Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2114-Pos Board B519 MUCINS FORM A NANOSCALE PHYSICAL BARRIER AGAINST IMMUNE CELL ATTACK. Sangwoo Park , Marshall Colville, Carolyn Shurer, Ling-Ting Huang, Joe Kuo, Justin Paek, Marc Goudge, Jin Su, Matthew DeLisa, Jan Lammerding, Warren Zipfel, Claudia Fischbach, Heidi Reesink, Matthew Paszek 2115-Pos Board B520 STUDY THE DISASSEMBLY OF EPITHELIAL TIGHT JUNCTION UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF NANOPLASTICS USING AN IN VITRO MULTICELLULAR MODEL. Jui-Hsun Chang , Jia-Jun Liu, Megha Jhunjhunwala, Chia-Yu Yeh, Chih-Tung Liu, Chi-Shuo Chen 2116-Pos Board B521 TOWARDS DIRECT RNA SEQUENCING WITH ELECTRO-OPTICAL WAVE GUIDES. Fatemeh Farhangdoust , Li-Tao Guo, Drew Bostrom, Sara H. Rouhanifard, Anna M. Pyle, Meni Wanunu 2117-Pos Board B522 FACILITATING THE NANOPORE DETECTION OF PROTEIN FRAGMENT WITH A NEUTRAL CHARGE. Misa Yamaji , Ryuji Kawano 2118-Pos Board B523 NANOPORE-BASED IMMUNOASSAY BASED ON ROLLING CIRCLE AMPLIFI CATION AND DNA FRAGMENTATIONS. Xinqi Kang , Connie Wu, Luning Yu, Mohammad Amin Alibakhshi, Xingyan Liu, David R. Walt, Meni Wanunu 2119-Pos Board B524 EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX CONTROLLED NANOMECHANICS OF SELF AS SEMBLED SYNOVIAL FLUID FILMS. Roberto C. Andresen Eguiluz , Syeda Tajin Ahmed, Dion Deng Biosensors II (Boards B525 - B543) 2120-Pos Board B525 APOLLO-IRE1: A GENETICALLY ENCODED SENSOR FOR LIVE CELL AND MULTIPLEXED IMAGING OF ER STRESS. Eric J. Floro , Jonathan V. Roche leau 2121-Pos Board B526 RAPID LIVE-CELL SEQUENTIAL MULTIPLEXED IMAGING WITH FLUORO GENIC RNAS. Ru Zheng , Rigumula Wu, Yuanchang Liu, Mingxu You 2122-Pos Board B527 REAL-TIME MODULATION OF A DNA ORIGAMI FORCE PROBE. Ariel Robbins , Peter Beshay, Carlos E. Castro, Michael G. Poirier 2123-Pos Board B528 Travel Award Winner INVESTIGATING OPTIMAL KINETIC PARAMETERS OF EXONUCLEASE III TO CREATE A NEXT-GENERATION, ROBUST, SELF-AVOIDING ROLLING MOTOR BIOSENSOR. Bakai Sheyitov , Yusha Imtiaz, Alisina Bazrafshan, Khalid Salaita 2124-Pos Board B529 YPET THROUGH THE EYES OF MCLIFY. Him Shweta, Kushol Gupta, Yufeng Zhou, Xiaonan Cui, Yale E. Goldman, Jody A. Dantzig 2125-Pos Board B530 APPLICATION OF AN ELECTRIC FIELD TO AN OXIDOREDUCTASE ENZYME: IMPLICATIONS FOR BIOSENSING. Meagan C. Small , Margaret M. Hurley 2126-Pos Board B531 SELECTING FOR PH SENSITIVE FLOURESCENT PROTEINS WITH LIBRARY SCREENING METHODS. Jacob E. Wagner , Katharine A. White, Casey Knuth 2127-Pos Board B532 RECONFIGURABLE LOGIC GATES IN BIOLOGICAL CROSSBAR NEURAL NETWORKS USING STDP LEARNING. Yonghee Bae , Kyo-Seok Lee, Sun-Mi Lee, Kyung-Hwa Yoo

