Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Neuroscience: Computational and Experimental Approaches and Tools (Boards B372 - B380)

2634-Pos Board B384 SUBTOMOGRAM AVERAGING OF PROTEIN STRUCTURES IN ISOLATED HEK293 CELL PLASMA MEMBRANES. Dennis J. Michalak , Willy W. Sun, Kem A. Sochacki, Jenny E. Hinshaw, Justin W. Taraska 2635-Pos Board B385 STRUCTURAL ENSEMBLE REFINEMENT WITH CRYO-EM. Wai Shing Tang , David Silva, Julian Giraldo Barreto, Erik H. Thiede, Sonya M. Hanson, Pilar Cossio 2636-Pos Board B386 ENHANCING THE CHAMELEON GRID RANGE TO UNLOCK FASTER AND MORE PRECISE SAMPLE OPTIMISATION. MiriamWeckener, Ouliana Panova , Herve Vandekerckhove, Nicolas Marro, Russell King, Paul Thaw, Daniel K. Clare, Michele C. Darrow 2637-Pos Board B387 DAQ-SCORE DATABASE: DEEP-LEARNING BASED QUALITY ESTIMATION OF CRYO-EM DERIVED PROTEIN MODELS. Tsukasa Nakamura , Xiao Wang, Genki Terashi, Daisuke Kihara 2638-Pos Board B388 Travel Award Winner 3D RECONSTRUCTION SHOWS MOUSE SKELETAL MUSCLE MAY DECLINE IN FUNCTION ACROSS AGING DUE TO THE MICOS COMPLEX. Kit Neikirk , Zer Vue, Edgar Garza-Lopez, Larry Vang, Amber Crabtree, Heather Beas ley, Andrea Marshall, Steven Damo, Antentor O. Hinton 2639-Pos Board B389 IMPROVING CRYO-ELECTRON TOMOGRAPHY DATA QUALITY AND THROUGHPUT BY STREAMLINING THE WORKFLOW. Marit Smeets , Katherine Lau 2640-Pos Board B390 THE EVOLUTION OF ARCHAEAL FLAGELLAR FILAMENTS. Mark A. Kreutzberger , Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Ying Liu, Diana P. Baquero, Fengbin Wang, Mart Krupovic, Edward H. Egelman 2641-Pos Board B391 STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF THE ESSENTIAL ENDOGENOUS MYCO BACTERIAL POLYKETIDE SYNTHASE PKS13 BY CRYOGENIC ELECTRON MI CROSCOPY. Robert M. Stroud , Sun Kyung Kim, Miles Sasha S. Dickinson, Oren S. Rosenberg 2642-Pos Board B392 CORRELATIVE MICROSCOPY APPROACH FOR MICRO- AND NANOPLAS TICS DETECTION IN PLANT MATRIX. Joerg Wissler , Philipp Haefner, Dominik Szwajgier, Hans-Achim Reimann 2643-Pos Board B393 EXPEDITING CRYO-EM SAMPLE PREPARATION USING DESIGN OF EXPERI MENTS. Rose Marie Haynes , Janette B. Myers 2644-Pos Board B394 MOLECULAR ARCHITECTURE OF LRRK2 IN ASSOCIATION WITH CELLULAR ORGANELLES. Tamar Basiashvili , Soojin Kim, Siyu Chen, JOSHUA HUTCH INGS, Samara L. Reck-Peterson, Elizabeth Villa 2645-Pos Board B395 AUTOMATED PHASE PLATE CRYO-EM IMAGING USING SERIALEM. Gongpu Zhao , Xing Meng 2646-Pos Board B396 MITIGATING RISK AND ENHANCING REPRODUCIBILITY IN CRYO-EM SAMPLE PREPARATION. Bob Ashley , Giulia Weissenberger, Rene Hen derikx 2647-Pos Board B397 MICROBIAL NANOWIRES: CYTOCHROME FILAMENTS IN GEOBACTER AND MORE. Diana Baquero, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Khawla Mus tafa, Chiho Chan, Allon Hochbaum, Daniel Bond, Edward H. Egelman, Mart Krupovic, Fengbin Wang


