Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1282-pos Board B411 STRETCH-ACTIVATED NUCLEAR YAP LOCALIZATION IN CARDIOMYO CYTES. Miguel Sanchez-Lozano , Orlando Chirikian, Kerry V. Lane, Liam P. Dow, Erica A. Castillo, Beth Pruitt 1283-pos Board B412 Travel Award Winner EXAMINING CROSSTALK BETWEEN CD44 AND INTEGRINS AND ITS EFFECTS ON CELL MIGRATION AND TRACTION FORCE IN GLIOBLASTO MA. Marcus D. Kelly 1284-pos Board B413 PIEZO1 REGULATES LEADER CELL FORMATION AND CELLULAR COORDI NATION DURING COLLECTIVE CELL MIGRATION: AN INTEGRATIVE MULTI SCALE MODELING AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDY. Jesse Holt , Jinghao Chen, Elizabeth Evans, John Lowengrub, Medha M. Pathak 1285-pos Board B414 MECHANICAL REGULATION OF VINCULIN CONFORMATIONS AND INTER ACTIONS. Xuyao Liu , Yinan Wang, Mingxi Yao, Ben Goult, Nicholas H. Brown, Jie Yan 1286-pos Board B415 STRUCTURAL CHARACTERIZATION OF MINI-PCDH15 PROTEINS FOR USHER SYNDROME TYPE 1F THERAPY. Pedro De-la-Torre , Joseph Brower, Yoshie Narui, Haosheng Wen, Maryna Ivanchenko, David P. Corey, Marcos Sotomayor, Artur A. Indzhykulian 1287-pos Board B416 INVESTIGATING OBSCURIN’S MODULATION THROUGH THE RHOA PATH WAY. Quinn C. Harkrider , Kamrin D. Shultz, Nathan T. Wright 1288-pos Board B417 LONG-TERM REAL-TIME MONITORING OF CELL MIGRATION UNDER Β-AMYLOID TREATMENT. Yuhang Xie , Xin-Yu Shen, Kele Chen, Cheng Yang, Ru-Jia Yu, Feng Yan, Yi-Lun Ying 1289-pos Board B418 VIMENTIN INTERMEDIATE FILAMENTS ENHANCES COLLECTIVE CELL MIGRATION THROUGH 3D EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX NETWORKS. Minh Tri Ho Thanh , Alison Patteson 1290-pos Board B419 INVESTIGATING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CYTOTOXIC T LYMPHOCYTE MECHANICAL OUTPUT AND METABOLISM. Yung Yu Wong , Miguel de Jesus, Morgan Huse, Santosha Vardhana 1291-pos Board B420 SULFOLOBUS ACIDOCALDARIUS ADHESION PILI POWER TWITCHING MOTILITY IN THE ABSENCE OF A DEDICATED RETRACTION ATPASE. Arthur Charles-Orszag , Marleen van Wolferen, Samuel J. Lord, Sonja-Verena Albers, Dyche Mullins 1292-pos Board B421 DISRUPTING BACTERIAL CYTOSKELETAL PROTEIN INTERACTION PART NERS MODULATES GEOMETRIC LOCALIZATION AND ALTERS CELL SHAPE. Benjamin P. Bratton 1293-pos Board B422 MECHANICAL STABILIZATION OF A BACTERIAL ADHESION COM PLEX. Wenmao Huang , Jie Yan 1294-pos Board B423 MODELING CELLULAR ADHESION. Clemence Rausa , Benjamin Yeoman, Gudur Ashrith Reddy, Adam J. Engler, Parag Katira 1295-pos Board B424 ACTIVATED EGFR-ΑVΒ3 INTERACTIONS DIRECTLY DRIVE INTEGRIN-MEDI ATED CELL MECHANICS. Tejeshwar C. Rao , Monica Patel, Reena R. Beggs, Rong Ma, Khalid Salaita, Alexa L. Mattheyses

