Biophysical Society Newsletter | May 2017

Newsletter MAY 2017 Biophysics Week 2017 in the Books Forty-three events. More than 82,000 people reached via social media. Three webinars. Eight new profiles. Spanish language lesson plans. Guidelines for starting an undergraduate biophysics program. A congressional briefing with Nobel Laureate Peter Agre . That was Biophysics Week 2017. Thanks to everyone who participated and made it a success! You know all the amazing things that biophysicists do, and the week was a chance to share tham with others. The Society released several new resources, mentioned above, during the week, and we encourage you to use and share them throughout the year. They can be found on the Society website under Education/Biophysics Week. Save the date for Biophysics Week 2018: March 12–16, 2018!


Meetings 2017 Conformational Ensembles from Experimental Data and Computer Simulations August 25–29 Berlin, Germany May 22 Late Abstract Submission Emerging Concepts in Ion Channel Biophysics October 10–13 Mexico City, Mexico May 26 Abstract Submission June 23 Early Registration

Universities in, left to right, Bridgewater, Massachusetts; Bogota, Columbia; and La Laguna, Spain, held Biophysics Week activities.

Creating a library to define biophysics

The Biophysical Society and IOP Publishing form new partnership to create ebooks program for the biophysics community.

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