Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2559-Pos Board B309 CHOLESTEROL AFFECTS VOLTAGE-GATED PROTON CHANNELS INDIRECT LY. Thomas E. DeCoursey , Artem G. Ayuyan, Vladimir V. Cherny, Fredric S. Cohen 2560-Pos Board B310 POLY(ETHYLENE GLYCOLS) TO PROBE THE ANTHRAX TOXIN TRANSLOCA TION MACHINERY. Goli Yamini , Wenxing Liu, Stephen H Leppla, Sergey M. Bezrukov, Ekaterina M. Nestorovich 2561-Pos Board B311 CHARACTERIZATION OF HUMAN AQP5 MUTATIONS FOUND IN PATIENTS SUFFERING FROMPALMOPLANTAR KERATOSIS (BOTHNIAN TYPE). Christine Siligan , Nikolaus Gössweiner-Mohr, Peter Pohl Membrane Pumps, Transporters, and Exchangers II (Boards B312 - B327) Board B312 A DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY MUTATION OF PHOSPHOLAMBAN, R14DEL, INCREASES PHOSPHOLAMBAN PENTAMER STABILITY. Sean R. Cleary, Allen C.T. Teng, Taylor A. Phillips , Xuan Fang, Ellen E. Cho, Peter M. Kekenes Huskey, Anthony O. Gramolini, Seth L. Robia 2563-Pos Board B313 THE MECHANISM OF DWARF OPEN READING FRAME (DWORF) ACTIVA TION OF THE SARCOPLASMIC RETICULUM CALCIUM PUMP SERCA. M’Lynn Fisher, Elisa Bovo, Rodrigo Aguayo-Ortiz, Ellen E. Cho, Marsha P. Pribadi, Michael P. Dalton, Nishadh Rathod, M. Joanne Lemieux, L. Michel Espino za-Fonseca, Seth L. Robia, Aleksey V. Zima, Howard S. Young 2564-Pos Board B314 POISON PEPTIDES INTERACTIONS WITH THE SARCOPLASMIC RETICULUM CA-ATPASE (SERCA). Jacob Cunningham , Taylor Phillips, Jaroslava Seflova, Ellen E. Cho, Jonothan A. Kirk, Seth L. Robia 2565-Pos Board B315 ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE-RELATED PRESENILIN 1 M146L MUTATION DIS RUPTS SERCA2A REGULATION AND INCREASES PROPENSITY OF CA WAVES IN VENTRICULAR CARDIOMYOCYTES. Elisa Bovo , Roman Nikolaienko, Daniel Kahn, Jody L. Martin, John Q. Yap, Seth L. Robia, Aleksey V. Zima 2566-Pos Board B316 CALCIUM-DEPENDENT SHIFTS BETWEEN PHOSPHOLAMBAN (PLB) MONO MERS AND HOMO-PENTAMERS REVEAL THE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN PLB AND SERCA IN NATIVE CARDIAC MEMBRANES. Jin Guo, Zhenhui Chen 2567-Pos Board B317 DEEP LEARNING IDENTIFICATION OF CARDIAC TRANSPORTERS AS TARGETS FOR APPROVED DRUGS. Carlos Cruz Cortes , Manuel Andres Velasco Saavedra, Eli Fernandez-De Gortari, Guadalupe Guerrero-Serna, Rodrigo Aguayo-Ortiz, L. Michel Espinoza-Fonseca 2568-Pos Board B318 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF PLASMA MEMBRANE CA 2+ ATPASE 3 AND ITS PRIMARY ALDOSTERONISM-ASSOCIATED MUTATIONS. Victoria C. Young , Marilina de Sautu, Irene C. Mangialavori, Pablo Artigas 2569-Pos Board B319 DISEASE MUTATIONS OF HUMAN Α3 NA + /K + -ATPASE DEFINE EXTRACELLU LAR NA + BINDING/OCCLUSION KINETICS AT ION BINDING SITE III. Cristina Moreno Vadillo , Sho Yano, Song Jiao, Miguel Holmgren 2570-Pos Board B320 SODIUM PUMP REGULATION IN HEALTH AND DISEASE. Jaroslava Seflova , Nima R. Habibi, Ryan Sweazey, John Q. Yap, Xuan Fang, Peter Kekenes Huskey, L. Michel Espinoza-Fonseca, Julie Bossuyt, Seth L. Robia 2562-Pos

