Biophysical Society Newsletter - August 2016





BJ Poster Award Honorees Each year, Biophysical Journal sponsors poster awards to deserving students and postdocs who present posters at the Biophysical Society thematic meetings. The winners each receive a certificate and a check for $250. Congratulations to the following individuals who presented outstanding posters at the Biophysical Society meeting Engineering Approaches to Biomo- lecular Motors: From in vitro to in vivo , which was held in June in Vancouver, Canada. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada Synthesis and Characterization of the Lawnmower: An Artificial Protein-based, Burnt-Bridges Molecular Motor Tom Zajdel University of California, Berkeley, CA Impedance-based Electrochemical Readout of Bacterial Flagellar Rotation Jasmine Nirody University of California, Berkeley, CA Dynamics of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor: Theoretical Model and Validation Postdoc awardee Aidan Brown Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada Maximizing Irreversibility and Minimizing Energy Dissipation for Simple Models of Mechanochemical Machines Student awardees Damiano Verardo Lund University, Sweden Chapin Korosec

Brain Biophysics: Check out the latest collection of articles from the Biophysical Journal This collection of articles, curated by Vasanthi Jayaraman , highlights research articles in the area of Brain Biophysics. The 12 articles show the use of diverse techniques such as computational, structural, spectroscopic and/or electrophysiology in investigating components of the neural systems involved in physiological and pathophysiological conditions. They address a wide range of research from gating at the channel level, exocytosis, and long-term potentiation, to conformational states of proteins involved in diseases such as Alzheim- er’s. Visit tions/ for this and other virtual issues of Biophysical Journal .

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