Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

740-plat Travel Award Winner RECAPITULATING PROTEIN VECTORIAL APPEARANCE ENHANCES FOLDING TO THE NATIVE STRUCTURE IN VITRO. Iker F. Soto Santarriaga , Patricia L. Clark 741-plat 9:30 am Travel Award Winner ELUCIDATING THE ROLE OF THE HSC70 CHAPERONE IN SNARE COMPLEX ASSEMBLY. Karishma Bhasne , Eugenia M. Clerico, Antonia Bogoian-Mullen, Lila M. Gierasch 742-plat 9:45 am FKPA ENHANCES OUTER MEMBRANE PROTEIN FOLDING USING AN EXTEN SIVE INTERACTION SURFACE. Taylor Devlin , Dagan C. Marx, Michaela A. Roskopf, Quenton R. Bubb, Ashlee M. Plummer, Karen G. Fleming 743-plat 10:00 am BAM FOLDS OMPS USING A BUDDING MECHANISM. Nicholas Noinaj , Runrun Wu Platform Optical Microscopy and Superresolution Imaging II 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6F Co-Chairs Leonel Malacrida, Hospital de Clínicas, Montevideo, Uruguay Lama Zeinab Zeaiter, Italian Institute of Technology, Italy 744-plat 8:15 am TACKLING THE PUZZLE OF PROTEIN REACTION-DIFFUSION INSIDE LIVING CELLS WITH SUB-5 NM LOCALIZATION. Yuhan Wang , Gopika Gopan, Martin 8:30 am INDIRECT CORRELATIVE LIGHT AND ELECTRON MICROSCOPY AN INTE GRATED RULE-BASED IMAGING APPROACH WITH ROBUST QUANTITATIVE CAPABILITIES. Heather L. Struckman , Rengasayee Veeraraghavan 746-plat 8:45 am IN SITU CHARACTERIZATION OF NANOPARTICLE PROTEIN CORONA USING REAL-TIME 3D SINGLE PARTICLE TRACKING. Xiaochen Tan , Shangguo Hou, Chen Zhang, Anastasia Niver, Alexis Johnson, Kevin D. Welsher 747-plat 9:00 am MULTI-HARMONIC SPECTRAL PHASOR ANALYSIS OF LAURDAN HYPERSPEC TRAL IMAGING ENABLES THE IN VIVO STUDY OF MEMBRANE DYNAMICS OF MULTIPLE MEMBRANE-BOUND ORGANELLES. Alexander Vallmitjana, Paola Lepanto, Florencia Irigoin, Leonel S. Malacrida 748-plat 9:15 am COMBINING OFF-AXIS DIGITAL HOLOGRAPHY WITH FLUORESCENCE FOR SIMULTANEOUS FLUORESCENCE AND QUANTITATIVE PHASE IMAGING. Lei Jin , Aaron Au, Ziyang Yu, Yuxi Xiao, Peter Serles, Wentian Tang, Jason Moffat, Tobin Filleter, Yu Sun, Christopher M. Yip 749-plat 9:30 am IMAGING OF INTERACTIONS OF BIOMOLECULES WITH NANOMATERIALS WITH INTERFEROMETRIC SCATTERING MICROSCOPY. Jenny Sülzle , Wayne Yang, Yuta Shimoda, Eveline S. Mayner, Michal Macha, Nathan Ronceray, Aleksandra Radenovic, Suliana Manley 750-plat 9:45 am SIMULTANEOUS SINGLE-PARTICLE TRACKING AND FLUORESCENCE LIFE TIME MEASUREMENT WITH A SINGLE-PHOTON DETECTOR ARRAY. Andrea Bucci , Eleonora Perego, Sabrina Zappone, Luca Bega, Eli Slenders, Giuseppe Vicidomini 9:15 am Gruebele 745-plat

729-plat 8:30 am URACIL-DNA GLYCOSYLASE EFFICIENCY IS MODULATED BY SUBSTRATE RIGIDITY. Souvik Poddar, Aerial M. Pratt, Paul B. Orndorff, Arjan van der Vaart, Wade D. Van Horn, Marcia Levitus 730-plat 8:45 am EXPLORING THE MECHANISMS BEHIND THE E. COLI PH-RESPONSIVE RIBOSWITCH. Christine N. Stephen , Tatiana V. Mishanina 731-plat 9:00 am RULES OF TRANSCRIPTIONAL BURSTING REVEALED BY ABSOLUTE QUANTIFICATION OF NASCENT RNA IN LIVING FLY EMBRYOS. Po-Ta Chen , Benjamin Zoller, Michal Levo, Thomas Gregor 732-plat 9:15 am MESOSCALE CHROMATIN ORGANIZATION IS REGULATED BY ACTIVE TRANSCRIPTION AND EPIGENETIC REGULATION. FNU Aayush Kant , Zixian Guo, Vivek B. Shenoy 733-plat 9:30 am Travel Award Winner THREE KINETICALLY DISTINCT BUT COMPATIBLE ROUTES OF RHO-DE PENDENT TERMINATION UNCOVERED BY SINGLE-MOLECULE TRAN SCRIPTION IMAGING. Eunho Song , Heesoo Uhm, Seungha Hwang, Palinda R. Munasingha, Yeon-Soo Seo, Jin Young Kang, Changwon Kang, Sungchul Hohng 734-plat 9:45 am FORCE AND DNA-BOUND PROTEINS BIAS TRANSCRIPTION OUTPUT FROM CONVERGING OR DIVERGING GENES. Jin Qian , Irina Artsimov itch, Yan Yan, Wenxuan Xu, Laura Finzi, David Dunlap 735-plat 10:00 am Travel Award Winner CRYO-EM VISUALIZATION OF STATE TRANSITION DURING NON-HOMOL OGOUS END-JOINING (NHEJ). Siyu Chen , Linda Lee, Tasmin Naila, Ryan McKeown, Susan Fishbain, Alex Vogt, Annie Wang, Alan E. Tomkinson, Susan P. Lees-Miller, Yuan He Platform Protein Stability, Folding, and Chaperones 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6E Co-Chairs Karishma Bhasne, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA Nicholas Noinaj, Purdue University, USA 736-plat 8:15 am ONCOGENIC MUTATIONS IN THE DNA-BINDING DOMAIN OF FOXO1 THAT DISRUPT FOLDING: QUANTITATIVE INSIGHTS FROM EXPERIMENTS AND MOLECULAR SIMULATION. Dylan Novack , Lei Qian, Gwyneth Acker, Vincent Voelz, Richard Baxter 737-plat 8:30 am Travel Award Winner OXIDATIVE STRESS REGULATES TALIN MECHANOSENSING. Marc Mora Hortal , Rafael Tapia-Rojo, Fani Panagaki, Tania Auchynnikava, Sergi Garcia-Manyes 738-plat 8:45 am EXTREMOPHILIC PROTEOME REFOLDABILITY STUDIES REVEAL DISTINCT BIOPHYSICAL STRATEGIES TO PROTECT PROTEIN STRUCTURE IN VIVO . Haley M. Moran , Marie Pearce, Matthew Isada, Ernesto Alvarez, Leeker Lin, Edgar Manriquez-Sandoval, Stephen D. Fried 739-plat 9:00 am MECHANISM OF PROTEIN STABILIZATION IN CROWDED SOLUTION AND PRESERVATION IN DESICCATED SUGAR GLASS. Gil I. Olgenblum



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