Biophysical Society Newsletter - January 2015

Newsletter JANUARY 2015 2015 New & Notable Symposium Speakers Announced Seven speakers were selected for the 2015 New & Notable Symposium from over 100 nominations submitted by Society members. The speakers, listed below, will present their work in Baltimore during the Symposium on Sunday, February 8, at 10:45 am. The speakers of this year’s New and Notable symposium will present exciting new discoveries in biophysics, including X-ray and EM structures and mechanistic studies that address some of the most challenging questions today.


59 th Annual Meeting

February 7-11, 2015 Baltimore, Maryland

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Liskin Swint-Kruse , The University of Kansas Medical Center Rheostats and Toggle Switches for Modifying Protein Function Janine Brunner , University of Zurich, Switzerland The Principles of Lipid Scrambling: Structural Insights from a TMEM16 Family Member Aleksandr Noy , Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Transport Through Carbon Nanotube Porins in Lipid Membranes

Gaya Amarasinghe , Washington University in St. Louis Mechanisms of Ebola Virus Immune Evasion

Frank DiMaio , University of Washington A Virus that Infects a Hyperthermophile Encapsid- ates A-¬Form DNA Michelle Wang , Cornell University Single Molecule Mechanics — Towards High Throughput

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Katharina Duerr , Oregon Health and Science University Mechanisms of AMPA Receptor Activa- tion and Desensitization Investigated by X-Ray Crystallography, DEER and Cryo-electron Microscopy


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