Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

586-pos Travel Award Winner THE C-TERMINAL END SEGMENT OF TROPONIN T IS A NOVEL TROPOMY OSIN-BINDING SITE DIRECTLY REGULATED BY CA 2+ TO DETERMINE THE KINETICS OF CARDIAC MUSCLE. Tianxin Cao , Han-Zhong Feng, Jian-Ping Jin 587-pos Board B408 THIN FILAMENT REGULATION OF STRIATED MUSCLE POWER OUTPUT: IMPLICATIONS FOR TARGETS TO IMPROVE FAILING HUMAN HEARTS. Lau rin M. Hanft, Theodore J. Kalogeris, Kenneth S. Campbell, Brandon J. Biesiadecki, Kerry S. McDonald 588-pos Board B409 CARDIAC MYOSIN-BINDING PROTEIN C N-TERMINAL DOMAINS DIF FERENTIALLY AFFECT CALCIUM DISSOCIATION FROM THE CARDIAC THIN FILAMENT. Garrett Hauck , Fiona Wong, MatthewM. Klass, Rhye-Samuel Kanassatega, Brett A. Colson, Jil C. Tardiff 589-pos Board B410 PREDICTIVE GENOTYPE-PHENOTYPE CORRELATION OF FOUR TROPOMY OSIN-1 VARIANTS OF UNKNOWN SIGNIFICANCE. Ilayda Firlar , Michael J. Rynkiewicz, Jenette Creso, Darren Liu, Jeffrey R. Moore, William Lehman, Stuart G. Campbell 590-pos Board B411 COMPUTATIONAL MODELING OF COOPERATIVE REGULATION OF BOTH STRANDS IN THIN FILAMENTS. Yun Shi , Sarah A. Kosta, Jose R. Pinto, Vitold E. Galkin, Kenneth S. Campbell, Prescott B. Chase 591-pos Board B412 THE EFFECT OF SMALL MOLECULE MYOSIN MODULATORS ON ATP TURN OVER IN PIG CARDIAC HMM USING STOPPED FLOW SPECTROSCOPY. Kris tina B. Kooiker, Saffie Mohran, Max Mahoney-Schaefer , Jeremy Freeman, Michael A. Geeves, Michael Regnier, Farid Moussavi-Harami 592-pos Board B413 PRECLINICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF CK-4021586, A NEW CLASS OF CARDIAC MYOSIN INHIBITORS FOR THE TREATMENT OF HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY. Saswata Sankar Sarkar , James J. Hartman, Darren T. Hwee, Chihyuan Chuang, Peadar Cremin, Andre deRosier, Samantha Edell, Roshni Madhvani, Yangsong Wu, Lisette Yco, Jeanelle Zamora, Anne Murphy, Bradley P. Morgan, Fady I. Malik 593-pos Board B414 MYOSIN IN AUTOINHIBITED OFF STATE(S), STABILIZED BY MAVACAMTEN, CAN BE RECRUITED VIA INOTROPIC EFFECTORS. Weikang Ma , Lin Qi, Momcilo Prodanovic, Henry M. Gong, Christopher Zambataro, Sam path K. Gollapudi, Srboljub M. Mijailovich, Carlos L. delRio, Suman Nag, Thomas C. Irving 594-pos Board B415 Travel Award Winner HF P EF ANIMAL MODELS DISPLAY DIFFERENCES IN MYOFIBRIL MECHAN ICS. Axel J. Fenwick , Vivek P. Jani, David A. Kass, Anthony Cammarato 595-pos Board B416 EFFECTS OF LOW-DOSE X-RAY RADIATION AT VARYING DOSE RATES ON HUMAN AORTIC SMOOTH MUSCLE IN VITRO . Charles D. Winchester , Regan Frye, Arianna Csiszer, Jackson Well, Almog Gur, Delphine Dean, Endre Takacs 596-pos Board B417 IDENTIFICATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF A CRUCIAL GUANINE NUCLEOTIDE EXCHANGE FACTOR (GEF), P63RHOGEF IN BLOOD PRESSURE REGULATION IN ZEBRAFISH AIMING FOR A NOVEL HIGH-THROUGHPUT DRUG SCREENING. Akane Watanabe , Masaya Hirota, Natsuho Moriyama, Satoru Yamamoto, Ryosuke Wakabayashi, Kyoshiro Tsuge, Akira Shima moto, Ko Momotani, Kumiko Sakai Board B407

