Biophysical Society Newsletter | August 2017

Newsletter AUGUST 2017 Be a Pioneer: Set Up a Biophysical Society Student Chapter The Biophysical Society is excited to launch the BPS Student Chapter program. This program aims to build active student chapters around the globe, increase student membership and participation within the Society, and promote biophysics as a discipline across college campuses through activities organized by the chapters. Chapters may be formed within a single institution, or regional chapters may be developed between multiple, neighboring institutions. Chapters wishing to be recognized starting in the spring semester of 2018 must submit the Endorsement and Petition Form, Chapter Bylaws, and the Chapter Information Sheet to by November 1, 2017, for consideration. For more information and a complete list of instructions on forming an official BPS Student Chapter, please visit Networking Events Since 2011, Society members have hosted networking events bringing together local scientists to discuss various topics in biophysics. These events promote interactions between members and non-members interested in biophysics and the Society. This year, seven BPS-sponsored networking events have already taken place in the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Canada. Three more are planned to take place this fall: Biophysical Society Pennsylvania Regional Networking Meeting October 6, 2017, Hershey, Pennsylvania Biophysics Graduate Research and Networking Symposium October 23, 2017, Urbana, Illinois Biophysics for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BIOPHYS-Hub) November 16, 2017, Madrid, Spain For more information on each of these events, visit


International Relations Committee Meeting Support August 15, 2017 Grant Applications 62 nd BPS Annual Meeting February 17-21, 2018 October 2, 2017 Abstract Submission January 15, 2018 Early Registration 2018-2019 Congressional Fellowship December 15, 2017 Applications


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