Biophysical Society Newsletter - August 2016





Networking Events

Spring 2016 Call for Networking Events Congratulations to all applicants who were selected to receive a BPS mini-grant from the BPS Member- ship Committee as a result of the spring 2016 Call for Networking Events. New and Renewing Networking Events Awarded Include: Southeastern Single-Molecule Biophysics Meeting September 2016, Helen, Georgia Biophysical Society Pennsylvania Network Meeting October 2016, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Midwest Regional Biophysics Networking Meeting Career Lifetimes: From Undergraduate Training to Principal Investigator October 2016, St. Paul, Minnesota Computational and Experimental Studies of Microtubules and Microtubules-based Motor Proteins December 2016, Mumbai, India Western Canada Biophysics Networking Meeting March 2017, Kelowna, BC, Canada Musical Notes at the Heart of Biophysics: Insights into the Cardiac Rhythms March 2017, Winston Salem, North Carolina Second Molecular Biophysics Symposium April 2017, Blacksburg, Virginia Each year, the Membership Committee provides mini-grant opportunities. If your application is se- lected for an award, BPS will provide each event up to $500 to help you host an event. Events are intended to promote interaction between different institutions and/or communities in a geographical area not served by the Annual Meeting. They typically take place in an area not currently well served by other opportunities for networking among biophysicists. For more information on each of these events, visit

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Since 2011, BPS has provided grants to support over 32 unique networking events held at locations all over the world.

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