Biophysical Newsletter - February 2014

Newsletter february 2014 Council Articulates Society’s Goals BPS promotes scientific excellence, integrity, diversity, and community building


Summer Course in Biophysics May 13–July 31, 2014 Chapel Hill, North Carolina

growth, is necessary to the expansion of the field of biophysics and to maintain membership, meeting, and journal vitality. Educate. All Society activities will continue to promote and foster education in and apprecia- tion of biophysics at all levels; provide information to future scientists, lay people, and the greater scientific community about the importance of and need for biophysics and basic research; disseminate biophysical research within the biophysics com- munity as well as the greater scientific community; and provide career development and networking opportunities for current and future biophysicists. Communicate. Never more than today has there been a need for continuous communication to the public and policy makers about the relevance and importance of biophysics research to the health and welfare of the world, and the relevance and importance of biophysics research as an engine for technical innovation and economic growth. The Biophysical Society’s efforts in this area are vital to the field and to scientific research in general.

The Society’s newly reorganized Council recently met to discuss the Society’s current and future plans and goals. Council reaffirmed that the Society’s mis- sion and purpose as stated in its bylaws, to promote the field of biophysics and disseminate biophysics research, is more important than ever as biological research becomes increasingly quantitative. Council also agreed that in order to fulfill its mis- sion and best serve its members and those in the field of biophysics, the Society and all its programs must foster and embody the basic values of scientific excellence, integrity and transparency, diversity and inclusion, and community building. The Biophysical Society, which by its very nature is international and interdisciplinary, will continue, through all its programs and publications, to work toward its goals to: Evolve. The Society has always been and will continue to be open to and actively seek new and emerging areas and communities while maintain- ing existing ones. Evolution, as opposed to simple

February 15, 2014 Priority Application Submission

Thematic Meetings 2014 Modeling of Biomolecular Systems Interactions, Dynamics, and Allostery September 10–14, 2014 Istanbul, Turkey May 5 Abstract Submission Significance of Knotted Structures for Function of Proteins and Nucleic Acids September 17–21, 2014 Warsaw, Poland May 12 Abstract Submission Disordered Motifs and Domains in Cell Control October 11–15, 2014 Dublin, Ireland June 2 Abstract Submission

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