597-pos Board B418 EFFECTS OF VOLUNTARY EXERCISE AND ADMINISTRATION OF RENIN ANGIOTENSIN INHIBITOR ON CARDIAC FUNCTION IN INHERITED DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY MODEL. Masami Sugihara , Ryo Kakigi, Takashi Murayama, Takashi Miida, Takashi Sakurai, Sachio Morimoto, Nagomi Kurebayashi Microtubules, Structure, Dynamics, and Associated Proteins (Boards B419 - B436) 598-pos Board B419 DIVALENT METAL ION MEDIATED STRUCTURAL TRANSITIONS IN MI CROTUBULE BUNDLES IN DISSIPATIVE REACTION MIXTURES REVEALED BY SYNCHROTRON SAXS AND PLASTIC-EMBEDDED TEM. Phillip A. Kohl , Chaeyeon Song, Bretton Fletcher, Rebecca Best, Christine Tchounwou, Xi mena Garcia Arceo, Peter J. Chung, Herbert P. Miller, Leslie Wilson, Stuart C. Feinstein, Cyrus R. Safinya 599-pos Board B420 TUBULINS SHOW SUSCEPTIBILITY TO MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLE INTER ACTION. Mackenna K. Landis , Anja Kunze 600 -pos Board B421 CHARACTERIZATION OF THE PH RESPONSE OF DISORDERED TUBULIN TAILS. Allison Whited , Genesis M. Ferrer, Emma L. Seidler, Jeffrey Moore, Loren Hough 601-pos Board B422 MICROTUBULE SEVERING BY KATANIN IS REGULATED BY TUBULIN CARBOXY-TERMINAL TAIL SEQUENCE. Jennifer L. Ross , K. Alice Lindsay, Nedine Abdelhamid 602-pos Board B423 MICROTUBULES AND INTRACELLULAR TRANSPORT - A MICROSCOPIC PERSPECTIVE. Abhilash Sahoo , Reza Farhadifar, Pilar Cossio, Sonya M. Travel Award Winner ABL2 MEDIATES MICROTUBULE NUCLEATION AND REPAIR VIA TUBULIN CO-CONDENSATION. Daisy Duan , Wanqing Lyu, Kuanlin Wu, Chunxiang Wu, Yong Xiong, Anthony J. Koleske 604-pos Board B425 A STRUCTURAL MECHANO-CHEMICAL MODEL OF MICROTUBULE NUCLE ATION. Kenneth K. Tsui , Shannon F. Stewman, Ao Ma 605-pos Board B426 Travel Award Winner BREAKING DOWN THE HAUS: MOLECULAR INSIGHTS INTO BRANCHING MICROTUBULE NUCLEATION. Clinton A. Gabel 606 -pos Board B427 IMPACTS OF VIMENTIN ON CENTROSOME FUNCTIONING AND MICRO TUBULE DYNAMICS. Renita Saldanha , Alison Patteson, Heidi Hehnly, Minh-Tri Ho Thanh 607-pos Board B428 DYNAMIC INSTABILITY FROM NONEQUILIBRIUM STRUCTURAL TRANSI TIONS ON THE ENERGY LANDSCAPE OF MICROTUBULE. Ao Ma , Shannon F. Stewman, Kenneth Tsui 608 -pos Board B429 WORKING STROKES PRODUCED BY CURLING PROTOFILAMENTS AT DISAS SEMBLING MICROTUBULE TIPS: THEIR ROLE IN KINETOCHORE MOTILITY AND MICROTUBULE DYNAMICS. Lucas E. Murray , Lucia Maki-Fern, Luke Rice, Charles L. Asbury Hanson 603-pos Board B424




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