Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

274-pos Board B95 INVESTIGATING NRP1 AND VEGFR2 ASSOCIATION USING NUMBER AND BRIGHTNESS. Keynon Bell , Kalina Hristova 275-pos Board B96 CHARACTERIZING THE INTERACTIONS BETWEEN THE LPS TRANSPORT PROTEIN LPTC AND THE ABC TRANSPORTER LPTB 2 FG. Nicholas P. Cina , Candice S. Klug 276-pos Board B97 A QUANTITATIVE MICROSCOPY METHOD TO PROBE RTK ACTIVATION. Ece Ozdemir , Daniel Wirth, Kalina Hristova 277-pos Board B98 SUPERRESOLUTION STUDIES OF EPHA2 DISTRIBUTIONS IN THE PLASMA MEMBRANE. Mahmoud Abouelkheir , Evgenia Azarova, Kalina Hristova 278-pos Board B99 STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS OF THE ACTIVATION LOOP IN THE KINASE DOMAIN OF E. FAECALIS IREK. Kathryn M. Schultz , Matthew Bluma, Christopher Kristich, Candice Klug 279-pos Board B100 NUMBER AND BRIGHTNESS STUDIES OF THE FGFR3 ACHONDROPLASIA MUTANT. Tanaya Roy , Kalina Hristova 280-pos Board B101 APPLICATION OF AMBER SUPPRESSION TO STUDY THE ROLE OF TYR M210 IN ELECTRON TRANSFER IN R. SPHAEROIDES PHOTOSYNTHETIC REACTION CENTERS. Khoi Tran , Kaitlyn Faries, Nikki Magdaong, Chris Kirmaier, Dewey Holten, Steven G. Boxer 281-pos Board B102 SIGNAL PROCESSING BY EXTRACELLULAR DNA-SENSOR RAGEUSING SINGLE MOLECULE TECHNIQUES. Christopher J. Randolph , Eva de Alba 282-pos Board B103 A SINGLE-MOLECULE STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY VIEW OF A TRANSPORTER CYCLE. Yining Jiang , Simon Scheuring 283-pos Board B104 INFLUENZA A VIRUS SURFACE PROTEINS DETERMINE THE SPATIAL STRUC TURE OF VIRAL SPREAD. Zijian Guo , Michael Vahey 284-pos Board B105 INVESTIGATING THE EFFECTS OF THE MEMBRANE LIPID COMPOSITION ON ATG9A STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS. Christian B. Borg , Matteo Lambrughi, Elisabeth Corcelle-Termeau, Isha Raj, Ditte L. Fogde, Emiliano Maiani, Simone Scrima, Kenji Maeda, Nicholas M.I. Taylor, Marja Jäättelä, Elena Papaleo 285-pos Board B106 DISSECTING METABOTROPIC GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR ACTIVATION BY SINGLE-MOLECULE FRET USING MINIMALLY INVASIVE LABELING STRATE GIES. Leo Bonhomme, Robert Quast, Nathalie Lecat-Guillet, Jean-Philippe PIN, Philippe Rondard, Emmanuel Margeat 286-pos Board B107 RESOLVING THE HIERARCHICAL NETWORK OF RECEPTOR TYROSINE KINASE INTERACTIONS AND THE EFFECT OF ONCOGENIC MUTA TIONS. AdamW. Smith 287-pos Board B108 Travel Award Winner THE ROLE OF K288A IN CONFORMATIONAL SELECTION IN LEUT. Spencer J. Rothfuss , Richard A. Stein, Kelli N. Kazmier 288-pos Board B109 TRACKING THE STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS OF SERCA REGULATION IN REAL TIME. Fredrik Orädd , Konstantinos Magkakis, Irfan Prabudiansyah, Mat teo Levantino, Kenji Inaba, Magnus Andersson

