Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

927-pos Board B56 DYNAMICS-BASED NETWORK ANALYSIS IDENTIFIES LACI RHEOSTATS WITH HIGH ACCURACY. Paul Campitelli , S. Banu Ozkan, Liskin Swint Kruse, David Ross 928-pos Board B57 CALCIUM DEPENDENT PROTEIN FOLDING IN A DESIGNED MOLECULAR SWITCH. Magnus Wolf-Watz , Malin Jönsson, Ameeq Ul Mushtaq, Sophia Hober 929-pos Board B58 STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF OFF-TARGET EFFECTS IN CRISPR CAS9. Pablo R. Arantes , Brandon P. Mitchell, Aakash Saha, Lukasz Nierz wicki, Martin Pacesa, Martin Jinek, Giulia Palermo 930-pos Board B59 CHARACTERIZING AND TUNING THE BACTERIAL SYNTHETIC ADHESION BIOPHYSICS FOR BIOMATERIAL APPLICATIONS. Stefana A. Costan , Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse 931-pos Board B60 MODE DECOMPOSITION OF PROTEIN DYNAMICS REVEALS FUNCTIONAL COLLECTIVE MOTION IN OXA 24/40. Luke J. Piszkin , Jamie VanPelt, Jeffrey Board B61 SITE-SPECIFIC VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY WITH NON-CANONICAL AMINO ACIDS CONTAINING FREQUENCY-RESOLVED LABELS. Aditya S. Chaudhari, Aditi Chatterjee, Spyridon Kaziannis, Petra Čubáková, Miroslav Kloz, Jan Štursa , Lukas Werner, Bohdan Schneider, Gustavo Fuertes 933-pos Board B62 STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS OF SUBSTRATE PROCESSING BY THE PAN PROTEASOME COMPLEX IN SOLUTION: A TIME-RESOLVED SMALL ANGLE NEUTRON SCATTERING STUDY. Frank R. Gabel 934-pos Board B63 X-RAY SCATTERING EXHIBITS TIME-RESOLVED VIEW OF RHODOPSIN ACTIVATION. C. Swathi K. Menon , Konstantinos Karpos, Thomas D. Grant, Andrey V. Struts, Steven D. E. Fried, Suchithranga M.D.C. Perera, Irina V. Kosheleva, Leslie Salas-Estrada, Alan Grossfield, Petra Fromme, Richard A. Kirian, Michael F. Brown 935-pos Board B64 Travel Award Winner MANIPULATING POLYDISPERSITY OF LLENS Β-CRYSTALLINS USING DIVALENT CATIONS DEMONSTRATES EVIDENCE OF CALCIUM REGULA TION. Michael Bergman , Leila Deravi 936-pos Board B65 MOLECULAR AND FUNCTIONAL INTERACTION OF SINGLE PASS EPHRIN RECEPTOR TYROSINE KINASE, EPHA2 IN LIPID NANODISC USING SOLU TION NMR. Pravesh Shrestha 937-pos Board B66 GEOMETRIC SIGNATURES OF SWITCHING BEHAVIOR IN MECHANOBIOL OGY. Casey O. Barkan , Robijn F. Bruinsma Membrane Protein Structures II (Boards B67 - B84) 938-pos Board B67 Travel Award Winner STRUCTURAL BASIS OF METAL IMPORT BY NRAMP FAMILY TRANSPORT ERS. Shamayeeta Ray , Samuel P. Berry, Rachelle Gaudet 939-pos Board B68 ELUCIDATING THE MOLECULAR BASIS OF SPONTANEOUS ACTIVATION IN AN ENGINEERED MECHANOSENSITIVE CHANNEL. Adithya Polasa , Kalyan Immadisetty, Reid Shelton, Mahmoud Moradi W. Peng 932-pos

