lifesciences • Nikon Instruments Inc • NKT Photonics Inc • npi electronic GmbH • nPoint Inc • Nuvu Cameras • OLIS Inc • Olympus America Inc • Onefive GmbH • OneWorld Lab • Optical Building Blocks Corporation • Optofluidics • Origin Lab Corporation • Otto Trading Inc • Oxford Nanoimaging • Pacer Scientific • Pall Fortebio • Park Systems Inc • PCO America • Peptides International

• SPECTROLIGHT • Springer Nature • Stanford Photonics Inc • StrainMeasurement Devices Inc • Strex

• Stoelting Company • Sutter Instrument • Sysmex Corporation • TA Instruments

• Taylor and Francis / CRC Press • Technical Safety Services Inc • TgK Scientific Ltd • The Company of Biologists • The Journal of Physiology • The NewYork Times Newspaper • The Physiological Society • The Royal Society of Chemistry

• Thermo Fisher Scientific • Thomas Reuters EndNote • Thorlabs • TILL Photonics • TIRF Labs • TMC • Tokai Hit Co Ltd • Tomocube Inc • TOPTICA Photonics Inc • tousimis • Unchained Labs • US Department of Energy • Vari Group • Varian Inc • VisiTech International • Vutara Inc • Warner Instruments • WasatchMicrofluidics Inc • Wiley

• Phasefocus • PhaseView • PHASICS • Phi Optics Inc • Photometrics

• ELSEVIER • Embi Tec • Emerald Bio

• Energetiq Technology Inc • Enzyme Research Labs • EPI Technology • Expression Systems LLC • Extrel CMS

• Photon Control Inc • PhotonicsMedia • Physics Today • PI (Physik Instrumente) • PicoQuant Photonics North America Inc

• F1000 Research • Faculty of 1000 • FEI Company • Femtonics Ltd • Fianium Inc

• PIEZOCONCEPT • Piezosystem Jena

• PLOS • PNAS • Postnova Analytics • PreciPoint • Precision Plastics • Pressure BioSciences Inc • Princeton Instruments • Prior Scientific Inc • QImaging • QuantumNorthwest Inc • Rainin Instrument LLC • Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH • Rayonix • RCSB PDB&PSI SGKB • RedShirt Imaging • Reichert Technologies – Life Sciences • Renishaw Inc • Research Institute of Biomolecular • Metrology Co Ltd

• FingerLakesInstrumentationLLC • Flexcell International Corporation • Flow Jo • Fluicell AB • Fluorescence Innovations Inc • Fluxion Biosciences • flyion GmbH • Fondazione Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia • Formulatrix • FUJIFILMCellular Dynamics • Garland Science • Gatan Inc

• World Precision Instruments Inc • Wyatt Technology Corporation • Xenocs • ZenBio Inc • Zurich Instruments

Companies in bold have already secured space for 2019.

• GATTAquant • GE Healthcare • Gene Tools LLC • GenScript USA Inc • Getson & Schatz PC • Gwydion Inc • Haison Technology Inc • Hamamatsu Corporation

• Rigaku Oxford Diffraction • Royal Society Publishing


Baltimore, Maryland | March 2–6, 2019

Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

The Exhibit Hall will sell out early this year!

800 Cytoc ybern

705 Alvéol e 804 DNAS TAR


711 Xenoc s 810 Auror a




tous imis

The Journ






Carl Zeiss

702 GATT Aqua

AIP Publis 704 Siskiy ou

710 Matre ya

617 Wyatt Techn 716 Larod an AB

619 Royal Societ 718 ZenBi o Inc

“Exhibiting at BPS is fantastic. It provides us the opportunity to demo our instruments and a great source for new contacts & projects. It’s also an excellent way to stay connected with our user base and keep them updated on the latest developments. We can’t wait until next year!”




