Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

2492-Pos Board B242 OBSERVING RAPID PHOSPHATIDYLINOSITOL 3,4-BISPHOSPHATE KINET ICS DURING ACTIVATION OF VOLTAGE-SENSING PHOSPHATASE (VSP) IN MAMMALIAN CELLS USING TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION MICROSCOPY AT HIGH FRAME RATES. Christian R. Halaszovich , Dominik Oliver Exocytosis and Endocytosis (Boards B243 - B265) 2493-Pos Board B243 MECHANOSENSITIVE (DE)REGULATION OF EXOSOME PRODUCTION IN TUMORS. Kshitiz Parihar , Ravi Radhakrishnan 2494-Pos Board B244 MODELLING THE EFFECT OF TETHERING ON EXOSOME SECRE TION. Zdenek Otruba , Anarkali Mahmood, Alan Weisgerber, Michelle K. Knowles 2495-Pos Board B245 PHOSPHOLIPASE D1 LOCALIZES TO MOBILE, DOCKING AND FUSING SECRETORY VESICLES AND MULTIVESICULAR ENDOSOMES. Broderick L. Bills , Megan Hulser, Michelle K. Knowles 2496-Pos Board B246 IN A MODEL OF EXOCYTOSIS, ALCOHOL ENHANCES VESICLE FUSION BY ACTING ON MEMBRANE LIPIDS, NOT SNARE PROTEINS. Robert E. Coffman , Katelyn N. Kraichely, Alex J.B. Kreutzberger, Volker Kiessling, Lukas K. Tamm, Dixon J. Woodbury 2497-Pos Board B247 MECHANOINHIBITION OF ENDOCYTOSIS SENSITIZES CANCER CELLS TO FAS-INDUCED APOPTOSIS. Mehmet H. Kural, Umidahan Djakbarova, Emily T. Chan, Yasaman Madraki, Laura Niklason, Comert Kural 2498-Pos Board B248 COUNTING AP2 USING QUANTITATIVE CORRELATIVE LIGHT AND ELECTRON MICROSCOPY (QUANT-CLEM). Andreas M. Arnold , Justin W. Taraska 2499-Pos Board B249 COMPUTATIONAL MODELING OF ENDOCYTIC VESICLE FORMATION IM AGED BY SIMULTANEOUS TWO-WAVELENGTH AXIAL RATIOMETRY. Yancey A. Williams , Tomasz J. Nawara, Jie Yuan, Alexa L. Mattheyses 2500-Pos Board B250 INSIGHT INTO THE INTRA- AND INTER- MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS OF CLATHRIN ISOFORMS CHC17 AND CHC22. Sarah M. Smith , Gabrielle Laroque, Katherine M. Wood, Kyle L. Morris, Alan M. Roseman, Richard B. Sessions, Stephen J. Royle, Corinne J. Smith, Frances M. Brodsky 2501-Pos Board B251 CA 2+ -INDEPENDENT BUT VOLTAGE DEPENDENT TRANSMISSION (CIVDS) AT A CENTRAL SYNAPSE FORMED BETWEEN DORSAL ROOT GANGLION AND DORSAL HORN NEURONS. Yuan Wang, Rong Huang, Zuying Chai, Changhe Wang, Xingyu Du, Yuqi Hang, Jie Li, Xiaohan Jiang, Xi Wu, Zhongjun Qiao, Yinglin Li, Bing Liu, Peng Cao, Feipeng Zhu, Zhuan Zhou 2502-Pos Board B252 FAST SYNAPTIC VESICLE DOCKING AND CLUSTER REARRANGEMENT AFTER SHORT STIMULI. Junxiu Duan , Jurgen Klingauf 2503-Pos Board B253 SINGLE SYNAPTIC VESICLE TRACKING IN TIRFM-AMENABLE HIPPOCAM PAL SYNAPSES. Hunki Lee , Jurgen Klingauf 2504-Pos Board B254 SYNAPTOTAGMIN-1 IS A BIDIRECTIONAL CA 2+ SENSOR FOR NEURONAL ENDOCYTOSIS. Yang Chen, Shaoqin Hu, Xuanang Wu, Zhenli Xie, Bian bian Wang, Yuhao Gu, Jingxiao Huo, Anqi Wei, Qian Song, Huadong Xu, Xinjiang Kang, Zhuan Zhou , Rong Huang, Zuying Chai, Changhe Wang