940-pos Board B69 BREAKING THE IRON PIRACY CODE OF THE TBP SYSTEM FROM PATHO GENIC NEISSERIA . Shubham Dubey 941-pos Board B70 STRUCTURES AND GATING OF THE ARABIDOPSIS MECHANOSENSITIVE ION CHANNEL MSL10. Jingying Zhang , Tugba N. Ozturk, Grigory Maksaev, Michael J. Rau, James A.J. Fitzpatrick, Peng Yuan 942-pos Board B71 STRUCTURE OF SARS-COV-2 M PROTEIN IN LIPID NANODISCS. Kimberly A. Dolan , Mandira Dutta, David Kern, Abhay Kotecha, Gregory A. Voth, Steve Brohawn 943-pos Board B72 REFINING HCN1 CHANNEL CLOSED AND OPEN STATE MODELS USING CYSTEINE BRIDGE SIMULATIONS. Yi-Chun Lin , Peter H. Larsson, Yun Lyna Luo 944-pos Board B73 Travel Award Winner STRUCTURE OF THE ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR LIKE CHANNEL GLR3.4. Marriah N. Green , Shanti P. Gangwar, erwan michard, Alex A. Simon, Maria Teresa Portes, Juan Barbosa-Caro, Michael M. Wudick, Michael A. Lizzio, Oleg Klykov, Maria V. Yelshanskaya, Jose A. Feijo, Alexander I. Sobolevsky 945-pos Board B74 INSIGHTS INTO THE STRUCTURE-FUNCTION RELATIONSHIP OF THE HIV-1 VPU PROTEIN. Elka R. Georgieva , Saman Majeed, Oluwatosin Adetuyi, Md Majharul Islam 946-pos Board B75 THE ROLE OF O-GLCNACYLATION IN MRNA NUCLEAR EXPORT STUDIED BY SINGLE-MOLECULE SUPERRESOLUTION MICROSCOPY. Samuel L. Junod , Weidong Yang 947-pos Board B76 CRISPR-CSX28 FORMS A CAS13B-ACTIVATED LARGE-PORE CHANNEL REQUIRED FOR ROBUST CRISPR-CAS IMMUNITY. Arica R. VanderWal , Jung-Un Park, Bogdan Polevoda, Julia K. Nicosia, Adrian M. Molina Vargas, Elizabeth H. Kellogg, Mitchell R. O’Connell 948-pos Board B77 INVESTIGATION INTO AQUAPORIN 1’S CONSERVED STRUCTURAL FEA TURES AND THE C-TERMINAL TAIL. Philip Drewniak , Sameer Al-Abdul Wahid, Vladimir Ladizhansky, Leonid S. Brown 949-pos Board B78 TEMPLATE-FREE PREDICTION OF A NEWMONOTOPIC MEMBRANE PROTEIN FOLD AND OLIGOMERIC ASSEMBLY BY ALPHAFOLD2. Alican Gulsevin, Bing Han, Jason Porta, Hassane Mchaourab, Jens Meiler, Anne K. Kenworthy 950-pos Board B79 STRUCTURAL BASIS OF GABA REUPTAKE INHIBITION. Cornelius Gati 951-pos Board B80 MEMBRANE COMPOSITION DRIVES SIDECHAIN IONIZATION AND AS SEMBLY OF TRANSMEMBRANE PROTEIN DOMAINS. Tatyana I. Smirnova , Maxim A. Voinov, Sergey Milikisiyants, Gabriel A. Cook, Alex I. Smirnov 952-pos Board B81 DISCOVERY AND CHARACTERIZATION OF ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDIATED ACTIVATION OF 5-HT1E AND 5-HT1F RECEPTORS. Gregory Zilberg , Audrey L. Warren, Alexandra Parpounas, Daniel Wacker 953-pos Board B82 ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE CALCULATIONS AND DEUTERIUM NMR SPECTROSCOPY REVEAL RETINAL MOBILITY IN RHODOPSIN ACTIVA TION. Suchithranga M.D.C. Perera , Andrew Erly, Anna Makara, Dmitrii M. Nikolaev, Mikhail N. Ryazantsev, Andrey V. Struts, Michael F. Brown



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