Cell Press




501 Edinb urgh 600 Journ al of

608 Spring er

610 Press ure

602 Allen Institute



— Willem Peutz , Sales Director, LUMICKS

503 Rapp OptoE

TA Instru

519 Fluor escen





500 Anton Paar

AAT Bioqu

417 Narish ige 516 Leica Micro

419 Expre ssion 518 The Comp





405 Ionov ation


89 North





404 SciMe asure

416 Quant um


329 Bio- Logic 428 NanoT emper

432 Alemb ic

335 Tokai Hit Co 434 Newp ort

Warn er

440 HEKA Elektr

Multi Chan


HORIBA Scientific









452 454 456 458

321 ALA Scient

323 npi electr

331 Micro Photo

339 RPMC Laser

301 Bruker Corporation














300 Semro ck, a

302 Nicoy a

308 PI (Physi

211 ID Quant 310 Labor atory

316 Anatra ce |

318 Fluice ll AB

322 PCO Ameri

328 ASI/A pplied

259 Ecocy te 358 Prior Scient














SB Drug

239 Asylu m

241 Andor Techn

243 Arago Biosci

Sutter Instrument

Nanion Technologies













208 Photo metric

210 KinTe k

Olym pus

234 JASC O

242 Cedar lane



Mad City Labs Inc

228 Avanti Polar Lipids







254 256



Preci sion


109 111

117 119 121



133 135

139 141 143

147 149

153 155 157 159

The Show Floor is 70% Sold

View Interactive Online Floor Plan at biophysics.org/ 2019meeting/exhibits Book Your Space Today! as of June 29, 2018

Let’sWork Together Exhibit Management Phone: (240) 290-5609 Fax: (240) 290-5555 exhibits@biophysics.org

“2018 was our first exhibitor experience with BPS and we were very impressed with the traffic and enthusiasm we received from attendees“ — Nikki Bialy, Deputy Director, Allen Institute for Cell Science


63 rd Annual Meeting | Exhibitor Prospectus

Support Opportunities

Increase Industry Awareness and Enhance Corporate Identity

Take full advantage of your presence on the show floor with support options that will enhance your ROI, drive traffic to your booth, and extend your presence far beyond exhibit hours. Every sponsorship opportunity is designed to provide access to a targeted audience from the science and technology community. Let us work with you to customize a brand- ing program to fit your goals and budget.

Conference Bags



• Company logo (single color) imprinted on each bag • Complimentary conference bag insert • One additional scientific badge • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app) Lanyards



• Company name and logo (single color) imprinted on each lanyard • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app) Mobile Re-Charging Lounge $5,500 • Charging station located near your booth on the show floor • Custombranded full wrap • Dedicated onsite signage


• Literature and giveaways may be placed in lounge • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app) The Art of Science Image Contest



• Logo recognition and URL on image submission site year round • Recognition on all contest signage and event promotion • Loudspeaker announcements made in Exhibit Hall onsite pertaining to this contest • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app) The Art of Science Image Contest Prizes $3,500 EXCLUSIVE • Logo recognition and URL on image submission site year round • Recognition on all contest signage and event promotion • Loudspeaker announcements made in Exhibit Hall onsite pertaining to this contest Sponsor Contest and Prizes for $8,000 • Dedicated onsite signage outside presentation room • Complimentary tweet 15minutes prior to presentation • Discountedmobile app alert opportunity exclusively for companies who hold Exhibitor Presentations Passport Pursuit $1,000 each 10 AVAILABLE • Each passport includes logo, booth number, and short description • Logo and booth number promoted on Passport Pursuit signinge outside Exhibit Hall • Promoted in February email to all registered attendees Exhibitor Presentations $1,750 each 33 AVAILABLE • Exclusive time dedicated to promote your technologies, products, and services • Complimentary meeting room and audio visual equipment

Additional opportunites available at biophysics.org/ 2019meeting/exhibits


Baltimore, Maryland | March 2–6, 2019

Marketing Opportunities

Mobile App EXCLUSIVE • Exclusive sponsor receives exposure on the secondary opening launch page, schedule page watermark, weighted rotating banner ad, full screen app landing page, multimedia videomessage, exhibitor listing row highlighted, exhibit hall map booth background highlighted, featured product package, pdf document attachments, and company logo will appear in exhibitor listing • Advance marketing promoting the app • Recognition onmobile appmeter panels onsite “KnowBefore You Go” Email to Attendees Banner Ad $5,500 EXCLUSIVE • Sent out two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting in February • Includes banner ad displayed at the top of the email and hyperlinked to the URL of company’s choice • Highlighted booth on online floor plan (mobile app) ProgramBook Front Cover Tip On $5,000 EXCLUSIVE • 6” W x 3” H, single-sided, full color ad • Includes printing and gluing • Distributed with each ProgramBook at registration $10,000

All Biophysical Society Annual Meeting sponsors will receive the following benefits:

• Acknowledgement in the printed Annual Meeting Program Book • Logo recognition on onsite signage • Logo with direct hyperlink to company website on Annual Meeting and Exhibit homepages • Sponsor ribbons for exhibit personnel • Additional priority points toward booth selection for BPS 2020 • Mention in the Society’s monthly newsletter, BPS Bulletin (August – February) Additional benefits are listed under each opportunity.