2505-Pos Board B255 ROLE OF COMPLEXIN-LIPID INTERACTIONS IN CONTROLLING SNARE MEDIATED MEMBRANE FUSION. Katelyn N. Kraichely , Volker Kiessling, Lukas K. Tamm 2506-Pos Board B256 COMPARING DIFFERENT FLUORESCENT PROBES TO QUANTIFY LIPID ORDER ALTERATIONS DURING CA 2+ MEDIATED SYNAPTOTAGMIN C2 DO MAIN BINDING TO MEMBRANES. Volker Kiessling , Connor R. Sandall, Ofosuhene Akosua Pomaa, David S. Cafiso, Lukas K. Tamm 2507-Pos Board B257 MUNC18-LIPID INTERPLAY AND SPATIAL ARRANGEMENTS OF SYNTAXIN 1A. Weronika Tomaka , Volker Kiessling, Lukas K. Tamm 2508-Pos Board B258 OXIDATION STATE OF SNAP-25 AND FORMATION OF ADDUCTS. Jarom S. Sumsion , Samuel W. Shumway, Tasha M. Chambers, Dixon J. Woodbury 2509-Pos Board B259 COCAINE INCREASES QUANTAL NOREPINEPHRINE SECRETION THROUGH NET-DEPENDENT PKC ACTIVATION IN LOCUS COERULEUS NEURONS. Feipeng Zhu, Lina Liu, Jie Li, Bing Liu, Qinglong Wang, Lun Wang, Suhua Sun, Xiaoxuan Sun, Muhammad Younus, Changhe Wang, Tomas Hokfelt, Bo Zhang, Howard Gu, Zhi-Qing David Xu, Zhuan Zhou 2510-Pos Board B260 REGULATING QUANTAL SIZE OF NEUROTRANSMITTER RELEASE THROUGH A GPCR VOLTAGE SENSOR. Quanfeng Zhang, Bing Liu, Yinglin Li, Lili Yin, Muhammad Younus, Xiaohan Jiang, Zhaohan Lin, Xiaoxuan Sun, Rong Huang, Bin Liu, Qihui Wu, Feipeng Zhu, Zhuan Zhou 2511-Pos Board B261 DISSECTING MOLECULAR REGULATION OF UNCONVENTIONAL PROTEIN SECRETION. Prabhodh S. Abbineni , Vi Tang, David Ginsburg 2512-Pos Board B262 DEVELOPING A HIGH-THROUGHPUT ASSAY TO STUDY GLUCAGON SECRETION. Alessandro Ustione , David W. Piston 2513-Pos Board B263 A SURPRISE FROM SPATIOTEMPORAL ANALYSIS OF EXOCYTIC EVENTS IN CHROMAFFIN CELLS. Shailendra Rathore , Manfred Lindau 2514-Pos Board B264 REGULATION OF ATRIAL NATRIURETIC PEPTIDE SECRETION IN CARDIO MYOCYTES BY RAB3A AND ZDHHC9-MEDIATED PALMITOYLATION OF RAB3GAP1. Kobina Essandoh, Arasakumar Subramani, James P. Teuber, Sribharat Koripella, Matthew J. Brody 2515-Pos Board B265 RAPID EXTRACTION OF TIME-DEPENDENT BEHAVIORS OF ENDO-LYSO SOMAL STRUCTURES AND THEIR CARGO AIDED BY DEEP LEARNING. Jacob Kæstel-Hansen , Alex Kreutzberger, Tomas Kirchhausen, Nikos S. Hatzakis Ion Channel Regulatory Mechanisms (Boards B266 - B289) 2516-Pos Board B266 COMPETITION BETWEEN SLC7A5 AND LMAN2 FOR MODULATION OF KV1.2 GATING. Damayantee Das , Shawn M. Lamothe, Victoria A. Bar onas, Harley T. Kurata 2517-Pos Board B267 DISCRIMINATION BETWEEN CYCLIC-NUCLEOTIDES BY CYCLIC-NUCLE OTIDE GATED ION CHANNELS. Andrea C. Vaiana , Yangang Pan, Emmi Pohjolainen, Helmut Grubmuller, Simon Scheuring






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