Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

520-pos Board B341 CONVERGENT REGULATION OF CA V 1.2 CHANNELS BY DIRECT PHOS PHORYLATION AND BY THE SMALL GTPASE RAD IN THE CARDIAC FIGHT OR-FLIGHT RESPONSE. Liam Hovey , Tamer M. Gamal El-Din, William A. Board B342 PHENOTYPE PREDICTION OF VOLTAGE-GATED CALCIUM CHANNEL MUTA TIONS. Xuechen Tang , Klaus R. Liedl, Monica L. Fernandez-Quintero, Joerg Striessnig 522-pos Board B343 VOLTAGE-DEPENDENT TRANSITIONS BETWEEN RESTING AND ACTIVATED STATES OF THE FOUR CAV1.1 VOLTAGE SENSORS OBSERVED IN MD SIMULATION. Monica L. Fernández-Quintero , Simone Pelizzari, Yousra El Ghaleb, Martin C. Heiss, Klaus R. Liedl, Bernhard E. Flucher 523-pos Board B344 IONIC INTERACTIONS BETWEEN GATING CHARGES AND COUNTER CHARGES IN VOLTAGE-SENSING DOMAIN I INDEPENDENTLY REGULATE KINETICS AND VOLTAGE-DEPENDENCE OF CA V 1.1 GATING. Martin C. Heiss , Monica L. Fernandez-Quintero, Simone Pelizzari, Yousra El Ghaleb, Marta Campiglio, Petronel Tuluc, Klaus R. Liedl, Bernhard E. Flucher 524-pos Board B345 THE VOLTAGE-DEPENDENT STRUCTURAL TRANSITIONS GOVERNING THE OPENING OF THE HUMAN T-TYPE CAV3.1 CHANNEL: INSIGHTS FROM VOLTAGE-CLAMP FLUOROMETRY. Marina Angelini , Moira McVicar, Nico letta Savalli, Scott A. John, Alan Neely, Antonios Pantazis, Michela Ottolia, Riccardo Olcese 525-pos Board B346 TOWARDS NEXT-GENERATION OPTOGENETIC ACTUATORS OF VOLTAGE GATED CA 2+ CHANNELS. Audrey Lauris Kochiss , Srinidhi Jayaraman, Pedro J. del Rivero Morfin, Nourdine Chakouri, Manu Ben-Johny 526-pos Board B347 INHIBITION OF CAV1.4 CHANNELS BY PROTONS DEPENDS ON THE IDEN TITY OF THE Α2Δ SUBUNIT. Juan Antonio M. De La Rosa , Amy Lee 527-pos Board B348 TWO NEWLY IDENTIFIED CACNA1I VARIANTS LINKED TO NEURODEVEL OPMENTAL DISORDER AND EPILEPSY DIFFERENTIALLY AFFECT CAV3.3 GATING PROPERTIES. Yousra El Ghaleb , Monica L. Fernandez-Quintero, Marta Campiglio, Klaus R. Liedl, Astrid S. Plomp, Dewi P. Bakker, Mahdi M. Motazacker, Fanny Kortüm, Anne-Sophie Höing, Kerstin Kutsche, Bernhard E. Flucher TRP Channels (Boards B349 - B366) 528-pos Board B349 STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT OF TRP CHANNELS TO INVESTIGATE SELEC TIVITY AND GATING. Elisabeth V. Oskoui , Katherine E. Huffer, Kenton J. Swartz 529-pos Board B350 A GATING MODEL FOR THE MECHANICAL ACTIVATION OF SENSORY TRP CHANNELS. Inti Zumeta-Dube , Alina Milici, Enrique (Quique) Velasco Serna, Karel Talavera 530-pos Board B351 ELUCIDATING THE MECHANISM OF PI3K WHEN INTERACTING WITH TRPV1. Jesse R. Huang , Teresa M. Swanson, Moshe T. Gordon, Sharona E. Travel Award Winner THE BISPHOSPHONATE ZOLEDRONIC ACID IS A TRPV1 CHANNEL INHIBI TOR. Karen Castillo , Yorley Duarte, Ignacio A. Segura, Rodrigo Meza, Car los Ancaten, Karina Carvajal-Zamorano, Rosa Scala, Domenico Tricarico, Andres Chavez, Ramon Latorre Catterall 521-pos Gordon 531-pos Board B352

