Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Protein Structure and Conformation I (Boards B1 - B34) 180-pos Board B1 IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF E266Q MUTATION IN NSP15 ENDORIBONUCLEASE FROM SARS-COV-2 EPSILON VARI ANT. Manashi Sonowal , Nirupa Nagaratnam, Rebecca J. Jernigan, Dhenugen Logeswaran, Raimund Fromme, Julian J-L. Chen, Petra Board B2 SARS-COV-2 NSP3 OLIGOMERIZATION IS A DRIVER FOR MOLECULAR PORE FORMATION. Yulia Pustovalova , Alexandra Pozhidaeva, Jeffrey C. Hoch 182-pos Board B3 INTEGRATION OF SMFRET AND MOLECULAR DYNAMICS TO CHAR ACTERIZE CONFORMATIONAL DYNAMICS OF THE SPIKE PROTEIN OF WILD-TYPE SARS-COV-2 AND ITS VARIANTS. Joseph Williamson , Maolin Lu, Mahmoud Moradi 183-pos Board B4 MASS SPECTROMETRY AND MOLECULAR MODELING EVIDENCE FOR AN UNUSUAL DISULFIDE CROSSLINK BETWEEN CYSTEINES 24 AND 36 IN THE GAMMAS-CRYSTALLIN LINKED TO CATARACTS. Kirsten J. Lampi , Samuel Wheeler, David Anderson, Larry David 184-pos Board B5 DAMAGE RESISTANCE OF GAMMA CRYSTALLINS: WEATHERING HEAT, UV, AND IONIZING RADIATION. Rachel W. Martin , Megan A. Rocha, Brenna Norton-Baker, Mina Mozafari, Jessica I. Kelz 185-pos Board B6 DYNAMICS OF THE SARS-COV-2 MAIN PROTEASE BINDING SITE. Advaith S. Harith , Sacha Mallalieu, Amelia A. Fuller, Michelle E. McCully 186-pos Board B7 STUDIES ON ANTIVIRAL RESISTANT SARS-COV-2 MPRO MUTANTS. Morgan A. Esler , Arad Moghadasi, Reuben S. Harris, Hideki Aihara 187-pos Board B8 Travel Award Winner REFINING HIV ENVELOPE PROTEIN CONFORMATIONAL DATA FROM DIF FERENT EXPERIMENTAL SOURCES USING BIAS-RESAMPLING METHODS AND INFORMATION THEORY. Caroline Davis , Peter Kasson 188-pos Board B9 PARTIAL ASSIGNMENTS OF TUNICATE ΒΓ-CRYSTALLIN STRUCTURE. Mina Mozafari , Natalia Kozlyuk, Megan A. Rocha, Rachel W. Martin 189-pos Board B10 ROLE OF PEMI IN THE STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS PEMIK TOXIN ANTITOXIN COMPLEX: PEMI CONTROLS PEMK BY ATING AS A PEK LOOP MIMIC. Bong Jin Lee 190-pos Board B11 STRUCTURE OF ANABAENA FLOS-AQUAE GAS VESICLES REVEALED BY CRYO-ET. Przemyslaw Dutka , Lauren Ann Metskas, Robert C. Hurt, Hossein Salahshoor, Ting-Yu Wang, Dina Malounda, George Lu, Tsui-Fen Chou, Mikhail G. Shapiro, Grant J. Jensen 191-pos Board B12 SALT-INDUCED PRECIPITATION OF FIBRINOGEN: NEW INSIGHTS FROM EXPERIMENTS AND SIMULATIONS. Aparna Sai Malisetty , Stephanie Stamboroski, Jana Lierath, Michael Noeske, Dorothea Brueggemann, Susan Köppen 192-pos Board B13 REVEALING NUCLEOTIDE-INDUCED DOMAIN MOVEMENTS OF GTP BOUND RBG1 WITH LONG-TIMESCALE MD SIMULATIONS. Yupeng Li , Hong Jin, Emad Tajkhorshid Fromme 181-pos

