Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1579-Plat 5:30 pm CONTACT-FREE HIGH-THROUGHPUT MEASUREMENTS OF LIVING CELL MECHANICS USING QUANTITATIVE ACOUSTOPHORESIS. Vadim Bogatyr , Andreas S. Biebricher, Giulia Bergamaschi, Erwin J.G. Peterman, Gijs J.L. Wuite 1580-Plat 5:45 pm Travel Award Winner STUDY OF CELL-CELL ADHESION FORMATION AND DYNAMICS IN CANCER CELLS USING A HYBRID CELL - LIPID BILAYER SYSTEM. Sayantika Ghosh , Darius V. Koester Dinner Meet-Ups 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Lobby BC/Society Booth Interested in making new acquaintances and experiencing the cuisine of San Diego? Meet at the Society Booth each evening Sunday through Tuesday at 6:00 pm, where a BPS member will coordinate dinner at a local restaurant. Publications Committee Meeting 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Hilton, Indigo 202 Workshop Computational Modeling of Binding Thermodynamics 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm, Room 6C Chair Carol Post, Purdue University, USA 1581-Wkshp 7:30 pm PROTEIN-LIGAND BINDING WITH MARTINI 3. Siewert Marrink 1582-Wkshp 7:54 pm BINDING FREE ENERGIES FROM THE POLARIZABLE amOEBA FORCE FIELD. Moses K.J. Chung, Zhi Wang, Roseane dos Reis Silva, Jay Ponder 1583-Wkshp 8:18 pm PREDICTING PROTEIN-MEMBRANE INTERFACES USING MOLECULAR SIMULATIONS AND ENSEMBLE MACHINE LEARNING. Zoe Cournia 1584-Wkshp 8:42 pm ADVANCING DRUG DISCOVERY WITH ACCURATE AND RELIABLE PROTEIN LIGAND BINDING FREE ENERGY CALCULATIONS. Lingle Wang , Wei Chen, Gregory Ross, Di Cui, Ed Harder, Robert Abel 1585-Wkshp 9:06 pm COMPUTATION OF CONFORMATIONAL TRANSITIONS AND ACTIVATION OF SRC TYROSINE KINASE. Carol Post , Bradley Dickson

1567-Plat 4:30 pm COHERENT DIFFRACTIVE IMAGING OF LIPID VESICLES AND SYNAPTIC VESICLES BY FEMTOSECOND X-RAY FEL PULSES. Charlotte Neuhaus , Jette Alfken, Karlo Komorowski, Moritz L. Stammer, Richard Bean, Johan Bielecki, Raphael de Wijn, Romain Letrun, Safi Rafie-Zinedine, Juncheng E, Adrian Mancuso, Reinhard Jahn, Tim Salditt 1568-Plat 4:45 pm REMODELING AND DYNAMICS OF MEMBRANE-PROXIMAL ACTIN IN LIVE B CELLS. AdamM. Decker , Jennifer C. Flanagan-Natoli, Andrea K. Stod dard, Sarah L. Veatch 1569-Plat 5:00 pm POLYUNSATURATED LIPIDS PROMOTE MEMBRANE PHASE SEPARATION AND ANTIMICROBIAL SENSITIVITY. Hugo MacDermott-Opeskin, Katie A. Wilson, Bart Eijkelkamp, Megan L. O’Mara 1570-Plat 5:15 pm ANNEXIN PROTEINS INVOLVED IN PLASMA MEMBRANE REPAIR RESHAPE A MEMBRANE EDGE: DIRECT EVIDENCE FROMMOLECULAR SIMULA TIONS. Mayank P. Pandey, Weria Pezeshkian, Himanshu Khandelia 1571-Plat 5:30 pm WATER IS A POWERFUL DYNAMIC ALLOSTERIC MODULATOR IN RHODOP SIN ACTIVATION. Kushani S.K. Hewage , Steven D.E. Fried, Shalini D.S. Kadinappulige, Andrey V. Struts, Suchithranga M.D.C. Perera, Michael F. Brown 1572-Plat 5:45 pm STRUCTURE OF A CHOLINERGIC CELL MEMBRANE. Nigel Unwin Platform Cell Mechanics, Mechanosensing, and Motility 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 11AB Co-Chairs Sayantika Ghosh, University of Warwick, United Kingdom Joseph Szulczewski, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 4:00 pm PROBING MECHANOTRANSDUCTION PATHWAYS THROUGH VISUALIZA TION AND CONTROL OF VINCULIN CONFORMATION. Joseph M. Szulczewski , Mingyu Choi, Shiqiong Hu, Klaus M. Hahn 1574-Plat 4:15 pm IMAGING SINGLE INTEGRIN TENSIONS IN FILOPODIA. Ying Tu, Xuefeng Wang 1575-Plat 4:30 pm YIELD STRESS: A TIPPING POINT OF CELL UNJAMMING. Xiaofan Xie 1576-Plat 4:45 pm RESOLVING CADHERIN-MEDIATED INTER-CELL CONTRACTILE TENSION IN MULTICELLULAR MIGRATION. Anna Clouvel-Gervaiseau , Lara Elis, Gregory Emery, Allen J Ehrlicher 1577-Plat 5:00 pm PROBING SPIROPLASMA’S CYTOSKELETAL MOTILITY MECHANISM THROUGH HYDRODYNAMIC MODELLING AND EXPERIMENT. Paul M. Ryan , Charles W. Wolgemuth 1578-Plat 5:15 pm CELL MIGRATION CAPACITY ALONE CAN BE HEREDITARY AND PREDICT METASTATIC BURDEN. Nicolas Desjardins-Lecavalier , Matthew G. An nis, Alexander Nowakowski, Alexander Kiepas, Loic Binan, Joannie Roy, Graziana Modica, Steven Hebert, Claudia L. Kleinman, Peter M. Siegel, Santiago Costantino 1573-Plat





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