Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1513-Plat 11:15 am DESIGN OF CONCATENATED ION CHANNELS USING ALPHAFOLD2: A NEW ERA? Zheng Chen , Kristen K. Skarratt, Stephen Fuller, KamWa Lam, Thomas Balle 1514-Plat 11:30 am HIGH THROUGHPUT STRUCTURE-GUIDED FUNCTIONAL ANNOTATION OF MICROBIAL PROTEOMES. Peter L. Freddolino , Eric Bell, Jacob Schwartz, Manasa Yadavalli, Catherine Barnier 1515-Plat 11:45 am DE NOVO DESIGN OF BMP MIMICS. Xinru Wang , Jordi M. Guillem, David Lee, Andrew Hinck, Roman Beth, David Baker 1516-Plat 12:00 pm STABILIZED SARS-COV-2 SPIKE S2 IMMUNOGENS DESIGNED USING INSIGHTS FROM ENHANCED SAMPLING MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULA TIONS. Xandra Nuqui , Lorenzo Casalino, Mohamed Shehata, Anupam A. Ojha, Fiona L. Kearns, Mia Rosenfeld, Jason S. McLellan, Rommie E. Amaro 1517-Plat 12:15 pm AB INITIO PREDICTION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF MEMBRANE BIND ING OF HIV-1 BROADLY NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODIES BY MULTI-SCALE SIMULATIONS. Colleen Maillie , Jay Golden, AndrewWard, Marco Mravic 1518-Plat 12:30 pm USING TURNOVER DYNAMICS TO REDESIGN KARI FOR IMPROVED CATA LYTIC ACTIVITY. Elijah Karvelis , Bruce Tidor Platform Intrinsically Disordered Proteins II 10:45 am - 12:45 pm, Room 11AB Co-Chairs Anthony Fitzpatrick, Columbia University, USA Dinesh Sundaravadivelu Devarajan, Texas A&M University, USA 1519-Plat 10:45 am Travel Award Winner PHOTO-INDUCED ELECTRON TRANSFER BETWEEN TRYPTOPHAN AND CYSTEINE: PH DEPENDENCE. Crystal F. Ottoway , Lillian Otteson, Gerdenis Kodis, Sara M. Vaiana 1520-Plat 11:00 am DYNAMICS AND RHEOLOGY OF POLYAMPHOLYTE CONDENSATES. Dinesh Sundaravadivelu Devarajan , Youngchan Kim, Jeetain Mittal 1521-Plat 11:15 am DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS BETWEEN ALPHA-SYNUCLEIN AND CURVED MEMBRANE SURFACES. David H. Johnson , Wade F. Zeno 1522-Plat 11:30 am Travel Award Winner CRYO-EM STRUCTURES OF THE D290V VARIANT OF THE HNRNPA2 LOW COMPLEXITY DOMAIN REVEAL THE MECHANISM OF ITS PATHOGENICITY. Jiahui Lu 1523-Plat 11:45 am STABILIZATION OF SMALL AΒ OLIGOMERS IN SDS MICELLES. Fidha Nazreen Kunnath Muhammedkutty , Ramesh Prasad, Yuan Gao, Alicia S. Robang, Jens O. Watzlawik, Terrone Rosenberry, Anant K. Paravastu, Huan-Xiang Zhou 1524-Plat 12:00 pm Travel Award Winner CHAIN LENGTH AND amINO ACID COMPOSITION DEPENDENCE OF COIL GLOBULE TRANSITION IN INTRINSICALLY DISORDERED PROTEINS. Lipika Baidya , Kurt Kremer, Govardhan Reddy Patluri 1525-Plat 12:15 pm HOMOTYPIC FIBRILLIZATION OF TMEM106B ACROSS DIVERSE NEURODE

GENERATIVE DISEASES. Anthony W. Fitzpatrick 1526-Plat 12:30 pm PERTURBING THE CONFORMATION OF DIABETES-ASSOCIATED OLIGO MERS USING MOLECULAR FOLDAMERS. Bryan A. Bogin , Zachary A. Levine Career Development Center Workshop How and When to Say Yes or No to Opportunities 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Room 16B We are often faced with multiple opportunities- should we pursue this job, that fellowship, or this collab? But how do you decide what oppor tunities to go for? And how do you figure out when you should say no, not now, or never ever? In this session, you will learn a process to decide when and how to say yes or no to opportunities and we will discuss how to leverage every opportunity, including the opportunity to say yes or no, into something of value for you and your team, project, and community. Electrophysiological Characterization of Cardiac Myocytes Using Soph ion Bioscience’s Automated Patch Clamp Systems and the Intracellular Side of Axxam Electrophysiology Successful ion channel drug discovery requires the integration of multiple technologies and workflows. Sophion Bioscience is a leader in automated patch clamp technology, providing low, medium and high throughput patch clamp systems to the drug discovery industry and academia. The QPatch and Qube are fully automated patch clamp systems, executing simultaneous 16, 48 or 384 parallel patch clamp recordings in conjunc tion with computer controlled liquid handling and on-board cell handling. The QPatch Compact is a manual patch clamp system that can execute individual or simultaneous 8 patch clamp recordings. Sophion provides customers with robust, ion channel and electrophysiological workflows for drug development of ion channel targets. During this workshop, industry speakers will provide insight into the use of these systems in the drug discovery process. Dr Daniel Sauter will present automated patch clamp data to show the electrophysiological characterization of cardiac myocytes using automated patch clamp on Sophion Bioscience systems. Dr Manuel Paina will present data on the use of Sophion to research intracellular ion channel targets. Speakers Daniel Sauter, Scientific Sales Manager, Sophion Bioscience A/S Manuel Paina, Organellar Electrophysiology Supervisor, Axxam S.p.A Founding, Establishing, and Maintaining a Research Laboratory at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm, Room 7AB Get guidance on founding, establishing, and maintaining a research laboratory at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions. Panelists are faculty members at PUI’s who have been successful in their positions and will share their experiences and answer your questions. Exhibitor Presentation Sophion Bioscience A/S 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Room 9





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