2622-Pos Board B372 EXTRACTION OF MURINE FECAL BACTERIAL DNA FOR 16S RRNA SE QUENCING IN GUT MICROBIOME ANALYSIS. Jonathan L. Duncan , Alice H. Lee, George F. Hoeferlin, Jeffrey Capadona 2623-Pos Board B373 Travel Award Winner OSCILLATORY EFFECTS OF KETAMINE USING FOCUSED ULTRASOUND SENSITIVE LIPOSOMES. Brenda Yu , Ali K. Taoube, Raag D. Airan 2624-Pos Board B374 COHERENT EXCITON COUPLING IN FLUORESCENT PROTEIN DIMERS PROBED BY TWO-PHOTON POLARIZATION RATIO. Mikhail Drobizhev , Henry L. Puhl, Kirk Hines, Steven S. Vogel 2625-Pos Board B375 DIMINISHING NEURONAL ACIDIFICATION BY CHANNELRHODOPSINS WITH LOW PROTON CONDUCTION. Rebecca Frank Hayward , F. Phill Brooks III, Shang Yang, Shiqiang Gao, Adam E. Cohen 2626-Pos Board B376 HIGH RESOLUTION OPTICAL RECORDING OF BIOELECTRIC SIGNALS US ING ELECTROCHROMIC MATERIALS. Burhan Ahmed , Kenneth Nakasone, Dana Griffith, Yuecheng Zhou, Erica Liu, Felix S. Alfonso, Bianxiao Cui, Holger Mueller 2627-Pos Board B377 LABEL-FREE OPTICAL DETECTION OF CELLULAR ACTION POTENTIALS USING ELECTROCHROMIC MATERIALS. Erica Liu , Yuecheng Zhou, Felix S. Alfonso, Yang Yang, Burhan Ahmed, Kenneth Nakasone, Victoria Xu, Holger Mueller, Bianxiao Cui 2628-Pos Board B378 MORPHOLOGICAL HETEROGENEITY OF HUMAN ASTROCYTES IN A CERE BRAL ORGANOID. Kaitlin Szederkenyi , Lilliana Attisano, Martin Oheim, Christopher M. Yip 2629-Pos Board B379 TARGETING TIGHT JUNCTIONS IN THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER: HINTS FROMMOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS OF ION CONDUCTION IN TWO CLAUDIN-5 STRUCTURAL MODELS. Alessandro Berselli , Giulio Alberini, Fabio Benfenati, Luca Maragliano 2630-Pos Board B380 USING REACTION-DIFFUSION MODELING TO PROBE HIGH FREQUENCY CHOLINERGIC TRANSMISSION. Ivan L’Heureux, Elham Alkhammash, Catherine E. Morris, Bela Joos Electron Microscopy (Boards B381 - B397) 2631-Pos Board B381 USING ALTERNATIVE PRESERVATION METHOD IN CRYO-EM TO OVER COME CHALLENGING SPECIMEN METHIONINE TRNA SYNTHETASE. Behrouz Ghazi Esfahani , Marc Muraski, Rebecca W. Alexander, Elizabeth Stroupe 2632-Pos Board B382 STRUCTURAL BASIS OF ANTIBODIES TARGETING NEUTRALIZING EPITOPES REVEALED BY CRYOEMPEM. Shiyu Zhang , Gabriel Ozorowski, Aleksandar Antanasijevic, Jelle van Schooten, Sara Richey, Jeffrey Copps, Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, Rogier W. Sanders, AndrewWard 2633-Pos Board B383 UNDERSTANDING CELL BIOLOGY USING CRYO ELECTRON MICROSCO PY. Natalia de Val





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