Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1180-pos Board B309 DETERMINING THE FUNCTIONAL SIGNIFICANCE OF KCNH2 VARIANTS OF UNCERTAIN SIGNIFICANCE IDENTIFIED IN A LARGE PATIENT BIO BANK. Ezekiel Rozmus 1181-pos Board B310 THE EFFECTS OF POLYUNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS ON THE CARDIAC I KR CHANNEL. Yahnell Judah , Alicia de la Cruz, Jessica Jowais, Marta E. Perez, H. Peter Larsson 1182-pos Board B311 PROTONS AT THE K V 1.2 CHANNEL GATE CAN CLOSE THE GATE. Alisher M. Kariev, Michael E. Green 1183-pos Board B312 MODULATION OF HETEROMERIC KV1 CHANNELS BY TRANSMEMBRANE LECTINS AND REDOX. Anson Wong , Shawn M. Lamothe, Victoria A. Baronas, Harley T. Kurata 1184-pos Board B313 MODULATION OF KV1.2 REDOX-SENSITIVE GATING BY THE TRANSMEM BRANE LECTIN LMAN2. Shawn M. Lamothe , Damayantee Das, Anson Wong, Yubin Hao, Victoria A. Baronas, Harley T. Kurata 1185-pos Board B314 MITOCHONDRIAL DYNAMICS CONTROL OF MITOK V 1.3 DURING CELL CYCLE PROGRESSION. Jesusa Capera-Aragones, María Navarro-Pérez , Carla Viñola-Renart, Anna Benavente-Garcia, Ildiko Szabó, Antonio Felipe 1186-pos Board B315 Travel Award Winner POINT MUTATIONS IN THE VOLTAGE-GATED POTASSIUM CHANNEL KV7.2/7.3, AND THEIR POSSIBLE INVOLVEMENT IN EPILEPSY AND CHANNEL GATING. Argel Estrada Mondragon , Emma Kindström, Annika Blaufuss, Anita Mambwe Nyendwa, Fredrik Elinder 1187-pos Board B316 LEARNING HOW CHARYBDOTOXIN DISSOCIATES FROM A VOLTAGE GATED K-CHANNEL. Nieves Navarro, Francisca Salas, Horacio Poblete, David Naranjo 1188-pos Board B317 TUNING THE TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCE OF SHAKER POTASSIUM CHANNEL WITH MUTATIONS AT S4-S5 LINKER. Carlos Alberto Z. Bassetto Jr , Bernardo Pinto, Ramon Latorre, Francisco Bezanilla 1189-pos Board B318 PHOTOMODULATION OF RECONSTITUTED VOLTAGE-DEPENDENT K+ CHANNELS. Rohit Yadav , Juergen Pfeffermann, Nikolaus Gössweiner Mohr, Toma Glasnov, Peter Pohl 1190-pos Board B319 Travel Award Winner FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERIZATION OF GATING POLARITY IN CNBD CHANNELS ACROSS PHYLOGENETICALLY DIVERSE SPECIES. Jenna L. Lin , Gurmeet Kaur, Aravind Iyer, Baron Chanda 1191-pos Board B320 CHARACTERIZATION OF MECHANOSENSITIVE AND VOLTAGE-ACTIVATED ION CHANNELS IN NOCICEPTIVE SCHWANN CELLS. Maia Moog , Angela Ballesteros, Patrik Ernfors, Kenton Swartz 1192-pos Board B321 MODULATION OF POTASSIUM CHANNELS PRESERVES TEMPORAL FIDEL ITY IN AUDITORY NETWORK MODELS. Leonard K. Kaczmarek 1193-pos Board B322 THE POTASSIUM-SELECTIVE CHANNEL “NAK2K”: WHY IS IT A POTASSIUM CHANNEL? Mohamed Shehata , Wojciech Kopec, Bert L. de Groot, Rom mie E. Amaro

1167-pos Board B296 ILLUMINATING DYNAMIC STRUCTURAL STATES IN HIPSCS THROUGH ENDOGENOUS GENE TAGGING. Brock Roberts , Allen Institute for Cell Science, Ru Gunawardane 1168-pos Board B297 DYNAMICS & TRANSPORT IN 3D MITOCHONDRIAL NETWORKS. Keaton Holt , Elena F. Koslover 1169-pos Board B298 ORIGINS OF PROTEIN CONCENTRATION NOISE IN MITOCHONDRIA. Aidan Brown , Rutvik Patel Bioenergetics and Photosynthesis (Boards B299 - B306) 1170-pos Board B299 MOLECULAR MECHANISM OF GLYCOLYTIC ASSEMBLY ON MITOCHON DRIA THROUGH O-GLCNACYLATION. John W. Vant , Haoming Wang, Gulcin Pekkurnaz, Abhishek Singharoy 1171-pos Board B300 EXPLOITING STRUCTURAL VARIATIONS IN HIGHLY CONSERVED MITO CHONDRIAL COMPLEX III TO DEVELOP ANTIFUNGAL AGENTS. Di Xia , Fei Zhou, Lothar Esser, Zhaohai Qin 1172-pos Board B301 LONG-RANGE REGULATION OF CYTOCHROME C BINDING TO BC1 COM PLEX. Sophia Gross , Spencer B. Grewe, Oleksandr Kokhan 1173-pos Board B302 FRET-BASED NANOSENSOR AMPFRET DISTINGUISHES PHYSIOLOGICAL FROM TOXIC STRESS. Uwe Schlattner , Roland Abi Nahed, Francesco Auli cino, Alaa Al Assi, Eric Fontaine, Marie Carriere, Imre Berger 1174-pos Board B303 CURIOUS CASE OF A LEAKY MITOCHONDRIA. Jonathan T. Nguyen , Chun Kit Chan, Jacob Layton, Nelli Mnatsakanyan, Abhishek Singharoy 1175-pos Board B304 REGULATION OF LIGHT-HARVESTING SYSTEMS IN PLANTS: FLEXIBLE CON FORMATION OF LIGHT-HARVESTING COMPLEX II TRIMER DEPENDING ON ITS BINDING SITE. Eunchul Kim , Hisako Kubota-Kawai, Fumihiro Kawai, Makio Yokono, Jun Minagawa 1176-pos Board B305 STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR EXCITED LIGHT TRANSFER WITHIN BACTERIAL PHOTOSYNTHETIC SUPERCOMPLEX. Po-Lin Chiu 1177-pos Board B306 RATIONAL DESIGN OF ULTRAFAST PPCA-RU(BPY) 3 COMPLEXES. Zachary D. Ryan , Oleksandr Kokhan Voltage-Gated K Channels I (Boards B307 - B325) 1178-pos Board B307 KV1 ACTIVATOR MECHANISM OF ACTION IN ACTION POTENTIAL INHIBI TION. Victoria Jiang , Shanti Amagasu, Bryan Moyer, John M. Gilchrist 1179-pos Board B308 Travel Award Winner USING MANY DIFFERENT VOLTAGE PROTOCOLS TO CHARACTERISE DISCREPANCY IN MATHEMATICAL ION CHANNEL MODELS. Joseph G. Shuttleworth , Chon Lok Lei, Monique Windley, Adam P. Hill, Matthew D. Perry, Simon Preston, Gary R. Mirams



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