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Newsletter MAY 2014


TheBiophysical Society is proud to an- nounce that itwill be sponsoring its first BPSCongressional Science Fellowship, in conjunctionwith theAAAS, in2015. Public policy increasingly impacts scien- tific research, andbasic science literacy is increasinglyneeded todevelop responsible policy. The goal of theBPSCongressional Science Fellowship is toprovide a bridge between scientists andpolicymakers. The Fellowship is anopportunity for biophysi- cists, who come from a broad range of dis- ciplines, to gain an insider’s understanding of howpolicies aremade and implemented while, at the same time, giving them the opportunity toprovide their knowledge and skills to thosemaking policies. Applicationswill be acceptedbeginning July 1, 2014, with a deadline ofOctober 14, 2014. The term for the first fellowship will beginSeptember 2015 and end August 2016. TheBPSFellowship is open toBiophysical Societymemberswhohold a PhD, at any stage of their careers, and areUS citizens. BPSCongressional Science Fellowship

Thematic Meetings ModelingofBiomolecular Systems Interactions, Dynamics, andAllostery September10–14, 2014 Istanbul, Turkey May 5 AbstractSubmission June16 EarlyRegistration SignificanceofKnotted Structures for Functionof ProteinsandNucleicAcids September17–21, 2014 Warsaw, Poland May 12 AbstractSubmission June23 EarlyRegistration DisorderedMotifsand Domains inCellControl October 11–15, 2014 Dublin, Ireland June2 AbstractSubmission July 11 EarlyRegistration Biophysics: ChangingOur WorldContest June15 SubmissionDeadline

The Fellowship terms are full-time for 12 months, fromSeptember throughAugust, with amandatory two-weekorientation in August conductedby theAAAS. TheBPS Fellowwill receive a stipend, a relocation allowance, and funds toward travel and health insurance premiums. In addition, the Fellowparticipates in a yearlong seminar series on issues involving, science, technol- ogy, andpublic policy. For a complete descriptionof the fellow- ship, including requirements, application, and selectionprocess, visit sOpportunities/Fellowship/tabid/5482/ Default.aspx.

Biophysics: ChangingOurWorld Enter the contest towin$1,000.

Doyouknowofabiophysicsdiscovery that changed theworld for the better? One that led toanew technology, newdiagnostic tool, medical application, ornew industry?Seepage11 fordetailsonhow to submit yourentry.


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