Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2170-Plat 10:00 am ACTIVATION MECHANISM OF THE M5 MUSCARINIC ACETYLCHOLINE RECEPTOR. Lee Roy A. De Velez , Jokent T. Gaza, Ricky B. Nellas Platform Membrane Protein Structures 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6F Co-Chairs Claire Overly Cottom, Purdue University, USA Digvijay Singh, University of California, San Diego, USA 8:15 am STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR CANNABINOID-INDUCED POTENTIATION OF ALPHA1-GLYCINE RECEPTORS IN LIPID NANODISCS. Arvind Kumar, Kayla J. Kindig , Shanlin Rao, Afroditi-Maria Zaki, Sandip Basak, Mark S. Sansom, Philip C. Biggin, Sudha Chakrapani 2172-Plat 8:30 am STRUCTURAL INSIGHT INTO THE MITOCHONDRIAL TOM HOLO COMPLEX. Pamela Ornelas , Thomas Bausewein, Janosch Martin, Nina Morgner, Stephan Nussberger, Werner Kuehlbrandt 2173-Plat 8:45 am STRUCTURAL BASIS OF RAPID INACTIVATION OF HERG POTASSIUM CHANNELS. Carus Lau , Emelie Flood, Mark Hunter, Karen Corbett, Chai Ng, James Bouwer, Alastair Stewart, Eduardo Perozo, Toby W. Allen, Jamie Vandenberg 2174-Plat 9:00 am LINKING THE OUTER MEMBRANE COMPOSITION OF SALMONELLA TO PROTECTIVE ANTIBODY RESPONSES. Gvantsa Gutishvili , Vassiliy N. Bavro, Adam F. Cunningham, James C. Gumbart 2175-Plat 9:15 am THE STRUCTURAL BASIS OF LIPID A MODIFICATION WITH AMINOAR ABINOSE REVEALED BY CRYOEM STRUCTURES OF S. ENTERICA ARNT. Vasileios I. Petrou , Khuram U. Ashraf, Stephannie Rosario-Garrido, Filippo Mancia 2176-Plat 9:30 am CHARACTERIZATION OF THE Β-BARREL ASSEMBLY MACHINERY IN FUSO BACTERIUM. Claire Overly Cottom , Nicholas Noinaj 2177-Plat 9:45 am STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR CORA CHANNEL GATING USING CONFORMA TION-SPECIFIC SYNTHETIC ANTIGEN BINDERS AND SINGLE-PARTICLE CRYO-EM. Satchal K. Erramilli , Pawel K. Dominik, Tian Li, Kamil Nosol, Piotr Tokarz, Przemyslaw Dutka, Minglei Zhao, Eduardo Perozo, Anthony A. Kossiakoff 2178-Plat 10:00 am MAPPING THE DETERMINANTS OF SUBSTRATE SELECTIVITY IN A BACTE RIAL METAL TRANSPORTER WITH MODEL-GUIDED DEEP MUTAGENESIS. Samuel P. Berry , Camille B. Freedman, Debora S. Marks, Rachelle Gaudet Platform Protein-Lipid Interactions: Structures 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 5AB Co-Chairs Timothy Carpenter, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA Olivier Soubias, NIH, USA 2179-Plat 8:15 am PIP2 STERICALLY INHIBITS PORE OPENING OF A CNG CHANNEL. Oliver Thon, Philipp A.M. Schmidpeter , Crina M. Nimigean 2171-Plat

2157-Plat 8:45 am MECHANICS OF DIVALENT ION SENSITIVITY OF THE MANGANESE-SENSING RIBOSWITCH MEASURED BY COMBINED HIGH-RESOLUTION OPTICAL TWEEZERS AND SINGLE-MOLECULE FLUORESCENCE. Rajeev Yadav , Shan kar Mandal, Shiba S. Dandpat, Nils G. Walter, Matthew J. Comstock 2158-Plat 9:00 am THE STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF A FULLY PACKAGED RNA VIRUS. Kush Coshic , Aleksei Aksimentiev 2159-Plat 9:15 am IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERISATION OF G-QUADRUPLEXES FROM VIRAL GENOMES. Darren L. Gemmill, Higor S. Pereira, Maulik D. Badmalia, Corey R. Nelson, Michael T. Wolfinger, Trushar R. Patel 2160-Plat 9:30 am PREDICTING 3D RNA STRUCTURE FROM SOLELY THE NUCLEOTIDE SE QUENCE USING EUCLIDEAN DISTANCE NEURAL NETWORKS. Congzhou M. Sha , Jian Wang, Nikolay V. Dokholyan 2161-Plat 9:45 am CHARGE DENSITY EFFECT IN COUNTER ION CONDENSATION ON RNA. Anja Henning-Knechtel , Weiwei He, Serdal Kirmizialtin 2162-Plat 10:00 am CHEMICAL PROBING PROFILING OF 2’-DEOXYGUANOSINE SENSING RNA REVEALS MAGNESIUM ION-DEPENDENT CONFORMATIONAL SWITCHING. Susmitnarayan Chaudhury , Erdong Ding, Scott P Hennelly, José Onuchic, Karissa Y. Sanbonmatsu Platform Protein Dynamics and Allostery II 8:15 am - 10:15 am, Room 6E Co-Chairs Canan Atilgan, Sabanci University, Turkey Lee Roy De Velez, University of the Philippines, Philippines. 2163-Plat 8:15 am Travel Award Winner INCREASED IONIC STRENGTH TRIGGERS MULTIPLE CONFORMATIONS IN BOTH APO AND HOLO FORMS OF BACTERIAL FERRIC BINDING PROTEIN. Canan Atilgan , Goksin Liu, Farzaneh Jalalypour, Erhan Ekmen, Melike Berk soz, Ali Rana Atilgan, Zehra Sayers 2164-Plat 8:30 am PREDICTING THE LOCATIONS OF CRYPTIC POCKETS FROM SINGLE PROTEIN STRUCTURES USING THE POCKETMINER GRAPH NEURAL NETWORK. Artur Meller , Michael D. Ward, Jonathan H. Borowsky, Jeffrey M. Lotthammer, Meghana Kshirsagar, Felipe Oviedo, Juan Lavista Ferres, Gregory Bowman 2165-Plat 8:45 am QUASI MARKOV STATE MODELS ELUCIDATES THE ROLE OF BACTERIAL RNA POLYMERASE LOADING GATE AND TRIGGER LOOP DYNAMICS IN ANTIBI OTICS INHIBITION. Ilona C. Unarta , Siqin Cao, Xuhui Huang 2166-Plat 9:00 am FROM CLOSED TO OPEN: OMICRON MUTATIONS INCREASE INTERDOMAIN INTERACTIONS AND REDUCE EPITOPE EXPOSURE. Phu Tang , Pilar Cossio 2167-Plat 9:15 am PERTURBATION-HDX REVEALS GLYCOSYLATION SITES AS WEAKEST LINKS IN DENGUE CAPSID QUATERNARY STRUCTURE. Theresa Buckley , Ranita Ramesh, Ganesh S. Anand 2168-Plat 9:30 am CHARACTERING IONIZABLE RESIDUE NETWORKS AT SH2 INTERFACES IN PH SENSITIVE PROTEINS. Papa Kobina Van Dyck , Katharine A. White 2169-Plat 9:45 am Travel Award Winner ACTIVE-SITE ELECTRONIC PROPERTIES AND CONFORMATIONAL DYNAMICS OF PET-DEGRADING ENZYMES. Marcelo D. Polêto , Justin A. Lemkul






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