Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Platform Voltage-Gated Na and Ca Channels 10:45 am - 12:45 pm, Room 6F

1491-Plat 11:45 am ISOLATING THE EFFECT OF NUCLEOSOME MODIFICATION DRIVEN PHASE SEPARATION ON CHROMATIN ORGANIZATION. Advait Athreya , Shuming Liu, Sangwoo Park, Taekjip Ha, Bin Zhang 1492-Plat 12:00 pm INVESTIGATING HUMAN CHROMOSOME ORGANIZATION BY WHOLE-GE NOME SIMULATIONS. Matheus F. Mello , Esteban Dodero-Rojas, Antonio B. Oliveira Jr, Vinicius Contessoto, José N. Onuchic 1493-Plat 12:15 pm INVESTIGATING THE BIOPHYSICAL MECHANISMS REGULATING TRAN SCRIPTION IN STARVED ESCHERICHIA COLI VIA SINGLE-MOLECULE TRACK ING. Lauren A. McCarthy , David E.H. Fuller, Xiaofeng Dai, Vyom Grover, Lindsey E. Way, Xindan Wang, Julie Biteen 1494-Plat 12:30 pm CORRELATIVE VISIBLE LIGHT AND SOFT X-RAY TOMOGRAPHY OF IN-SITU MESOSCALE HETEROCHROMATIN ORGANIZATION. Rajshikhar Gupta , Luezhen Yuan, Yagyik Goswami, Bibhas Roy, Eva Pereiro, G.V. Shivashankar Platform Protein Structure and Conformation III 10:45 am - 12:45 pm, Room 6E Co-Chairs Maximilian Carl Zinke, Institut Pasteur Paris, France Zhicheng Cui, University of California, Berkeley, USA 1495-Plat 10:45 am INSIGHTS INTO THE MECHANISM OF THE BACTERIAL, PERIPLASM SPANNING TRANSPORTER SYSTEM ‘TON’. Maximilian Carl Zinke , Maylis Lejeune, Benjamin Bardiaux, Michael Nilges, Nadia Izadi Pruneyre 1496-Plat 11:00 am SECONDARY STRUCTURE AND STABILITY OF A GEL-FORMING TARDI GRADE DESICCATION-TOLERANCE PROTEIN. Jonathan E. Eicher , Julia A. Noonan Brom, Shikun Wang, Sergei Sheiko, Joanna Atkin, Gary J. Pielak 1497-Plat 11:15 am ALTERNATE CONFORMATIONAL STATES OF THE HIV-1 CAPSID PROTEIN: ATOMISTIC STRUCTURES AND DYNAMICS OF INTERCONVERSION. Darian T. Yang , Angela M. Gronenborn, Lillian T. Chong 1498-Plat 11:30 am NOVEL INSIGHTS INTO THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF DENGUE VIRUS NS1 PROTEIN. Jack M. Copping , Peter J. Bond, Jane Allsion 1499-Plat 11:45 am Travel Award Winner STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR MTORC1-DEPENDENT REGULATION OF THE LYSOSOMAL AND AUTOPHAGIC TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR EB. Zhicheng Cui , James H. Hurley 1500-Plat 12:00 pm THE ATPASE CYCLE OF THE AAA-ATPASE PROTEIN TRANSPORTER BCS1 IS HIGHLY CONCERTED. Yangang Pan , Jingyu Zhan, Di Xia, Simon Scheuring 1501-Plat 12:15 pm PROTEIN PROTIC AND APROTIC INTERACTIONS SYSTEMATICALLY MAPPED VIA IR SPECTROSCOPY AND POLARIZABLE MOLECULAR DYNAMICS. Jacob M. Kirsh , Jacek Kozuch, Jared B. Weaver, Steven G. Boxer 1502-Plat 12:30 pm MARCUS-LIKE TRANSLOCATION KINETICS OF A KNOTTED PROTEIN. Prabhat Tripathi , Behzad Mehrafrooz, Aleksei Aksimentiev, Sophie E. Jackson, Meni Wanunu


Co-Chairs Ivy Dick, University of Maryland, USA Antonios Pantazis, Linköping University, Sweden 1503-Plat 10:45 am


COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN OF PEPTIDES TO TARGET NA V 1.7 CHANNEL WITH HIGH POTENCY AND SELECTIVITY FOR THE TREATMENT OF PAIN. Phuong T. Nguyen , Hai M. Nguyen, Karen M. Wagner, Robert Stewart, Vikrant Singh, Parashar Thapa, Anh Tuan Ton, Richard P. Kondo, Andre Ghetti, Michael W. Pennington, Bruce Hammock, Theanne N. Griffith, Jon T. Sack, Heike Wulff, Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy 1504-Plat 11:00 am A LEAKY INACTIVATED STATE IN NAV1.4 CREATED BY MUTATING HY DROPHOBIC RESIDUES IN DIII, DIV S6 SEGMENTS. Yichen Liu , Francisco Bezanilla 1505-Plat 11:15 am SELECTIVITY THROUGH ION MODULATED CHANGES IN PKA VALUES. Ada Y. Chen, Bernard R. Brooks, Ana Damjanovic 1506-Plat 11:30 am Travel Award Winner NANOSCALE REMODELING OF SODIUM CHANNELS IN THE CARDIAC TRANSVERSE TUBULES CONTRIBUTES TO ABERRANT CALCIUM RELEASE IN A SCN1A HAPLOINSUFFICIENT MOUSE. David R. King , Mustafa Demir tas, Mikhail Tarasov, Xiaolei Meng, Heather Struckman, Dennison Min, DrewM. Nassal, Thomas J. Hund, Rengasayee Veeraraghavan, Przemys law Radwanski 1507-Plat 11:45 am Travel Award Winner INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELL-DERIVED CARDIOMYOCYTES EN ABLE THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW THERAPEUTIC STRATEGIES FOR THE TREATMENT OF LQT8. Daiana C.O. Vieira , Josiah O. Owoyemi, Deborah DiSilvestre, Schuyler Brown, Ivy E. Dick 1508-Plat 12:00 pm FACEPALM: PROBING DYNAMIC S-PALMITOYLATION OF CAV CHANNEL COMPLEXES USING ENGINEERED DEPALMITOYLASES. Srinidhi Jayaraman , Thy-Lan Alacay, Pedro J. del Rivero Morfin, Audrey Lauris Kochiss, Manu Ben-Johny 1509-Plat 12:15 pm GΒΓ INDUCES RELUCTANT VSD-I ACTIVATION IN CA V 2.2 (N-TYPE) VOLTAGE-GATED CALCIUM CHANNELS. Michelle Nilsson , Kaiqian Wang, Teresa Minguez Vinas, Stina Berglund, Antonios Pantazis 1510-Plat 12:30 pm THE COUPLING BETWEEN CALCIUM CHANNEL ACTIVITY/CALCIUM OSCILLATION AND NEURITOGENESIS IN CORTICAL NEURONS. Jinli Geng , Xiaodong Liu Platform Protein Structure, Prediction, and Design 10:45 am - 12:45 pm, Room 5AB Co-Chairs Peter Freddolino, University of Michigan, USA Xinru Wang, University of Washington, USA 1511-Plat 10:45 am COMPUTATIONAL MUTATION PREDICTION TO ENHANCE OR RECOVER ENZYMATIC ACTIVITY. Gerardo A. Cisneros 1512-Plat 11:00 am DEEP-LEARNING GENERATIVE MODELS ENABLE DESIGN OF SYNTHETIC ORTHOLOGS OF A SIGNALING PROTEIN. Xinran Lian , Niksa Praljak, An drew L. Ferguson, Rama Ranganathan



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