Biophysical Society 67th Annual Meeting Program Guide

Platform Platform: Calcium Handling and Electrophysiology II 10:45 am - 12:45 pm, Room 5AB

813-plat 11:15 am THE ARP2/3 COMPLEX CONTRIBUTES TO THE REGENERATION OF BRANCHED ACTIN FILAMENT NETWORKS. Foad Ghasemi , LuYan Cao, Antoine Jegou, Guillaume Romet-Lemonne 814-plat 11:30 am MYOSIN-I FACILITATES SYMMETRY BREAKING AND PROMOTES THE GROWTH OF ACTIN ‘COMET TAILS’. Mengqi Xu , Luther W. Pollard, Grze gorz Rebowski, Malgorzata Boczkowska, Roberto Dominguez, E. Michael Ostap 815-plat 11:45 am ACTIN FILAMENT SLIDING IN CAMKII-ACTIN BUNDLES. Carlos A. Bueno Basurco , Nicholas P. Schafer, Neal Waxham, Margaret S. Cheung, Peter G. 12:00 pm MIDZONE MICROTUBULE DYNAMICS IN ANAPHASE CELLS. Carline A. Fermino do Rosario , Ying Zhang, Amanda Shorey, Jennifer Stadnicki, Jen nifer L. Ross, Patricia Wadsworth 818-plat 12:30 pm SELF-ORGANIZED RHO AND F-ACTIN PATTERNING IN AN ARTIFICIAL CELL CORTEX. Jennifer Landino , Marcin Leda, Ani Michaud, Zachary T. Swider, Mariah Prom, Christine M. Field, WilliamM. Bement, Anthony Vecchi arelli, Andrew B. Goryachev, Ann L. Miller 817-plat 12:15 pm CHROMOSOME SIZE AFFECTS ALIGNMENT EFFICIENCY IN MAMMALIAN MITOSIS. Megan K. Chong , Sophie Dumont Annual Meeting of the Student Chapters 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, Room 2 Join BPS Student Chapters from all over the world for a poster ses sion and workshop. Attendees will meet Student Chapter officers and representatives and learn about each chapter. The interactive workshop aims to establish chapter interactions, communications, and planning for future Student Chapter Annual Meeting sessions. Exhibitor Presentation axiVEND - iRiS Kinetics 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, Room 9 Accurate Binding Kinetics for Biological Nanoparticle Analytes Accurate characterization of kinetic interactions between biological li gands and analytes is crucial for research in diagnostics and therapeutics. Application areas of label-free kinetics are broad – ranging from drug and antibody screening to characterization of viral carriers for gene therapy and vaccine development. For these diverse applications, the size of biological analytes has a size range spanning many orders of magnitude. Label-free sensing platforms and sensor chips are often optimized for the type of analyte target, for example, Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) sensors have thickness and density of the surface hydrogel chemistry op timized for detection of analytes based on their molecular weights. Here, we present a sensor platform that provides accurate binding character ization of broad range of analytes and combines label-free detection of ensembles and single particles on a single reader instrument. Interferometric reflectance imaging sensor (IRIS) technology is based on interference of light from an optically transparent thin film—the same phenomenon that gives rainbow colors to a soap film when illuminated by white light. IRIS has two modalities: (i) low-magnification (ensemble biomolecular mass measurements) allowing for multiplexed affinity measurements and (ii) high-magnification (digital detection of individual nanoparticles). Single particle IRIS has been demonstrated for multi plexed detection and characterization of individual biological nanopar ticles (BNP) such as extra-cellular vesicles and virions in complex samples using disposable cartridges. Low magnification IRIS offers large field of view and ability to simultaneously quantify binding of analytes to highly Wolynes 816-plat


Co-Chairs Joshua Goldhaber, Cedars-Sinai Smidt Heart Institute, USA Danika Hayman, Imperial College London, United Kingdom 803-plat 10:45 am EFFECTS OF pmCA1 KNOCKOUT ON VENTRICULAR CARDIOMYOCYTE CAL CIUM HOMEOSTASIS. Seyi E. Elasoru , Rui Zhang, Raven Norris, Sabine Lotteau, Joice Gavali, Liang Li, Gary E. Shull, Kenneth D. Philipson, Michela Ottolia, Joshua I. Goldhaber 804-plat 11:00 am NFATC1 MODULATION OF ATRIAL EXCITABILITY IN ZEBRAFISH. Natalia S. Torres , Alexandra Acuna, Christopher A. Kauffman, Martin Tristani-Firouzi 805-plat 11:15 am DIFFERENT ROLES OF P2X4- AND P2Y1-RECEPTORS IN THE ATRIAL PATHO GENESIS DURING PROLONGED PRESSURE OVERLOAD. Sun-Hee Woo , Long NH Do, Joon-Chul Kim, Qui A. Le 806 -plat 11:30 am MODELING THE SPATIOTEMPORAL PROPERTIES OF CROSSTALK BETWEEN RYR AND IP 3 R-MEDIATED CA 2+ RELEASE IN FAILING CARDIOMYOCYTES. DeAnalisa C. Jones , Eric A. Sobie 807-plat 11:45 am DECREASED LEVELS OF S-NITROSYLATED CX43 PREVENT ARRHYTHMO GENICITY AND MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION UPON CARDIAC STRESS IN DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY. Manuel F. Munoz Camus , Mauricio A. Lillo, Thao Nguyen, Jorge E. Contreras 808 -plat 12:00 pm DEVELOPMENT OF AN ISCHEMIA/REPERFUSION INJURY MODEL IN THE LIVING MYOCARDIAL SLICE. Danika Hayman , Cesare M. Terracciano 809-plat 12:15 pm BIN1 IS ESSENTIAL FOR Β-ADRENERGIC REGULATION OF CARDIAC FUNC TION. Silvia G. del Villar , Danica W. Ito, Maartje F. Westhoff, Eamonn J. Dickson, Rose E. Dixon 810-plat 12:30 pm Travel Award Winner EMERGENT PACEMAKING AND TISSUE HETEROGENEITY IN A CALCIUM FEEDBACK REGULATORY MODEL OF THE SINOATRIAL NODE. Nicolae Moise , Seth H. Weinberg Platform Motor Proteins and Cytoskeletal Assemblies II 10:45 am - 12:45 pm, Room 11AB Co-Chairs Philip Bleicher, NIH, USA Beth Pruitt, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 10:45 am EVALUATION OF STRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS IN ACTIN BY COMPUTATION AL SIMULATION AND HIGH-SPEED AFM TO STUDY THE MECHANISM OF MYOSIN FORCE GENERATION. Oleg S. Matusovsky , Daren Elkrief, Yu-Shu Cheng, Dilson E. Rassier 812-plat 11:00 am TENSION FORMATION OF A RECONSTRUCTED NONMUSCLE SARCOMERE. Philip Bleicher , Neil Billington, Ryan Hart, Christian A. Combs, Shureed Qazi, Indra Chandrasekar, Jay R. Knutson, James R. Sellers 811-plat


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