193-pos Travel Award Winner TIME-RESOLVED TWO-PHOTON FLUORESCENCE DYNAMICS OF A NOVEL MEGFP-LINKER-MSCARLET-I CROWDING BIOSENSOR. Sarah Mersch , Sarah Bergman, Arnold J. Boersma, Ahmed A. Heikal, Erin D. Sheets 195-pos Board B16 CONFORMATIONAL SELECTION IN THE CRE CBD DOMAIN: INSIGHTS INTO INTASOME ASSEMBLY. Marco A. Ramírez , Nina Pastor, Mark P. Foster 196-pos Board B17 DYNAMICS AND STRUCTURAL CHANGES OF CALMODULIN UPON INTERACTION WITH THE ANTAGONIST CALMIDAZOLIUM. Corentin Leger , Irène Pitard, Mirko Sadi, Nicolas Carvalho, Sébastien Brier, Ariel Mechaly, Sylviane Hoos, Patrice Vachette, Dominique Durand, Ahmed Haouz, Inaki Guijarro, Daniel Ladant, Alexandre Chenal 197-pos Board B18 STRUCTURE-FUNCTION ANALYSIS OF THE DUAL FUNCTIONING MY COBACTERIAL VIRULENCE FACTORS ESPE AND ESPF. Rebecca J. Prest , Konstantin V. Korotkov, Patricia A. Champion 198-pos Board B19 NUCLEOTIDE DEPENDENT CONFORMATIONAL CHANGES OF MUTL. Andi Morgan , Ashley Drew, Andrew Atisa, Malikiya A. Hinds, Sharonda Board B20 IMPROVED IDENTIFICATION OF CANCER DRIVER MUTATIONS USING EVOLUTIONARY PATTERNS OF LOCAL FUNCTIONAL SPATIAL REGIONS ON PROTEIN STRUCTURES. Bowei Ye , Boshen Wang, Jie Liang 200-pos Board B21 CELLULAR MODELS FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF THE STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS AND ACTIVITY OF HUMAN TAU PROTEIN AGGREGATE FOR MATION. Eranjalee Ranaweera , Carol J. Huseby, Debra T. Hansen, Po-Lin Chiu, Paul Coleman, Petra Fromme 201-pos Board B22 Travel Award Winner DYNAMICS OF THE BYPASS POLYMERASE, DINB HOMOLOG. Jenaro Soto , Melanie J. Cocco 202-pos Board B23 Travel Award Winner UNDERSTANDING THE MOLECULAR COMPOSITION OF THE MICRO SPORIDIAN POLAR TUBE. Joseph C. Sudar , Hediye Erdjument-Bromage, Thomas Neubert, Damian C. Ekiert, Gira Bhabha 203-pos Board B24 THE INTERACTION OF CC CHEMOKINE BINDING PROTEIN VCCI WITH CCL17(TARC). Wenyan Guan , AiramM. Rodriguez, Rafael Guerrero, Lauren E. Stark, Michael E. Colvin, Patricia LiWang 204-pos Board B25 Travel Award Winner CONFORMATIONAL CHANGES IN SOLUTION MULTIMERS OF DYNAMIN RELATED PROTEIN 1 (DRP1) FACILITATES FUNCTIONAL ASSEMBLY. Kristy Rochon , Brianna Bauer, Jason A. Mears 205-pos Board B26 STRUCTURAL AND MECHANISTIC INSIGHTS INTO CANCER PROMOTING ACTIVITIES OF PYRUVATE KINASE MUSCLE ISOFORM-2. Saurabh Upadhyay , Ashok Kumar Patel 206-pos Board B27 CONNECTION BETWEEN SLOW AND FAST DYNAMICS IN HUMAN PURINE NUCLEOSIDE PHOSPHORYLASE. Clara F. Frost , Sree Ganesh Balasubramani, Dimitris Antoniou, Steven D. Schwartz 207-pos Board B28 STRUCTURE AND ACTIVATION MECHANISM OF STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS RESPONSE REGULATOR ARLR BY SOLUTION NMR. Mohammad Rafid Feisal , Philip B. Liu, Yurong Wen, Peter M. Hwang Board B14 LeBlanc 199-pos




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