Biophysical Society Newsletter | September 2017





BPS Student Poster Awards at EBSA 2017 The Biophysical Society (BPS) again supported the European Biophysical Societies Association (EBSA) conference, which was held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, July 16–20, by sponsoring a student poster competition. This was the fifth EBSA meeting at which BPS sponsored this competition. The 2017 EBSA conference was held jointly with the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB). Over 80 students applied for the BPS awards. The 12 students selected, listed below, represent the breadth and diver- sity of biophysics. But, most importantly, they represent the future strength of the field. The Society is indebted to the work of the selection committee: Daumantas Matulis , chair, Mibel Aguilar , Paolo Bianchini , Tharin Blumenschein , Felix Goñi , Robin Maytum , Manuel Prieto , Catherine Royer , and Ilpo Vattulainen . The twelve winners each received a $500 travel award and a complimentary membership to the Biophysical Society. Amy Beedle Kings College London, United Kingdom Tailoring Protein Nanomechanics with Chemical Reactivity Madlen Luckner Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany Influenza Virus vRNPs: Quantitative Investigations via Fluorescence Cross- correlation Spectroscopy

Sara Mattana University of Perugia, Italy

Lukas Braun ETH Zurich, Switzerland Multi-scale Simulations of Focal Adhesion Kinase at PIP Containing Membranes

Brillouin Microspectroscopy and Raman Analysis for the Study of Amyloid Plaques in Transgenic Mouse

Oleg Mikhajlov Institut Curie, France Mechanosensing and Dynamics of Cell Filopodia

Amira El Merhie Italian Institute of Technology CHO Cells on Uniform and Patterned SLG: Adhesion and Proliferation

Jonas Mücksch Max Planck Institute, Germany Quantification of Surface Binding by Wide-field Total Internal Reflection FCS

Alberto Hidalgo Complutense University, Spain Pulmonary Surfactant and Drug Delivery: Sharing an Interfacial Trip

The majority of articles submitted to Biophysical Journal are from authors outside of the United States —58% compared with 42% from authors in the United States. Numbers By the

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