Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Platform Member Organized Session: A Multi-Scale Assessment of Biomechanical Regulation by the Myosin Molecular Motor 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6C Co-Chairs Daniel Bernstein, Stanford University, USA Michael Regnier, University of Washington, USA 8:15 am STRUCTURAL CHANGES IN MYOSIN AFFECT CHEMO-MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF THE MYOSIN-ACTIN INTERACTION. Divya Pathak, Neha Nandwani, James A. Spudich, Kathleen Ruppel 721-plat 8:30 am MYH7 G256E INDUCED CHANGES IN MYOSIN BIOMECHANICS INFLU ENCE FUNCTION OF MYOFIBRIL CONTRACTILE ORGANELLES. Michael Regnier 722-plat 8:45 am MYH7 MUTATIONS INDUCE CHANGES IN SINGLE CELL MECHANOBIOL OGY. Beth L. Pruitt , Cheavar A. Blair, Erica A. Castillo, Orlando Chirikian, Liam Dow, Samuel D. Feinstein, Marissa Gionet-Gonzales, Kerry V. Lane, Miguel Sanchez Lozano, Alison S. Vander Roest, Gabriela Villalpando Torres 723-plat 9:00 am CHANGES IN MYOSIN BIOMECHANICS INFLUENCE GROWTH AND MATURATION OF IPSC-CARDIOMYOCYTES. Daniel Bernstein , Alison S. Vander Roest, Sean Wu, Beth Pruitt, Mingming Zhao, Giovanni Fajardo, Kathleen Ruppel, James A. Spudich 724-plat 9:15 am EFFECTS OF CHANGES IN MYOSIN BIOMECHANICS ON CANONICAL AND NON-CANONICAL SIGNALING AND HCM PHENOTYPES. Paul Heinrich, Sean M. Wu 725-plat 9:30 am THE POLYAMINE SPERMIDINE ENHANCES CONTRACTILE FUNCTION AND SARCOMERE DYNAMICS POST-DOXORUBICIN TREATMENT. Cheavar A. Blair , Beth Pruitt, Samuel D. Feinstein 726-plat 9:45 am SARCOMERE DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS TO UNCOVER MECHANISMS IN HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY. Alison S. Vander Roest , James A. Spudich, Kathleen Ruppel, Michael Regnier, Daniel Bernstein 727-plat 10:00 am CHARACTERIZING THE FUNCTIONAL IMPACT OF EMBRYONIC MYOSIN MUTATIONS IN STEM CELL-DERIVED SKELETAL MUSCLE. Christian Man drycky, Saffie Mohran, Matthew C. Childers, Alec S.T. Smith, Michael Regnier, David L. Mack Platform Replication, Recombination, Repair, and Transcription 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6D Co-Chairs 720-plat

Monday, February 20


Graduate Student Breakfast 7:30 am - 8:30 am, Room 1AB

This breakfast presents an opportunity for graduate student attendees to meet and discuss the issues they face in their current career stage. Limited to the first 100 attendees. Speakers Eleonora Grandi, University of California, Davis, USA David Jones, University of Michigan, USA Jasna Markovac, University of Michigan Medical School, USA Jeff Schaub, Abbott Labs, USA Registration/Exhibitor Registration 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Lobby BC Poster Viewing 8:00 am - 10:00 pm, Exhibit Hall BC Symposium Future of Biophysics Burroughs Wellcome Fund Symposium 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6A Co-chairs Baron Chanda, Washington University in St. Louis, USA Janice Robertson, Washington University in St. Louis, USA No Abstract 8:15 am DESIGNER NANODISCS TO PROBE MEMBRANE PORE FORMATION. Huan Bao No Abstract 8:45 am HOW TO FOLD THE PROTEOME (SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED). Stephen D. Fried No Abstract 9:15 am IDENTIFICATION AND PREDICTION OF FOLD-SWITCHING PROTEINS. Lauren L. Porter No Abstract 9:45 am TMEM16S UNDER THE ELECTRON MICROSCOPE. Cristina Puchades Symposium Unholy Matrimony of Channels and Transporters 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6B Chair Show-Ling Shyng, Oregon Health and Science University, USA No Abstract 8:15 am SPERM FLAGELLAR CATSPER CALCIUM CHANNELS . Jean-Ju Chung 717-symp 8:45 am UNUSUAL SUSPECTS UNDERLYING MULTIMODAL GATING OF KV1.2 CHANNELS. Harley T. Kurata 718-symp 9:15 am STRESS BRINGS OUT THE BEST: POTASSIUM TRANSPORT BY KDPFABC. David L. Stokes 719-symp 9:45 am UNTANGLING THE INSEPARABLE LIFE OF AN ABC TRANSPORTER AND A POTASSIUM CHANNEL: TOWARDS UNDERSTANDING THE STRUCTURE FUNCTION RELATIONSHIP IN THE K ATP CHANNEL COMPLEX. Show-Ling Shyng

Marcia Levitus, Arizona State University, USA Christine Stephen, University of California, USA 728-plat 8:15 am

PROBING THE DAMAGE-SENSING MECHANISM(S) OF A DNA REPAIR HELICASE. Alice Troitskaia , Paras Gaur, Masayoshi Honda, Maria Spies, Yann R. Chemla


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