Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1322-pos Board B451 SINGLE-MOLECULE SEQUENCING AND IMAGING OF PSEUDOURIDINE MODIFICATIONS IN THE HUMAN TRANSCRIPTOME. Sara H. Rouhanifard , Sepideh Tavakoli, Amr K. Makhamreh, Caroline McCormick, Xinqi Kang, Keqing Nian, Howard Gamper, Ya-Ming Hou, Meni Wanunu 1323-pos Board B452 CO-INFECTING PHAGES IMPEDE EACH OTHER’S ENTRY INTO THE CELL. Thu Vu Phuc Nguyen , Tianyou Yao, Ido Golding 1324-pos Board B453 SPATIALLY RESOLVED DETECTION OF SMALL MOLECULES FROM PRESS DRIED PLANT TISSUE USING MALDI IMAGING. Zane Long , Jonathan V. Le, Benjamin Katz, Belen G. Lopez, Emily Tenenbaum, Bonnie Semling, Ryan Schmidt, Felix Grun, Carter T. Butts, Rachel W. Martin 1325-pos Board B454 LILAC: ENHANCED ACTIN IMAGING WITH AN OPTOGENETIC LIFE ACT. Kourtney L. Kroll , Alexander French, Ronald S. Rock, Tobin R. Sosnick 1326-pos Board B455 COMPUTATIONAL CONTROL OF GENE EXPRESSION IN INDIVIDUAL YEAST USING REACTIVE MICROSCOPY. Zachary Fox , Steven Fletcher, Jakob Ruess, Gregory Batt 1327-pos Board B456 IMAGE CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY APPROACHES TO PROBE DIFFU SION IN CELL. Simone Civita , Ranieri Bizzarri, Paolo Bianchini, Alberto Diaspro 1328-pos Board B457 Travel Award Winner PREDICTIVE MODELING OF SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION ANCHORED BY QUANTITATIVE IMAGING. Lynne Cherchia , Stacey D. Finley, Scott E. Fraser 1329-pos Board B458 MEASURING SPATIALLY-DEPENDENT GENE EXPRESSION ACROSS FUNGAL MYCELIA BY SINGLE-MOLECULE FISH. Demosthenes P. Morales , Aaron Robinson, Julia Kelliher, Patrick Chain, James H. Werner Optical Microscopy and Superresolution Imaging II (Boards B459 - B489) 1330-pos Board B459 WHISPERING GALLERY MODE RESONANT MICROSPHERES AS LABELS FOR BIOLOGICAL IMAGING. Daniel E. Jacobsen , Jenny K. Banh, Jessica Z. Kubicek-Sutherland, Kirk D. Rector, Ralph Parchment 1331-pos Board B460 NEAREST NEIGHBOR SPATIAL STATISTICS AS A FRAMEWORK FOR ANALYZ ING SPATIAL PATTERNS FROM IMAGE DATA. AndrewM. Soltisz , Rengas ayee Veeraraghavan 1332-pos Board B461 SMITE (SINGLE-MOLECULE IMAGING TOOLBOX EXTRAORDINAIRE), A MATLAB PACKAGE. David Schodt, Michael J. Wester , Mohamadreza Fazel, Hanieh Mazloom-Farsibaf, Sandeep Pallikkuth, Sajjad A. Khan, Marjolein B.M. Meddens, Farzin Farzam, William K. Kanagy, Derek A. Rinaldi, Elton D. Jhamba, Keith A. Lidke 1333-pos Board B462 METHOD FOR DIRECT MEASURING ANTIBODY AFFINITY IN BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE. Qiaoqiao Ruan , Jeffrey M. Schaub, Patrick J. Macdonald, Sergey Y. Tetin 1334-pos Board B463 DIVERSE LABELLING OF CELLULAR COMPARTMENTS WITH NHS ESTERS IN EXPANSION MICROSCOPY. Thomas M.D. Sheard , Michael E. Spencer, Tayla Shakespeare, Rajpinder S. Seehra, Kin M. Suen, Izzy Jayasinghe

