Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Biophysical Journal Associate Editors Meeting 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 14B Symposium The RNA World 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6A Chair Jeffrey Chao, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Switzerland 129-symp 4:00 pm RNA MODIFYING ENZYMES IN HEALTH AND DISEASE. Wendy Gilbert , Austin Draycott, MatthewWang, Luisa Escobar-Hoyos 130-symp 4:30 pm MODELING OF RNA-ONLY STRUCTURES. Rhiju Das 131-symp 5:00 pm RNA EXCITED STATES BY NMR AND THEIR IMPACT ON FUNCTION. Katja Petzold 132-symp 5:30 pm IMAGING THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MRNAS IN SINGLE CELLS. Jeffrey Chao Symposium New and Notable 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6B Co-chairs Baron Chanda, Washington University in St. Louis, USA Janice Robertson, Washington University in St. Louis, USA No Abstract 4:00 pm MEMBRANE VESICLES AS SHEPHERDS OF THE RNA WORLD. Irene Chen No Abstract 4:30 pm ACTIVATION MECHANISM OF THE COLD-SENSING TRPM8 CHANNEL BY COOLING AGENTS AND PIP2. Seok-Yong Lee No Abstract 5:00 pm MEMBRANE SHAPING AND REMODELING BY TETRASPANIN PROTEINS. 5:30 pm HOW CAN BACTERIA BREATHE WITHOUT OXYGEN OR SOLUBLE ELEC TRON ACCEPTORS? PROTEIN NANOWIRES: STRUCTURES, FUNCTIONS, AND ELECTRON TRANSFER MECHANISMS. Nikhil Malvankar Platform Skeletal Muscle Mechanics, Structure, and Regulation 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6C Co-Chairs 4:00 pm BUTYRATE ENDOWS EXTRAOCULAR MUSCLE STEM CELL-LIKE TRANSCRIP TOMIC PATTERNS THAT AM ELIORATE SATELLITE CELL DEPLETION AND DENERVATION TO SLOW ALS PROGRESSION. Ang Li , Jianxun Yi, Xuejun Li, Li Dong, Lyle W. Ostrow, Jianjie Ma, Jingsong Zhou 134-plat 4:15 pm A NEW TOOL FOR PRODUCING AND INVESTIGATING RECOMBINANT SAR COMERIC ACTIN. Aditi Madan, Jennifer Cossentino, Meera C. Viswana than, William Schmidt, Axel Fenwick, Kripa Chitre, John Dawson, Anthony Cammarato Raya Sorkin No Abstract Ashley Martin, University of Minnesota, USA AndrewMead, University of Vermont, USA 133-plat

135-plat 4:30 pm INTERROGATION OF SKELETAL MUSCLE ACTIVATION IN AN INTACT SYS TEM VIA A MYOFILAMENT INCORPORATED FRET BIOSENSOR. Ashley A. Martin , Brian R. Thompson, Joseph M. Metzger 136-plat 4:45 pm MUSCLE LENGTH ALTERS ACTIVATION KINETICS IN FAST-TWITCH EDL MUSCLE AND RELAXATION KINETICS IN SLOW-TWITCH SOLEUS MUSCLE. Saffie Mohran , Henry M. Gong, Michael Regnier, Thomas C. Irving, Weikang Ma 137-plat 5:00 pm MYOSIN BINDING PROTEIN H DOMINATES THE “C-ZONE” IN ULTRAFAST SWIMMING MUSCLES OF DEVELOPING ZEBRAFISH. Andrew F. Mead , Neil B. Wood, Shane R. Nelson, Guy G. Kennedy, Angela Ploysangngam, Alicia M. Ebert, Aaron N. Johnson, Christina A. Gurnett, Michael J. Pre vis, David M. Warshaw 138-plat 5:15 pm THE ORGANISATION OF TITIN AT THE CENTRE OF THE VERTEBRATE STRI ATED MUSCLE THICK FILAMENT. Pauline Bennett , Martin Rees, Sarah Grover, Atsushi Fukuzawa, Alexander Alexandrovich, Roberto Steiner, Mathias Gautel 139-plat 5:30 pm TITIN FUNCTION IN THE ACTIVE SARCOMERE STUDIED IN FROG MUSCLE FIBERS UPON INHIBITION OF MYOSIN MOTORS BY PARA-NITRO-BLEB BISTATIN. Caterina Squarci , Pasquale Bianco, Massimo Reconditi, Irene Pertici, Marco Caremani, Theyencheri Narayanan, Adam I. Horvath, Andras Malnasi-Csizmadia, Marco Linari, Vincenzo Lombardi, Gabriella Piazzesi 140-plat 5:45 pm FITTING A MODEL TO MULTISCALE DATA SUGGESTS THICK FILAMENT ACTIVATION CAN PRODUCE FORCE DEPRESSION IN MUSCLE FIBERS. SamWalcott , Shuyue Liu, Christopher Marang, Mike Woodward, Venus Joumaa, Tim Leonard, Brent Scott, Edward P. Debold, Walter Herzog Platform General Protein-Lipid Interactions 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Room 6D Co-Chairs Andrea Gohlke, AstraZeneca, United Kingdom Samsuzzoha Mondal, University of Pennsylvania, USA 141-plat 4:00 pm Travel Award Winner PIP2 BINDING AT THE VOLTAGE SENSOR DOMAIN FACILITATES KCNQ1 VSD ACTIVATION AND GATING. Tanadet Pipatpolkai , Darko Mitrovic, Jianmin Cui, Lucie Delemotte 142-plat 4:15 pm Travel Award Winner CHANNEL-LIPID INTERACTIONS DRIVE THE EMERGENCE OF ION CHAN NEL CLUSTERING, CHANNEL-CHANNEL COOPERATIVITY, AND ACTIVA TION HYSTERESIS. Antonio Suma , Daniel Sigg, Abhinav Srivastava, Giuseppe Gonnella, Vincenzo Carnevale 143-plat 4:30 pm CHOLESTEROL ESTERS LIPID DROPLETS BIOGENESIS. Calvin Dumesnil 144-plat 4:45 pm Travel Award Winner THE ELECTROSTATIC BASIS OF DIACYLGLYCEROL PYROPHOSPHATE PROTEIN INTERACTION. Desmond Owusu Kwarteng , Zachary Graber, Shannon Lange, Yannis Koukanas, Hady Khalifa, Jean W. Mutambuze, Edgar E. Kooijman




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