Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Symposium Amyloid Structure, Dynamics, and Proteostasis 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6A Chair Elizabeth Rhoades, University of Pennsylvania, USA 1527-Symp 4:00 pm STRUCTURE-BASED DISCOVERY OF SMALL MOLECULES THAT DISAG GREGATE amYLOID FIBRILS FROM POST-MORTEM ALZHEIMER’S AND PARKINSON’S BRAINS STRUCTURE-BASED DISCOVERY OF SMALL MOL ECULES THAT DISAGGREGATE amYLOID FIBRILS FROM POST-MORTEM ALZHEIMER’S AND PARKINSON’S BRAINS. David S. Eisenberg 1528-Symp 4:30 pm EARLY STAGES AND FINAL RESULTS OF amYLOID-BETA SELF-ASSEMBLY. Robert Tycko , Jaekyun Jeon, Myungwoon Lee, Kent Thurber, Wai-Ming Yau 1529-Symp 5:00 pm LYSOSOMAL EXOCYTOSIS RELEASES PATHOGENIC Α-SYNUCLEIN SPECIES FROM NEURONS. Manu Sharma 1530-Symp 5:30 pm STRUCTURAL BASIS OF Α-SYNUCLEIN UPTAKE BY NEURONS. Elizabeth Rhoades , Christopher Brue, Melissa Birol Symposium Allosteric Modulation of GPCRs 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6B Chair Madan Babu, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA, Chair No Abstract 4:00 pm NOVEL PARADIGMS OF GPCR ACTIVATION. Celine Valant 1531-Symp 4:30 pm REVEALING STRUCTURAL MECHANISMS OF ALLOSTERIC MODULATION TO ENABLE THE DESIGN OF SAFE, EFFECTIVE GPCR-TARGETED DRUGS. 5:00 pm THE ‘HUNGER GAMES’ - STRUCTURAL STUDIES OF THE MC4 RECEPTOR REVEAL MECHANISM FOR SATIETY. Moran Shalev-Benami No Abstract 5:30 pm DATA SCIENCE APPROACHES TO GPCR SIGNALING SYSTEMS. Madan Babu Platform Spectroscopy and Imaging 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6C Co-Chairs John Franck, Syracuse University, USA Lindsey Young, University of California, San Diego, USA 4:00 pm TIME-RESOLVED CRYO-EM VISUALIZES SNAPSHOTS OF DYNEIN’S ACTIVA TION PATHWAY. Agnieszka Kendrick , Samara L. Reck-Peterson, Andres Ron O. Dror 1532-Symp 1533-Plat

1535-Plat 4:30 pm HOW DANGLING ENDS OF DISORDERED PEPTIDES AFFECT PHOTOIN DUCED ELECTRON TRANSFER RELAXATION. Gabor Nagy , Wenwei Zheng, Andrea C. Vaiana, Crystal Ottoway, Aaron C. Globisch, Sara M. Vaiana, Helmut Grubmuller 1536-Plat 4:45 pm GETTING TO THE HEART OF IT - SMALL GTPASE ACTIVITY PROBED AT AN ATOMIC LEVEL IN CELLS. Fatema Bhinderwala , Angela M. Gronenborn 1537-Plat 5:00 pm ILLUMINATING RNA THROUGH MULTIPLEXING IN LIVE MAMMALIAN CELLS. Nadia Sarfraz , Esther Braselmann 1538-Plat 5:15 pm QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS WITH DEEP LEARNING SEGMENTATION AND MODELING OF 3D ELECTRON MICROSCOPY DATA. Kurtis D. Ottman , Cassidy S. Nordmann, Sagar S. Matharu, Rahul R. Akkem, Denzel R. Cruz, Douglas J. Palumbo, Irina D. Pokrovskaya, Brian Storrie, Richard D. Leap man, Maria A. Aronova 1539-Plat 5:30 pm OVERCOMING RESOLUTION-LOSS MECHANISMS IN LASER PHASE PLATE CRYO-ELECTRON MICROSCOPY. Jeremy J. Axelrod , Petar N. Petrov, Jona than Remis, Robert M. Glaeser, Holger Mueller 1540-Plat 5:45 pm VERSATILE NANOGOLD TAGGING SYSTEM APPLIED TO THE IDENTIFICA TION OF HETEROCHROMATIN THROUGH CRYO-FIB-ET. Lindsey N. Young , Alice Sherrard, Joshua Hutchings, Antonio Giraldez, Elizabeth Villa Platform Ribosomes and Translation 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6D Co-Chairs Dagmar Klostermeier, University of Muenster, Germany Paul Whitford, Northeastern University, USA 4:00 pm A NOVEL MECHANISM OF 5’ UTR STRUCTURE IN PROMOTING PRO KARYOTIC TRANSLATIONAL INITIATION. Chun-Ying Lee, Meera Joshi , Sua Myong 1542-Plat 4:15 pm LINKING TRANSLATION FACTOR CONFORMATIONAL DYNAMICS WITH TRANSLATION EFFICIENCIES AND GENE EXPRESSION. Linda Krause, Anirban Chakraborty, Florian Willing, Vaibhav Mhaindarkar, Alexandra Z. Andreou, Dagmar Klostermeier 1543-Plat 4:30 pm BASIS OF SPEED AND FIDELITY IN EUKARYOTIC TRANSLATION TERMINA TION. Michael R. Lawson , Laura N. Lessen, Rachel Green, Joseph D. Puglisi 1544-Plat 4:45 pm A NOVEL GENETICALLY ENCODABLE TAGGING SYSTEM FOR VISUALIZING TRANSLATION DYNAMICS IN LIVING CELLS. Ning Zhao , Szu-Hsuan Chen, Hunter Ogg, Christopher D. Snow, Timothy J. Stasevich 1545-Plat 5:00 pm UNDERSTANDING THE ENERGETICS OF TRANSLATION IN BACTERIAL AND EUKARYOTIC RIBOSOMES. Ailun Wang, Asem H. Hassan, Frederico C. Freitas, Vivek Singh, Alexey amunts, Paul C. Whitford 1546-Plat 5:15 pm INTRAMOLECULAR TENSION AND CATCH BONDS PLAY KEY ROLES IN THE CONFORMATIONAL CYCLE OF THE DYNEIN-LIKE AAA MECHANOENZYME MDN1. Keith J. Mickolajczyk 1541-Plat




Leschziner 1534-Plat



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