Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Platform Exocytosis and Endocytosis 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Room 5AB

2224-Plat 2:15 pm 2-D LIQUID-LIQUID PHASE SEPARATION OF GM130 GOLGIN PROTEIN BOUND TO SUPPORTED BILAYER. Jean N. Goder , Maohan Su, Abhijith Radhakrishnan, Ivan Lopez-Montero, Frederic Pincet, James Rothman 2225-Plat 2:30 pm ROLE OF GRNA BINDING IN HIV-1 GAG ASSEMBLY PROCESS. Puja Banerjee , Gregory A. Voth 2226-Plat 2:45 pm A MECHANISM FOR TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATION OF INNATE IM MUNE RESPONSE GENES BY RSV NS1 PROTEIN. Jiawei Dong, Vincent Basse, Maxime Bierre, Pierre Sibille, Pierre-Olivier Vidalain, Jean-Francois Eleouet, Marie Galloux, Monika Bajorek, Christina Sizun Platform Ligand-Gated and Anion Channels 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Room 6F Co-Chairs Alessio Accardi, Weill Cornell Medical College, USA Cynthia Czajkowski, University of Wisconsin Madison, USA 1:00 pm IDENTIFICATION OF RESIDUES INVOLVED IN HOMOTRIMERIC ASSEMBLY OF THE HUMAN P2X4 RECEPTOR BY SIMULATIONS AND SITE-DIRECTED MUTAGENESIS. Aparna Sai Malisetty , Lukas Schaffrath, Fritz Markwardt, Saskia Cönen, Jan-Philipp Machtens, Susan Köppen, Guenther Schmalz ing 2228-Plat 1:15 pm POSTTRANSLATIONAL MODIFICATIONS OF CYCLIC AMP-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE A AFFECT ITS BINDING TO THE CFTR ANION CHANNEL. Andras Szollosi , Csaba Mihalyi, Iordan Iordanov, Laszlo Csanady 2229-Plat 1:30 pm MOLECULAR MECHANISM UNDERLYING DESENSITIZATION OF THE HUMAN PROTON-ACTIVATED CHLORIDE (PAC) CHANNEL. James Osei Owusu, Zheng Ruan, Daniel S. Matasic , Wei Lu, Zhaozhu Qiu 2230-Plat 1:45 pm A LRRC8 CHIMERA WITH NATIVE FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES IS A HEPTAMER WITH A LARGE LIPID-BLOCKED PORE. Hirohide Takahashi , Toshiki Yamada, Jerod S. Denton, Kevin Strange, Erkan Karakas 2231-Plat 2:00 pm COTRANSLATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MRNA TRANSCRIPTS ENCODING HETEROMERIC GABA-A RECEPTORS. Nathalie M. Dinguirard, Navya K. Tarikere, Fang Liu, Gail A. Robertson, Cynthia Czajkowski 2232-Plat 2:15 pm Travel Award Winner ELUCIDATING THE STRUCTURE-FUNCTION OF THE IONOTROPIC DELTA RECEPTOR IN THE PRESENCE OF TRANS-SYNAPTIC PARTNERS. Cuauhtemoc U. Gonzalez , Elisa Carrillo, Vladmir Berka, Anindita Das, Vasanthi Jayaraman 2227-Plat 2:30 pm NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE MOLECULAR BASIS OF ALLOSTERIC ACTIVA TION OF THE TMEM16A CHANNEL AND CONSEQUENCES FOR THE CONTROL OF VASCULAR TONE. Rumaitha Al Hosni , Emilio Agostinelli, Zeki Ilkan, Lara F. Scofano, Kathryn Acheson, AndrewMacDonald, Dean Rivers, Martin Gunthorpe, Frances Platt, Paolo Tammaro 2234-Plat 2:45 pm STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR LIGAND MODULATION AND PARTIAL AGONISM OF THE 5-HT 3 R. Kevin C. Felt , Letty Leslie Ann A. Salas Estrada, Mad eleine Stauffer, Peter R. Guzzo, Dejian Xie, Jinkun Huang, Marta Filizola, Sudha Chakrapani 2233-Plat


Co-Chairs Ioana Butu, Columbia University, USA Feng Yuan, University of Texas at Austin, USA


2235-Plat 1:00 pm POLY-UBIQUITIN CATALYZES ENDOCYTOSIS BY PROMOTING LIQUID-LIKE ASSEMBLY OF EARLY ENDOCYTIC PROTEINS. Feng Yuan , Sadhana Golla pudi, Brandon T. Malady, Arjun Sangani, Liping Wang, Eileen M. Lafer, Jeanne C. Stachowiak 2236-Plat 1:15 pm A CONFORMATIONAL SWITCH IN CLATHRIN LIGHT CHAIN REGULATES LATTICE STRUCTURE AND ENDOCYTOSIS AT THE PLASMA MEMBRANE OF MAMMALIAN CELLS. Kazuki Obashi , Kem A. Sochacki, Marie-Paule Strub, Justin W. Taraska 2237-Plat 1:30 pm SHEAR STRESS SHIFTS CLATHRIN-COATED VESICLE FORMATION TO FAVOR THE FLAT-TO-CURVED MODEL IN ENDOTHELIAL CELLS. Tomasz J. Nawara , William F. Dean, Alexa L. Mattheyses 2238-Plat 1:45 pm A DYNAMIC MECHANICALLY STABILIZED MEMBRANE RESERVOIR MEDI ATES FAST ENDOCYTOSIS. Dong An , Rui Su, Peter Wen, Chung Yu Chan, Ling-Gang Wu, Ben O’Shaughnessy 2239-Plat 2:00 pm OBSERVING SINGLE DYNAMIN-MEDIATED FISSION EVENTS IN TIRFM AMENABLE SYNAPSES. Sai Krishnan 2240-Plat 2:15 pm DUAL FUNCTIONS OF DYNAMIN IN BETA CELL ENDOCYTOSIS AND AU TOPHAGY TRAFFICKING AS A MEMBRANE FISSION MOLECULE. Fan Fan, Jenifer Wendlick, Xuelin Lou 2241-Plat 2:30 pm SYNAPTOTAGMIN IS NOT ONLY A CALCIUM SENSOR, BUT ALSO EXERTS ENTROPIC FORCES THAT DRIVE MEMBRANE FUSION. Ioana C. Butu , Dong An, Zachary A. McDargh, Ben O’Shaughnessy 2242-Plat 2:45 pm THE NUMBER OF SNAP25 MOLECULES CHANGING CONFORMATION PRECEDING A FUSION EVENT INCREASES WITH VESICLE SIZE. Ying Zhao, Qinghua Fang, Manfred Lindau Platform Computational Methods and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioinformatics 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Room 11AB Co-Chairs Mary Jo Ondrechen, Northeastern University, USA Laila Sakhnini, Novo Nordisk, Denmark 2243-Plat 1:00 pm KEY INTERACTIONS CONVERT AMINO ACID SIDE CHAINS INTO STRONG ACIDS AND BASES IN THE ACTIVE SITES OF ENZYMES. Suhasini M. Iyen gar, Kelly K. Barnsley, Atif Shafique, Mary Jo Ondrechen 2244-Plat 1:15 pm Travel Award Winner HARNESSING NATURAL EVOLUTION AND COMPUTATION TOWARDS SYSTEMS ENZYMOLOGY. Wenjun Xie , Arieh Warshel




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