Biophysical Society 59th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2077-P os B oard B214 MOLECULAR DYNAMICS STUDIES OF LIPID I AND LIPID II IN VARIOUS OF LIPID BILAYER ENVIRONMENTS. Seonghoon Kim , B oard B215 EICOSAPENTAENOIC ACID-CONTAINING MEMBRANE DOMAIN INVOLVED IN CELL DIVISION OF A COLD-ADAPTED BACTERIUM. Jun Kawamoto , Nobuyoshi Esaki, Tatsuo Kurihara 2079-P os B oard B216 STRONG H-BONDS FORM BILAYERS: OCHROMONAS DANICA IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE. Thomas H. Haines 2080-P os B oard B217 CHOLESTEROL FLIP-FLOP AND LACK OF SWELLING IN STRATUM CORNEUM LIPID BILAYERS. Peter Olmsted , Chinmay Das, Massimo Noro 2081-P os B oard B218 HYDRATION AND SUPRAMOLECULAR ORGANIZATION STUDIES OF LAMELLAR BODIES IN A549 LUNG CELLS USING LAURDAN FLUORESCENCE. Leonel S. Malacrida , Soledad Astrada, Mariela Bolatti, Arturo Briva, Luis A. Bagatolli 2082-P os B oard B219 MODULATION OF PHOSPHOINOSITIDE MONOLAYER COMPRESSIBILITIES BY PHYSIOLOGICAL LEVELS OF CA 2+ . Adolphe Kazadi Badiambile , Martin B. Forstner 2083-P os B oard B220 PROTON PERMEATION THROUGH EXTREMOPHILE-INSPIRED LIPID MEMBRANES. Thomas B. H. Schroeder , Kathryn N. Haengel, Mitchell A. Johnson, Claire L. Wang, Geoffray Leriche, Takaoki Koyanagi, Jerry Yang, Michael Mayer 2084-P os B oard B221 VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPIC STUDIES PROBING CARDIOLIPIN CONTAINING LIPOSOMES WITH AND WITHOUT CYTOCHROME C BOUND TO ITS ANIONIC SURFACE. Dzmitry Malyshka , Leah Pandiscia, Reinhard Schweitzer- Stenner 2085-P os B oard B222 DROPLET INTERFACE BILAYER AS CELL MEMBRANE MIMICS: WATER PERMEABILITY STUDIES. Sunghee Lee 2086-P os B oard B223 COMPARISON OF REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES PRODUCTION ACTIVITY AND BINDING ABILITY OF PORPHYRINS IN CELL MEMBRANE MODELS. Barnabás Bőcskei-Antal , Bianka Nagy, Szilvia Anikó Tóth, Nikoletta Kósa, István Voszka, Gabriella Csík, Levente Herényi B oard B224 INVESTIGATING THE EFFECT OF SODIUM AND VOLTAGE ON δ -OPIOID RECEPTORS. Owen N. Vickery , Daniel T. Baptista-Hon, Daniel Seeliger, Tim G. Hales, Ulrich Zachariae 2088-P os B oard B225 STRUCTURE-GUIDED DISCOVERY OF POSITIVE ALLOSTERIC MODULATORS OF THE MU-OPIOID RECEPTOR. Paola Bisignano , Neil T. Burford, Samuel W. Gerritz, Andrew Alt, Marta Filizola Membrane Receptors and Signal Transduction III (Boards B224-B245) 2087-P os Wonpil Im 2078-P os

2089-P os B oard B226 BINDING POCKETS AND POSES OF ALLOSTERIC MODULATORS OF OPIOID RECEPTORS IDENTIFIED BY METADYNAMICS. Yi Shang , Holly R. Yeatman, Neil Burford, Kathryn Livingston, Paola Bisignano, John Traynor, Andrew Alt, Arthur Christopoulos, Meritxell Canals, Marta Filizola 2090-P os B oard B227 STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS AND ENERGETICS UNDERLYING ALLOSTERIC INACTIVATION OF A GPCR: INSIGHTS GAINED FROM SITE-DIRECTED FLUORESCENCE LABELING (SDFL) STUDIES OF THE CANNABINOID RECEPTOR CB1. Jonathan Fay, David L. Farrens 2091-P os B oard B228 OPTIMIZATION OF SYNTHETICALLY NOVEL AGONISTS OF THE PUTATIVE CANNABINOID RECEPTOR, GPR55, USING AN ACTIVATED STATE MODEL. Mary A. Lingerfelt , Pingwei Zhao, Lara Fakhouri, Mary E. Abood, Mitchell P. Croatt, Patricia H. Reggio 2092-P os B oard B229 SIGNALING THROUGH HOMOMERIC AND HETEROMERIC DOPAMINE D2 AND CANNABINOID CB1 RECEPTORS. Guoqing Xiang 2093-P os B oard B230 PHARMACOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS OF A2AR-D2R HETEROMERIZATION AND THE SIGNIFICANCE FOR PARKINSON’S DISEASE. Candice Hatcher-Solis , Diomedes E. B oard B231 STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR THE ALLOSTERIC PHARMACOLOGY OF SB269652 IN DOPAMINE D2 RECEPTOR. Mayako Michino , Christopher J. Draper-Joyce, Prashant Donthamsetti, Jonathan A. Javitch, J. Robert Lane, Lei Shi 2095-P os B oard B232 CROSS-SIGNALING BETWEEN THE METABOTROPIC GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR 2 AND THE SEROTONIN 2A RECEPTOR IN HEK-293 CELLS. Lia Baki , Jason Younkin, Jose Miguel Eltit, Miguel Fribourg, Amr Ellaithy, Gyu Park, Zhanna Vysotskaya, Diomedes E. Logothetis 2096-P os B oard B233 A POSITIVE ALLOSTERIC MODULATOR OF THE METABOTROPIC GLUTAMATE 2 RECEPTOR ALTERS 5-HT2A RECEPTOR SIGNALING IN A HETEROMERIC COMPLEX. Amr Ellaithy , Jason Younkin, Lia Baki, Diomedes Logothetis 2097-P os B oard B234 ASSEMBLY AND COOPERATIVITY OF METABOTROPIC GLUTAMATE RECEPTORS. Josh Levitz , Reza Vafabakhsh, Shashank Bharill, Shashank Bharill, Ehud Y. Isacoff 2098-P os B oard B235 GLYCAN-BASED CONNECTIVITY REGULATES THE HIERARCHICAL ORGANIZATION OF MEMBRANE RECEPTORS BY COUPLING THEIR MICRO- AND NANO-SCALE LATERAL MOBILITY. Juan A. Torreno-Pina, Bruno Castro, Alessandra Cambi, Carlo Manzo, Maria Garcia-Parajo 2099-P os B oard B236 THE ROLE OF LIGAND DENSITY IN THE BINDING OF VON WILLEBRAND FACTOR BY THE GLYCOPROTEIN IB-IX-V COMPLEX IN PLATELETS. Zeinab Al-Rekabi , Shirin Feghhi, Nikita Taparia, Adam D. Munday, Wendy E. Thomas, Jose A. Lopez, Joachim P. Spatz, Nathan J. Sniadecki Logothetis 2094-P os


Biophysical Society 59 th Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland

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