1269-pos Board B398 MEASUREMENTS AND SIMULATIONS OF LIGHT-ACTIVATED MAT TER. Catherine Ji , Ana I. Duarte, Soichi Hirokawa, Victor Gomez, Heun J. Lee, Rob Phillips 1270-pos Board B399 SELF-ORGANIZATION OF THE MICROTUBULE CYTOSKELETON IN DE VELOPING AXONS. Erin M. Craig , Calvin Sprouse, Christopher Manry, Dominic Horne, Roy Cruz Jr., Bridie Eckel, Peter W. Baas 1271-pos Board B400 REARRANGEMENT OF GUV-CONFINED ACTIN NETWORKS IN RESPONSE TO MICROPIPETTE ASPIRATION. Nadab Wubshet 1272-pos Board B401 LIQUID-LIKE ASSEMBLY OF VASP CATALYZES ACTIN POLYMERIZATION AND BUNDLING. Kristin Graham , Aravind Chandrasekaran, Liping Wang, Aly Ladak, Eileen M. Lafer, Padmini Rangamani, Jeanne C. Stachowiak 1273-pos Board B402 SHELLS, RINGS, AND NETWORKS - DETERMINANTS OF ACTIN CONFIGU RATION CONFINED WITHIN VASP DROPLETS. Aravind Chandrasekaran , Kristin Graham, Liping Wang, Aly Ladak, Eileen M. Lafer, Jeanne C. Sta chowiak, Padmini Rangamani 1274-pos Board B403 CONTRACTILE ACTIN FLOWS DRIVE PATTERNING OF MEMBRANE COM PONENTS WITH DIFFERENTIAL ACTIN-BINDING AFFINITIES. Abrar A. Bhat , Amit Das, Darius V. Koester, Madan Rao, Satyajit Mayor 1275-pos Board B404 MECHANICALLY INDUCED CONFORMATIONAL TRANSITION OF SPECTRIN IN THE MAMMALIAN CELL CORTEX. Andrea Ghisleni , Mayte Bonil la-Quintana, Michele Crestani, Padmini Rangamani, Nils C. Gauthier 1276-pos Board B405 APICAL CONSTRICTION DURING EMBRYOGENESIS IS DRIVEN BY SELF ASSEMBLED ACTOMYOSIN NETWORKS THAT SPONTANEOUSLY DE VELOP RADIAL POLARITY AND PULSING. Hongkang Zhu , Tianyi Zhu, Ben O’Shaughnessy 1277-pos Board B406 MODELING CONTRACTILITY KIT-MEDIATED CYTOSKELETAL NETWORK ASSEMBLY. Alma I. Plaza-Rodriguez , Ly T.S. Nguyen, Douglas N. Robinson, Pablo A. Iglesias 1278-pos Board B407 PREDICTING PHENOTYPE TO MECHANOTYPE RELATIONSHIP IN CELLS BASED ON INTRACELLULAR SIGNALING NETWORKS. Esra Tiftik Cell Mechanics, Mechanosensing, and Motility I (Boards B408 - B438) 1279-pos Board B408 Travel Award Winner THE ANDROGEN RECEPTOR AS A POTENTIAL REGULATOR OF PROSTATE CANCER CONTRACTILITY. Clayton W. Molter , Imen Ben Aissa, Allen J. Board B409 CHARACTERIZATION OF INTEGRIN TENSION DURING CHEMOTAXIS OF METASTATIC CANCER CELLS IN CONFINEMENT. Byoung Choul Kim 1281-pos Board B410 SURVIVIN REGULATES INTRACELLULAR STIFFNESS AND EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX PRODUCTION IN VASCULAR SMOOTH MUSCLE CELLS. Amanda Krajnik, Erik Nimmer, Andra Sullivan, Joseph A. Brazzo, Alanna Krug, John Kolega, Su-Jin Heo, Kwonmoo Lee, Brian R. Weil, Deok-Ho Kim, Yongho Bae Ehrlicher 1280-pos



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