Priority Points Sponsorship

1 point per $1,000 of Annual Meeting support


1 point per $1,000 of advertising in all BPS publications and mailing lists

Exhibit Booth Space 1 point per $1,000 of booth space purchased Industry Partner Membership Points allocated per Industry Partner Membership level

Establish Relationships. Build Your Business. An Industry Partner Membership provides public and private organizations, including nonprofits and foundations, direct access to the Biophysical Society’s international scientific community. BPS Industry Partners enjoy a variety of benefits with their membership. The most valuable member benefits the Biophysical Society provides for an organization include access to decision makers, accelerate company growth, and significantly increase visibility among BPS members. Members are acknowledged year-round and at the Annual Meeting, which reaches thousands of scientists across a myriad of research areas. We are committed to working with you. Your investment will be rewarded with recognition and access to BPS members. With BPS as your marketing partner, you will benefit from distinctive program offerings tailored to accomplish your marketing goals based on a wide range of budgets. Platinum$10,000 | Gold $5,000 | Silver $2,500 BPS offers three levels of Industry Partner Membership. To view a full list of benefits associated with each level, contact Exhibit Management at exhibits@biophysics.org.


63 rd Annual Meeting | Exhibitor Prospectus

ANote fromtheProgramChairs

Take a look at the science being discussed. If your products are used by these scientists, don’t miss this opportunity to develop critical connections and increase your customer base! Symposia of biology, physics, and chemistry, as well as its significance in linking basic scientific research with translational applications. The meeting will emphasize collaboration between experiment and modeling, including particularly the challenge to explicitly map and model the cell in an integrative and multiscale fashion. This year’s Symposia and Workshops will span a wide range of topics that represent the core strengths of the Society, pushing the forefronts of biophysical theory, experiment, and technology. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore! It is with great pleasure that we present the program for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Once again, the program accentuates the important role biophysics plays as the cornerstone

Susan Marqusee University of California, Berkeley

Andrej Sali University of California, San Francisco

2019 BPS Lecturer

Proteins: Dynamics and Allostery Rommie Amaro, University of California, San Diego, Chair Lewis Kay, University of Toronto, Canada Vincent Hilser, Johns Hopkins University Catherine A. Royer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Proteins: Exploring Sequence Space via Computation and Experiment Polly Fordyce, Stanford University, Chair Kim Reynolds, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Daniel Tawfik, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Eugene Koonin, NIH Large Macromolecular Machines in the Cell Joachim Frank, Columbia University, Chair Emad Tajkhorshid, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Michael Rout, Rockefeller University Titia Sixma, Netherlands Cancer Institute Biological Systems Single Molecule at the Time Carlos Bustamante, University of California, Berkeley, HHMI

Membrane Organization and Sculpting by Proteins Jenny Hinshaw, NIH, Chair James Hurley, University of California, Berkeley Patricia Bassereau, Institut Curie, France Benoit Roux, University of Chicago Transporters and Channels Diana Bautista, University of California, Berkeley, Chair Kaspar Locher, ETH Zürich, Switzerland Ildiko Szabo, University of Padova, Italy Nieng Yan, Princeton University Maria Kurnikova, Carnegie Mellon University, Chair Andrew Plested, FMP Berlin, Germany Shu-Jia Zhu, Chinese Academy of Science Lonnie Wollmuth, Stony Brook University Biological Membranes and Vesicles John Briggs, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, United Kingdom Kay Grünewald, University of Oxford, United Kingdom Julien Berro, Yale University Michael Feig, Michigan State University Glutamate Receptors

Carol Robinson University of Oxford, United Kingdom

From Peripheral Proteins to Membrane Motors – Mass Spectrometry Comes of Age

Xiaowei Zhang, Harvard University Ben Schuler, University of Zürich, Switzerland Scott Blanchard, Cornell University