263-pos Board B84 COMPARING STRUCTURAL DYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF DISEASES CAUSING MUTATIONS OF KCNE3 WITH WILD-TYPE KCNE3 IN A LIPID BILAYER MEM BRANE USING MOLECULAR DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS. Isaac Asare , Anna Clara Miranda Moura, Antonio J. Aguado, Brian M. Morales, Mateo F. Cruz, Steven Alston, Andrea Kravats, Charles R. Sanders, Gary A. Lorigan, Indra D. Sahu 264-pos Board B85 OUTER MEMBRANE PROTEIN FOLDING MECHANISM: HOW DOES AN OMP REACH THE ACTIVE SITE OF THE BAM COMPLEX? Katherine Fenn , Jim E. Horne 265-pos Board B86 PROBING STRUCTURAL TOPOLOGY AND DYNAMICS OF HUMAN KCNE3 MEMBRANE PROTEIN IN LIPID BILAYERS USING SITE-DIRECTED SPIN LABELING AND ELECTRON PARAMAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTROS COPY. Patrick L. Williams , Conner Campbell, Matthew Scheyer, Mustakim Hussain, Afsana Begum, Sebastian Fonseca, Peyton Dabney, Haley Carter, Charles R. Sanders, Gary A. Lorigan, Indra D. Sahu 266-pos Board B87 CONFORMATIONAL DYNAMICS OF GLUCAGON RECEPTOR DOMAINS REVEALED BY SINGLE-MOLECULE FLUORESCENCE MICROSCOPY. Ting Liu, Susmita Khanal , Gillian D. Hertslet, Sriram Tiruvadi Krishnan, Rajan Lamichhane 267-pos Board B88 OPTIMIZATION OF EXPERIMENTAL CONDITIONS FOR STRUCTURAL STUDIES OF THE MEMBRANE SURFACE COMPLEX BETWEEN THE SMALL GTPASE ARF1 AND THE ARFGAP ASAP1 BY PARAMAGNETIC RELAXATION ENHANCEMENT NMR. Rebekah A. Jackson , Olivier Soubias, Brianna M. Papoutsis, Jess Li, Yue Zhang, Andrew Byrd 268-pos Board B89 STRUCTURAL INSIGHT INTO MYCOBACTERIAL CELL WALL BIOSYNTHESIS BY AFTB, A POTENTIAL ANTI-TB DRUG TARGET. Yaqi Liu , Todd Lowary, Celia Su, Satchal Erramilli, Brian Kloss, Filippo Mancia 269-pos Board B90 STRUCTURAL BASIS FOR INHIBITION AND REGULATION OF A CHITIN SYNTHASE FROM CANDIDA ALBICANS . Zhenning Ren , Abhishek Chhetri, Kenichi Yokoyama, Seok-Yong Lee 270-pos Board B91 INWARD-FACING GLYCINE RESIDUES CREATE SHARP TURNS IN Β-BARREL MEMBRANE PROTEINS. Zijian Zhang , David Ryoo, James C. Gumbart 271-pos Board B92 STRUCTURAL HETEROGENEITY OF NUCLEAR PORES IN YEAST. Digvijay Singh , Neelesh Soni, Ignacia Echeverria, Farhaz Shaikh, Sergey Suslov, Javier Fernandez-Martinez, Paula Upla, Steven Ludtke, Christopher W. Akey, Andrej Sali, Michael P. Rout, Elizabeth Villa 272-pos Board B93 HIGH-RESOLUTION STRUCTURES USING CRYO-EM GUIDE DRUG DEVEL OPMENT FOR NEUROMYELITIS OPTICA (NMO). Meghna Gupta , Andrew Nelson, Sergei Pourmal, Jeffery Bennett, Robert M. Stroud Membrane Protein Dynamics I (Boards B94 - B113) 273-pos Board B94 INVESTIGATING THE REGULATION AND FUNCTION OF BACTERIAL QUA TERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUND EXPORTERS. Kemal Demirer , Randy Stockbridge




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