2102-Pos Board B507 CANCER-ASSOCIATED FIBROBLASTS IN A 3D ENGINEERED TISSUE MODEL INDUCE TUMOR-LIKE MATRIX STIFFENING AND EMT TRANSITION. Enola Bollmann, Martial Millet, Cassandra Ringuette Goulet, Genevieve Ber nard, Stephane Chabaud, Marc-Etienne Huot, Frederic Pouliot, Stephane Bolduc, Francois Bordeleau 2103-Pos Board B508 ALTERATION OF MEMBRANE POTENTIAL OF HEAD AND NECK CANCER CELLS USING A PIEZOELECTRIC NANOFIBER INTERFACE. Maulee Sheth , Maksym Krutko, Maria Lehn, Vinita Takiar, Trisha Wise-Draper, Leyla Board B509 HIGH THROUGHPUT IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE FOR ANALYZING HIPSC-CM SARCOMERE PHYSIOLOGY AND CARDIAC FIBROBLAST ACTIVA TION. Alan R. Levinson , Rebecca E. Slater, Sylwia M. Figarska, Hannah M. Kleppe, Anastasiia Budan, Olga Cisne-Thompson, Jonathan H. Tsui, James R. Priest, Timothy Hoey 2105-Pos Board B510 AN AMPHIPHILIC PLASMA MEMBRANE-TARGETED PHOTO-TRANSDUCER MEDIATES OPTICAL PACING IN CARDIOMYOCYTES DERIVED FROM HU MAN INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS. Francesco Lodola 2106-Pos Board B511 MEASURING TENSION STATES OF HIPSC-CARDIOMYOCYTES VIA TRAC TION FORCE MICROSCOPY. Gabriela Villalpando Torres , Kerry V. Lane, Samuel D. Feinstein, Liam Dow, Beth Pruitt 2107-Pos Board B512 VARIABILITY AND SEXUAL DIMORPHISM IN HUMAN INDUCED PLURIPO TENT STEM CELL DERIVED CARDIOMYOCYTES. Samuel D. Feinstein , Orlando Chirikian, Beth Pruitt 2108-Pos Board B513 BIOENGINEERING APPROACHES TO PROMOTE MATURITY IN HUMAN SKELETAL MUSCLE CONSTRUCTS. Benjamin R. Tollitt , Samantha W. Jones, Kai F. Hoettges, James R. Henstock, Gianluca Neri, Malcolm J. Jackson, Anne McArdle 2109-Pos Board B514 THE CONTROL OF BIONANOMACHINE USING CALMODULIN BASED IONO CHROMIC NANODEVICE. Yassine Sabek , Ziyun Zhang, Yuichi Imamura, Nobuyuki Nishibe, Kazunori Kondo, Shinsaku Maruta 2110-Pos Board B515 THE EFFECT OF NEURONAL ATROPHY ON THE PATHOGENESIS OF HUN TINGTON’S DISEASE. Sara Sameni 2111-Pos Board B516 Travel Award Winner SARS-COV-2 SPIKE PROTEIN-INDUCED INFLAMMATION UNDERLIES PROARRHYTHMIA IN COVID-19. Louisa Mezache , Gerard Nuovo, David Suster, Esmerina Tili, Hamdy Awad, Przemyslaw Radwanski, Rengasayee Veeraraghavan 2112-Pos Board B517 DHM-VIEWER: COMPREHENSIVE, OPEN-SOURCE IMAGE PROCESSING SUITE FOR DIGITAL HOLOGRAPHIC MICROSCOPY. Ziyang Yu, Lei Jin , Chris topher M. Yip 2113-Pos Board B518 OVEREXPRESSION AND CELL-PENETRATING PEPTIDE-MEDIATED DELIVERY OF CAS9 AND ITS VARIANT(S) FOR TARGETED GENOME EDITING. Shilpi Agrawal , Morgan Reese, Christopher Nelson Esfandiari 2104-Pos





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