2545-Pos Board B295 NANOFLUIDICS: TRANSPORT IN CHIRALITY-CONTROLLED CARBON NANOTUBE PORINS (CNTPS) AND FLUORESCENCE ULTRASHORT NANO TUBES (FUNS). Sidi Zhao 2546-Pos Board B296 K ATP CHANNELS CONTRIBUTE TO NK CELL CYTOTOXICITY. Natalie Samper , Ivan Gando, Liwei Wang, Anthony Tao, Stefan Feske, William A. Coetzee 2547-Pos Board B297 WATER MOVEMENT IN VOLTAGE-GATED PROTON CHANNEL (HV1). Juan J. Alvear , Miguel Fernández, Antonio Peña-Pichicoi, Christian A. Carrillo Soto, Dario Basaez, Marcelo Ozu, Jose Garate, Carlos L. Gonzalez 2548-Pos Board B298 Travel Award Winner FUNCTION MODULATION OF MDSC MHV1 CHANNEL BY N TERMINAL LENGTH. Antonio Peña-Pichicoi , Juan J. Alvear, Christian A. Carrillo-Soto, Miguel Fernández, Emerson M. Carmona, Jose Garate, Angelica M. Lopez-Rodriguez, Carlos L. Gonzalez 2549-Pos Board B299 H + FLUX OF THE VOLTAGE-GATED PROTON CHANNEL HV1 IN GIANT UNILAMELLAR VESICLE (GUV). Stefania Brescia , Peter Pohl 2550-Pos Board B300 SIMULTANEOUS SINGLE PHOTON COUNTING AND ION CHANNEL RECORDING FROM FREE-STANDING LIPID BILAYERS ON A MICROSTRUC TURED ARRAY. Tobias Ensslen , Jan C. Behrends 2551-Pos Board B301 THE ROLES OF TWO EXTRACELLULAR LOOPS IN PROTON SENSING AND PERMEATION IN HUMAN OTOP1 CHANNEL. Yong Yu, Bin Li, Yan Wang , Alexis Castro, Courtney Ng, Zhifei Wang 2552-Pos Board B302 ELUCIDATING THE PH GATING MECHANISM OF HELICOBACTER PYLORIS UREA CHANNEL UREI. Anna Stoib , Christine Siligan, Nikolaus Goesswein er-Mohr, Sahar Shojaei, Andreas Horner 2553-Pos Board B303 Travel Award Winner THE FOURTH WHEEL: STRUCTURAL STUDIES OF HETEROTRIMERIC DELTA BETA GAMMA ENAC. Alexandra M. Houser , Arpita Bharadwaj, Isabelle Baconguis 2554-Pos Board B304 THE PORE OF THE KCSA CHANNEL, INCLUDING THE ENTIRE CAVITY UP TO THE SELECTIVITY FILTER, PARTICIPATES IN SELECTIVITY, RECTIFICA TION, AND ION TRANSPORT. Alisher M. Kariev , Michael E. Green 2555-Pos Board B305 EXPLORING VOLTAGE SENSING IN PROTEIN-TRANSLOCATING CHAN NEL SECYEG. Nikolaus Gössweiner-Mohr , Stefanie Lenzeder, Ferdinand Horvath, Denis G. Knyazev, Thomas Renger, Peter Pohl 2556-Pos Board B306 A NOVEL ACTIVATOR OF PIEZO1: ELECTROPHYSIOLOGICAL STUDY. Donggyeom Yu , Chilman Bae 2557-Pos Board B307 IS VOLTAGE-SENSING PHOSPHATASE (VSP) REGULATED BY PHOS PHOINOSITIDE, PI(4,5)P 2 ?: QUESTION REVISITED WITH ANAP. Natsuki Mizutani , Yasushi Okamura 2558-Pos Board B308 THE ROLE OF THE MEMBRANE IN DRIVING CLC-EC1 DIMERIZATION. Tugba N. Ozturk , Nathan Bernhardt, Rahul Chadda, Janice L. Robertson, José D. Faraldo-Gómez






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