Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Modeling of Biological Systems I: Synthesis and Design (Boards B439 - B449) 1310-pos Board B439 QUANTIFYING THE INTERACTIONS OF MICELLAR DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM COMPONENTS WITH ALBUMIN USING TIME-RESOLVED FLUORESCENT METHODS. Iulia Carabadjac , Leonie C. Vormittag, Thomas Muszer, Maxi milian Ulbrich, Jakob Wuth, Heiko Heerklotz 1311-pos Board B440 SPECIFICITY, COOPERATIVITY, SYNERGY, AND MECHANISMS OF SPLICE MODIFYING DRUGS. Yuma Ishigami, Mandy S. Wong, Carlos M.G. Alda ravi, Mahdi Kooshkbaghi, Andalus Ayaz, David M. McCandlish, Adrian R. Krainer, Justin B. Kinney 1312-pos Board B441 UNRAVELING CONTEXT-SPECIFIC MECHANISMS GOVERNING CALCIUM YAP/TAZ DISTINCT RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH COMPUTATIONAL MODEL ING. Ali Khalilimeybodi , Stephanie I. Fraley, Padmini Rangamani 1313-pos Board B442 KINETIC MODELLING OF LIGAND TRAPPING INSIDE ACIDIC VESICLES CON TAINING ALPHA-4 BETA-2 NICOTINIC RECEPTORS AS AN EXPLANATION FOR LONG-TERM CESSATION EFFECT OF VARENICLINE (CHANTIX). Xinyue Liang , Philip Jordache, William Greem, Esmael J. Haddadian 1314-pos Board B443 MAXIMIZING BIOLOGICAL DISCOVERY THROUGH GLOBAL COMPUTA TIONAL ANALYSES OF UNBIASED APEX BIOTINYLATION DATA ON CHEMO KINE RECEPTORS. Alexis Lona , Tracy Handel, Irina Kufareva 1315-pos Board B444 CONTACT MAP DEPENDENCE OF A T-CELL RECEPTOR BINDING REPER TOIRE. Kevin Ng Chau , Jason T. George, José N. Onuchic, Xingcheng Lin, Herbert Levine 1316-pos Board B445 REACTION-DIFFUSION MODEL OF RHO-GTPASE SIGNALING QUANTITA TIVELY REPRODUCES DIFFERENT TYPES OF COMPLEX ACTIN DYNAM ICS. Siarhei Hladyshau , Mary Kho, Shuyi Nie, Denis Tsygankov 1317-pos Board B446 EXPERIMENTAL METHODS AND MATHEMATICAL MODELING QUANTIFY AND PREDICT DUSP1 RNA EXPRESSION DYNAMICS IN RESPONSE TO DEXAMETHASONE. Eric M. Ron , Linda S. Forero Quintero, Luis U. Agu ilera, Joshua Cook, Brian Munsky 1318-pos Board B447 Travel Award Winner ANALYSIS OF ROBUSTNESS OF OSCILLATIONS IN MODELS OF THE MAM MALIAN CIRCADIAN CLOCK. Xiangyu Yao , Jing Chen, John J. Tyson, Benjamin Heidebrecht 1319-pos Board B448 THERMORESPONSIVE ARTIFICIAL CELLS. Maivizhi Thiyagaraja , Irep Gözen 1320-pos Board B449 BIFURCATION AND MULTISTABILITY IN THREE-GENE-DRIVEN NETWORK MODELS. Rebecca J. Rousseau , Rob Phillips Imaging in Systems and Synthetic Biology (Boards B450 - B458) 1321-pos Board B450 A NOVEL LIPOSOMAL CELLULAR MODEL, COMPLEXED WITH EXTRACEL LULAR MATRIX. Huong Thanh Nguyen, Sungwoo Jeong, Albertus Ivan Brilian, Tror Seangly, Keel Yong Lee, Kwanwoo Shin