506-pos Board B327 INTERACTION OF GATING-MODIFIER TARANTULA TOXINS WITH VOLTAGE GATED SODIUM CHANNELS. Krishnakoli Adhikary 507-pos Board B328 NA V 1.9: A UNIQUE VOLTAGE-GATED SODIUM CHANNEL WITH A ROLE IN INFLAMMATORY PAIN. Margaux Theys , Frank Bosmans 508-pos Board B329 OPTICAL MEASUREMENT OF GATING PORE CURRENTS IN HYPOKALEMIC PERIODIC PARALYSIS MODEL CELLS. Tomoya Kubota , Satoe Takahashi, Risa Yamamoto, Ruka Sato, Aya Miyanooto, Reina Yamamoto, Kosuke Yamauchi, Kazuaki Homma, Masanori P. Takahashi 509-pos Board B330 GATING DEFECTS IN K1126I, A PUTATIVE HYPOKALEMIC PERIODIC PA RALYSIS MUTATION IN HNAV1.4. James R. Groome 510-pos Board B331 Travel Award Winner CRITICAL REGULATION OF THE VOLTAGE-GATED SODIUM CHANNEL, NA V 1.4, BY PIP 2 . Kirin D. Gada , Jordie M. Kamuene, Aishwarya Chan drashekar, R. Charlie Kissell, Leigh D. Plant 511-pos Board B332 OPTOGENETIC REGULATION OF PIP 2 ALTERS THE VOLTAGE-DEPENDENCE OF ACTIVATION AND FAST INACTIVATION OF SKELETAL MUSCLE NA V 1.4 CHANNELS. Jordie M. Kamuene , Kirin Gada, Charlie Kissell, Leigh D. Plant 512-pos Board B333 ALTERED VOLTAGE-DEPENDENCE REVEALED IN AN INACTIVATION-DEFI CIENT MUTANT OF NAV1.4 VIA OPTOGENETIC PI(4,5)P2 DEPHOSPHORY LATION. Ralph C. Kissell , Kirin D. Gada, Jordie M. Kamuene, Aishwarya Chandrashekar, Leigh D. Plant Voltage-Gated Ca Channels (Boards B334 - B348) 513-pos Board B334 Travel Award Winner CA V 2.1 CHANNELS DIVIDE INTO TWO POPULATIONS AT RESTING MEM BRANE POTENTIALS. Kaiqian Wang , Michelle Nilsson, Fredrik Elinder, Antonios Pantazis 514-pos Board B335 Travel Award Winner STAC PROTEINS INHIBIT THE VOLTAGE DEPENDENT INACTIVATION OF L-TYPE CALCIUM CHANNELS. Wietske E. Tuinte , Petronel Tuluc, Marta Campiglio 515-pos Board B336 Travel Award Winner GENETIC DELETION OF STAC2 ADAPTOR PROTEIN ALTERS ELECTRICAL ACTIVITY OF MOUSE CHROMAFFIN CELLS. Stefanie M. Geisler , Tamara Theiner, Noelia Jacobo-Piqueras, Marta Campiglio, Petronel Tuluc 516-pos Board B337 INCREASED PANCREATIC Β-CELL ELECTRICAL ACTIVITY REDUCES DIABETES SUSCEPTIBILITY IN FEMALE MICE. Noelia Jacobo-Piqueras , Petronel Tuluc 517-pos Board B338 PHOSPHODIESTERASE 1 INHIBITION UNDERLIES LONG QT PHENOTYPE CAUSED BY THE HUMAN N98S-CALMODULIN MUTANT. Shuai Guo , Zhen hui Chen, Michael Rubart 518-pos Board B339 DISEASE-ASSOCIATED CALMODULIN VARIANTS IMPAIR REGULATION OF NEURONAL VOLTAGE-GATED CALCIUM CHANNELS. John W. Hussey , Emily DeMarco, Deborah DiSilvestre, Helene H. Jensen, Manu Ben-Johny, Mette Nyegaard, Michael T. Overgaard, Ivy E. Dick 519-pos Board B340 ELUCIDATING THE ROLE CA V 1.2 DYSFUNCTION IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF TIMOTHY SYNDROME USING IPSC-DERIVED NEURONS. Kevin G. Herold , Moradeke A. Bamgboye, Deborah DiSilvestre, John Hussey, Josiah O. owoyemi, Ivy E. Dick




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