Baltimore, Maryland | March 2–6, 2019

Theory and Experiment to the Cell and Back

Function and Signaling at the Membrane

Chromatin Organization and Regulation: From Physical Principles to Biological Phenomena Karolin Luger, Colorado State University, Chair Lynn Zechiedrich, Baylor University Leonid Mirny, MIT Helmut Schiessel, Leiden University, The Netherlands RNA Jody Puglisi, Stanford University, Chair Marina Rodnina, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany Holger Stark, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany Elizabeth Tran, Purdue University Proton-coupling Bioenergetics Elizabeth Carpenter, University of Oxford, United Kingdom Robert Tampé, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany Peter Rich, University College London, United Kingdom Todd P. Silverstein, Willamette University Determining Molecular Networks Edward Marcotte, University of Texas at Austin, Chair Jonathan Weissman, University of California, San Francisco Olga Troyanskaya, Princeton University Trey Ideker, University of California, San Diego

Synthetic Biology

Luis Serrano, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain Adam Cohen, Harvard University Elena G. Govorunova, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Additional Speaker To Be Announced Mapping the Cell Raymond Stevens, University of Southern California, Chair Joseph DeRisi, University of California, San Francisco Markus Covert, Stanford University Rick Horwitz, Allen Institute for Cell Science Phase Separations in the Cell Geeta Narlikar, University of California, San Francisco, Chair Julie Forman-Kay, University of Toronto, Canada Stephen Michnick, University of Montreal, Canada Rohit Pappu, Washington University in St. Louis Integrative Modeling from Macromolecules to Cell Zaida Ann Luthey-Schulten, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chair Frank Alber, University of Southern California Cecilia Clementi, Rice University Gerhard Hummer, Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Germany

Mark McLean, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chair Ana J. García-Sáez, University of Tübingen, Germany Jodi Nunnari, University of California, Davis Polina Lishko, University of California, Berkeley Molecular and Transcriptional Regulation of Cardiac E-C Coupling Shi-Qiang Wang, Peking University, China, Chair Samantha Harris, University of Arizona Robin Shaw, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Xander H.T. Wehrens, Baylor University Cytoskeleton James Spudich, Stanford University Claudia Veigel, Ludwig Maximilian University of Münich, Germany Leah Gheber, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Sabine Petry, Princeton University Regulation of Cardiomyocyte Beating Beth L. Pruitt, Stanford University, Chair Litsa Kranias, University of Cincinnati Ohad Cohen, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Edward Lakatta, NIH

Workshops The Role of Data Resources in Biophysics Helen Berman, Rutgers University, Chair Stephen Burley, Rutgers University Henning Hermjakob, European Bioinformatics Institute, United Kingdom Methods for Integrative Structure Modeling of Biomolecular Systems Jens Meiler, Vanderbilt University, Chair Frank DiMaio, University of Washington Alexandre Bonvin, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Graham Johnson, Allen Institute for Cell Science Maya Topf, Birkbeck, University of London, United Kingdom Alex Bateman, European Bioinformatics Institute, United Kingdom David Landsman, NIH

Squeezing the Most out of Your Data – Bayesian Statistical Inference for Biophysics Michael Nilges, Pasteur Institute, France Michael Habeck, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany John Chodera, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Massimiliano Bonomi, Cambridge University, United Kingdom Frank Noé, Freir Universität Berlin, Germany

Methods for X-Ray Tomography and Electron Microscopy Carolyn Larabell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Chair John Rubinstein, University of Toronto, Canada Peijun Zhang, University of Oxford, United Kingdom Steven Ludtke, Baylor University Florence Tama, Nagoya University, Japan

Single-Molecule Methods Bo Huang, University of California, San Francisco, Chair Jie Xiao, Johns Hopkins University Michelle Wang, Cornell University Taekjip Ha, Johns Hopkins University William E. Moerner, Stanford University


63 rd Annual Meeting | Exhibitor Prospectus

5515 Security Lane, Suite 1110 Rockville, MD 20852


Don’t miss the opportunity to reach over 6,000 life science researchers—Sign up for your booth today!

Exhibit Management Phone: (240) 290-5609 Fax: (240) 290-5555 exhibits@biophysics.org


64th Annual Meeting San Diego, California February 15–19, 2020

65th Annual Meeting Boston, Massachusetts February 20–24, 2021

66th Annual Meeting San Francisco, California February 19–23, 2022

67th Annual Meeting San Diego, California February 18–22, 2023

“Bruker has been exhibiting at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting for over 22 years and it has continued to grow and be one of our top shows for several divisions. Our strong partnership with BPS has been very valuable to our success at the show.“ — Jessica Celentano, Event Coordinator, Bruker Corporation

Purchase Exhibit Space at biophysics.org /2019meeting/exhibits

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