1296-pos Board B425 RTK-INTEGRIN INTERACTIONS UNIVERSALLY MODULATE ΑVΒ3 INTEGRIN MEDIATED CELL ADHESION. Tejeshwar C. Rao, Monica D. Patel , Reena R. Beggs, Rong Ma, Khalid Salaita, Alexa L. Mattheyses 1297-pos Board B426 Travel Award Winner SUBSTRATE STIFFNESS REGULATES FOCAL ADHESION KINASE ALTERNA TIVE SPLICING IN BREAST CANCER. Martial Millet , Emilie Pic, Carole Luthold, Gaelle Bourriquen, Gabriel Khelifi, Samer Hussein, Francois Board B427 ANALYSIS OF THE MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF COLLECTIVE SKEL ETAL MUSCLE CELL MIGRATION UPON THE BIOCHEMICAL ENVIRONMENT OF INJURED MUSCLE. Tae Yoon Kwon , Hyuntae Jeong, Youngbin Cho, Jennifer H. Shin 1299-pos Board B428 ON MULTISTABILITY AND CONSTITUTIVE RELATIONS OF CELL MOTION ON FIBRONECTIN LANES. Martin Falcke , Behnam Amiri, Johannes Heyn, Christoph Schreiber, Joachim O. Rädler 1300-pos Board B429 COMPRESSION FORCE INDUCES TRANSIENT ACTOMYOSIN ACTIVATION AND COMPRESSION-TIME DEPENDENT STIFFENING IN CELLS. Giulia E.M. Ammirati , Michele Nava, Krishna Chaitanya Kasuba, Nico Strohmeyer, Jonne Helenius, Daniel Müller 1301-pos Board B430 CONTRACTILE ACTOMYOSIN CABLES AND PULLING FORCES FROM ADJA CENT TISSUE COOPERATE TO DRIVE DROSOPHILA GERM-BAND EXTEN SION. Tianyi Zhu , Hongkang Zhu, Ben O’Shaughnessy 1302-pos Board B431 NEUTROPHILS EXHIBIT DISTINCT MIGRATION PHENOTYPES THAT ARE MODULATED BY TRANSENDOTHELIAL MIGRATION. Amy B. Schwartz , Adithan Kandasamy, Yi-Ting Yeh, Juan Carlos del Alamo 1303-pos Board B432 LATERAL CONFINED GROWTH OF CELLS ACTIVATES LEF1 DEPENDENT PATHWAYS TO REGULATE CELL-STATE TRANSITIONS. Luezhen Yuan , Bib has Roy, Caroline Uhler, Shivashankar G.V. 1304-pos Board B433 Travel Award Winner THE MECHANICAL REGULATION OF EPH/EPHRIN SIGNALING IN THE DE VELOPING BRAIN. Jana Sipkova , Sudipta Mukherjee, Kristian Franze 1305-pos Board B434 Travel Award Winner DO CELL MEMBRANES SUPPORT OR RESIST TENSION PROPAGA TION? Henry De Belly, Shannon Yan , Hudson Borja da Rocha, Sacha Ichbiah, Jason P. Town, Hervé Turlier, Carlos Bustamante, Orion Weiner 1306-pos Board B435 HUNTINGTIN POLYGLUTAMINE EXPANSIONS IMPAIR THE TRANSPORT OF SIGNALLING AND DEGRADATIVE CARGOES. Emily N.P. Prowse , Brooke A. Turkalj, Adam G. Hendricks 1307-pos Board B436 KINESIN VESICULAR TRANSPORT THROUGH 2D AND 3D MICROTUBULE INTERSECTIONS. Brandon M. Bensel , Samantha B. Previs, Carol S. Book walter, SamWalcott, Kathleen M. Trybus, David M. Warshaw 1308-pos Board B437 IMPACT OF CELL-SIZED CONFINEMENT ON PARTICLE TRANSPORT WITHIN A MOTOR-DRIVEN CYTOSKELETAL NETWORK. Mehdi Shafiei Aporvari , Ryan McGorty, Rae Robertson-Anderson 1309-pos Board B438 MODELING STUDY OF THE IMPACT OF ACTOMYOSIN CONTRACTILITY ON CELL PROLIFERATION IN THE DROSOPHILA WING IMAGINAL DISC. Jennifer Rangel Ambriz , Nilay Kumar, Kevin Tsai, Mayesha S. Mim, Weitao Chen, Jeremiah J. Zartman, Mark Alber Bordeleau 1298-pos



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