Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

1875-Pos Board B280 KCNQ CHANNELS OPEN WITH AT LEAST TWO S4 ACTIVATION. Andy Hinojo-Perez, Kevin P. Cunningham, Michaela Edmond, Marta E. Perez, Rene Barro-Soria 1876-Pos Board B281 COMPOUNDS SPECIFICALLY ENHANCE I KS BY MODULATING VSD-PORE COUPLING. Lu Zhao , Xianjin Xu, Jingyi Shi, Guohui Zhang, Ira S. Cohen, Xiaoqin Zou, Jianmin Cui 1877-Pos Board B282 MUTATIONS AFFECTING ELECTRO-MECHANICAL COUPLING IN KCNQ CHANNELS ALTER KINETICS AND VOLTAGE DEPENDENCE OF ACTIVA TION. Nien-Du Yang , Lu Zhao, Richard Kanyo, Jingru Li, Po wei Kang, Alex K. Dou, Kelli McFarland White, Jingyi Shi, Jeanne M. Nerbonne, Harley T. Kurata, Jianmin Cui 1878-Pos Board B283 FUNCTIONAL IMPACT OF THE INTERACTION BETWEEN S1 SEGMENT AND KCNE SUBUNIT IN THE MODULATION OF KCNQ1 CHANNELS. Go Kasuya, Koichi Nakajo 1879-Pos Board B284 INVESTIGATING THE MECHANISM BEHIND THE EFFECT OF PUFA ANA LOGUES IN INCREASING THE MAXIMUM CONDUCTANCE OF KCNQ1 CHANNELS. Alessia Golluscio , Jessica Jowais, Jodene Eldstrom, David Fedida, Peter H. Larsson 1880-Pos Board B285 A MUTATIONAL AND MODELING STUDY OF A BINDING POCKET FOR I KS ACTIVATORS BETWEEN KCNQ1 AND KCNE1. Magnus Chan , Harutyun Sahakyan, Yundi Wang, Jodene R. Eldstrom, Marc Pourrier, Vitya A. Vardanyan, David Fedida 1881-Pos Board B286 COMPUTER-AIDED DRUG DESIGN OF MOLECULES THAT POTENTIALLY BIND TO THE CARDIAC KCNQ1 POTASSIUM CHANNEL. Laura Maria Castro Gonzalez , Jessica Jowais, Peter H. Larsson, Peter D. Tieleman 1882-Pos Board B287 STRUCTURAL BASES FOR BLOCKADE AND ACTIVATION OF BK CHANNELS BY BA 2+ IONS. Shubhra Srivastava , Pablo Miranda, Natalia de Val, Teresa Giraldez, Jianghai Zhu, Raul Cachau, Miguel Holmgren 1883-Pos Board B288 ROLE OF THE NMDAR-GLUN2B SUBUNITS IN THE FUNCTION OF SU PRAMOLECULAR NMDAR-BK CHANNEL COMPLEXES. Rebeca Martínez Lázaro , David Bartolome-Martin, Teresa Giraldez 1884-Pos Board B289 ALDOSTERONE ACTIVATES CEREBROVASCULAR SMOOTH MUSCLE BK CHANNELS IN ABSENCE OF Β 1 SUBUNITS, YET THESE POTENTIATE STE ROID ACTION AND THUS FACILITATE ALDOSTERONE-INDUCED DILATION OF CEREBRAL ARTERIES. Steven Mysiewicz , Alexandria Slayden, Sydney Hawks, Anna N. Bukiya, Alex M. Dopico 1885-Pos Board B290 A PREDICTIVE MODEL OF VOLTAGE GATING OF BK CHANNELS VIA PHYSI CAL MODELING AND MACHINE LEARNING. Erik B. Nordquist , ZhiGuang Jia, Jianhan Chen 1886-Pos Board B291 GATING TRANSITIONS IN THE MTHK POTASSIUM CHANNEL. Reinier de Vries , Wojciech Kopec, Bert L. de Groot 1887-Pos Board B292 NONCANONICAL ELECTROMECHANICAL COUPLING PATHS IN THE CAR DIAC HERG CHANNEL. Carlos Alberto Z. Bassetto Jr , Flavio Costa, Carlo Guardiani, Francisco Bezanilla, Alberto Giacomello