1335-pos Board B464 OPTICAL NANOSCOPY CHALLENGES IN THE METAVERSE ERA. THE CASE OF MULTIMODAL IMAGING OF CHROMATIN IN THE NUCLEUS. Alberto Diaspro , Paolo Bianchini, Lisa Cuneo, Francesca Baldini, Isotta Cainero, Chantal Usai, Simone Civita, Michele Oneto, Marco Scotto d’Abbusco, Irene Nepita, Lama Zeinab Zeaiter, Matteo Mariangeli, Sajedeh Kerdegari, Marco Castello, Simonluca Piazza 1336-pos Board B465 EPIFLUORESCENT SINGLE-MOLECULE COUNTING WITH STREPTAVIDIN PHYCOERYTHRIN CONJUGATES. Jeffrey M. Schaub , Qiaoqiao Ruan, Sergey Y. Tetin 1337-pos Board B466 IDENTIFYING HETEROGENEITY IN ORGANELLE POPULATIONS USING MUL TIPLEXED DNA-PAINT SUPERRESOLUTION MICROSCOPY. Charles Bond , Siewert Hugelier, Elena M. Sorokina, Melike Lakadamyali 1338-pos Board B467 QUANTIFYING PROTEIN-PROTEIN INTERACTIONS USING CONFINED PHO TOCONVERSION AND SINGLE-PARTICLE TRACKING. Sajjad A. Khan , David Schodt, Diane S. Lidke, Keith A. Lidke 1339-pos Board B468 SINGLE-MOLECULE ORIENTATION-LOCALIZATION MICROSCOPY RESOLVES HOW AMYLOIDOPHILIC DYE ORIENTATIONS ARE CORRELATED WITH AMYLOID FIBER GROWTH AND DISRUPTION. Brian Sun , Weiyan Zhou, Tianben Ding, Tara S. Porter, Tingting Wu, Matthew D. Lew 1340-pos Board B469 FAST ANALYSIS WITH MINIMAL USER INTERACTION IN FLUORESCENCE LIFETIME IMAGING. Evangelos Sisamakis , Fabio Barachati, Marcelle Koenig, Maria Loidolt-Krueger, Ellen Schmeyer, Matthias Patting, Marcus Sackrow, Uwe Ortmann, Felix Koberling, Rainer Erdmann 1341-pos Board B470 TIME SHIFTING INTERFERENCES FOR IN DEPTH TISSUE IMAGING IN SINGLE-MOLECULE LOCALIZATION MICROSCOPY. Abigail Illand , Pierre Jouchet, Celine Malleval, Vincent Gache, Karine Monier, Emmanuel Fort, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort 1342-pos Board B471 FLUORESCENCE LIFETIME IMAGING INSIGHT INTO THE EFFECTS OF TAXOL ON CELL METABOLISM. Rozhin Penjweini , Katie A. Link, Shureed Qazi, Dan L. Sackett, Jay R. Knutson 1343-pos Board B472 SINGLE-MOLECULE TRACKING WITH NONPARAMETRIC BAYESIAN ANALY SIS REVEALS THAT HISTONE MODIFICATION PROTEIN COMPLEXES FORM SPECIFICALLY AT HETEROCHROMATIN SITES. Ziyuan Chen 1344-pos Board B473 HIGH-THROUGHPUT SINGLE PARTICLE TRACKING REVEALS ESTROGEN RECEPTOR PROTEIN INTERACTION LANDSCAPE IN LIVING CELLS. David McSwiggen, Helen Liu, Hanzhe Chen, Alec Heckert, Jaclyn Ho, Stephanie L. Johnson , Lakshmi Akella, Eric Gonzalez, Adi Hanuka, Yan Li, Akshay Sule, Sarah Pierce, Ruensern Tan, Hilary Beck, Daniel Anderson 1345-pos Board B474 A FLUOROGENIC METHOD TO DIRECTLY OBSERVE TRANSFER AND DISTRI BUTION OF INFLUENZA VIRAL CONTENTS TO TARGET VESICLES. Ahanjit Bhattacharya , Steven G. Boxer 1346-pos Board B475 INTELLIGENT ADAPTABLE EXCITATION FIELD FOR UNIFORM DYE PHOTO SWITCHING IN SMLM. Lancelot Pincet , Valentina Caorsi, Nicolas Bourg, Sandrine Lévêque-Fort



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