1862-Pos Board B267 S-NITROSYLATION OF CAMKII CYS273 SUPPRESSES CAMKII ACTIVATION AND TRANSLOCATION WITHIN CARDIAC MYOCYTES. Chidera C. Alim , Christopher Y. Ko, Julie Bossuyt, Donald M. Bers 1863-Pos Board B268 SPECTRAL PROPERTIES OF THE VOLTAGE-SENSITIVE DYE DI4-AN BDQBS. Brian K. Panama , Anthony Costantino, Mark W. Nowak, Andrew A. Daddario, Randall L. Rasmusson, Glenna C. Bett 1864-Pos Board B269 INITATION OF EARLY AFTERDEPOLARIZATIONS BY COMPLEX SPATIAL DYNAMICS IN CARDIAC TISSUE. Noah A. Wiesner , Daisuke Sato 1865-Pos Board B270 DYSREGULATION OF INTRACELLULAR PH IN THE FAILING HEART. Yankun Lyu , Phung Thai, Pauline Trinh, Valeriy Timofeyev, Kenneth S. Ginsburg, Julie Bossuyt, Donald M. Bers, Ebenezer N. Yamoah, Nipavan Chiamvi monvat, Xiao-Dong Zhang 1866-Pos Board B271 MG 2+ EXTRUSION ACTIVATED BY HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IN RAT VENTRIC ULAR MYOCYTES. Michiko Tashiro , Masato Konishi, Makino Watanabe, Utako Yokoyama Muscle Regulation (Boards B272 - B275) 1867-Pos Board B272 ANALYSIS OF LIPID COMPOSITION IN MUSCLE TISSUE OF OBESE AND LEAN RATS. Morgan Manns , Dhruv Ramesh Nakhwa, Edgar E. Kooij man, Madisyn Langdon, DESMOND OWUSU KWARTENG, Colleen Novak, Christina Watts 1868-Pos Board B273 PROTEIN DENSITOMETRY PROFILING IN MOUSE HEARTS CARRYING AN HCM CARDIAC TROPONIN T MUTATION. Paula F. Nieto Morales , Isabella Coscarella, Emily Farrar, Nikita Zalenski, Maicon Landim-Vieira, P. Bryant Chase, Jose R. Pinto 1869-Pos Board B274 MODELING MECHANISMS OF THE THICK-FILAMENT OFF-STATE DYNAM ICS IN CARDIAC MUSCLE. Alexandre Lewalle , Gregory Milburn, Kenneth S. Campbell, Steven A. Niederer 1870-Pos Board B275 GLU-RICH N-TERMINAL VARIABLE REGION OF TROPONIN T FUNCTIONS AS A MYOFILAMENT CA 2+ -RESERVOIR TO REDUCE SR CA 2+ -CYCLING. Han Zhong Feng, Tianxin Cao, J.-P. Jin Voltage-Gated K Channels II (Boards B276 - B302) 1871-Pos Board B276 REGULATION OF KIR2.1 CHANNELS BY UBIQUITIN-LIKE MODIFIER PRO TEINS. Jenna G. Connolly , Yu Xu, Takeharu Kawano, Leigh D. Plant 1872-Pos Board B277 Travel Award Winner ENDOCANNABINOID REGULATION OF INWARD RECTIFIER (KIR2.1) CHAN NELS. Ameneh Ahrari , Sultan Mayar, Madeleine M. Labonte, Niveny Sinniah, Mina Memarpoor-Yazdi, Nazzareno D’Avanzo 1873-Pos Board B278 CRYO-EM STRUCTURE OF THE MAMMALIAN KV2.1 CHANNEL AND EPI LEPTIC ENCEPHALOPATHY MUTATIONS PROVIDE INSIGHT INTO ELECTRO MECHANICAL COUPLING AND SLOW INACTIVATION. Ana I. Fernández Mariño , Xiaofeng Tan, Chanhyung Bae, Kenton J. Swartz 1874-Pos Board B279 MODULATION OF DELAYED RECTIFYING K + CURRENTS BY SILENT KV SUB UNITS. Michael D. Flood, Joao L. Carvalho-de-Souza





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